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Monday, September 17, 2007


The statement “I’m busy” permeates our society. Radio and television interviews will invariably elicit the “I’m busy” statement, as will newspaper and magazine commentary. Support groups and self help businesses strive to assist people in coping with busy. “I’m busy” accounts for a lack of sleep, nervous tension, depression, and psychiatric care.

In the midst of all of this “I’m busy” living I decided to share with you the knowledge that I am not busy. I have never been busy, nor will I ever be busy. I am a man and I control my environment. Busy is a condition that I deal with; I do not become it.

“I’m busy” comes from the kitchen. Women are responsive, accommodating, and adaptable; they become their environment. Mom is busy don’t go in the kitchen, mom is irritable don’t talk to her, mom is late don’t bother her. Mom becomes her environment. She becomes the clothes she wears. She also becomes caring, joyful and passionate, which we will come back to later.

Now that women have permeated the work force “I’m busy” has permeated its language. Also, since most children are raised in an environment with a minimal masculine presence they pick up the language and mannerisms of the kitchen. They make excuses for their performance. They were busy. Even more, they now return calls and take action when they are ready rather than when it is appropriate. They act like a woman being courted rather than as a man fulfilling his obligations.

All my life I have returned calls within 24 hours at the latest, and I still do. A few months ago I severed my relationship with a 27-year-old man who was taking care of my computer because he was always “busy.” It’s not that he wouldn’t come and do the work, but he always responded late, didn’t answer his messages, and then when I would see him he would indicate “something came up.” That phrase “something came up” has been in the female vocabulary as long as I can remember. They are always responding to what comes up—a natural activity for them. What is not natural is for a man to become his environment.

The feminine principle is responsive, that’s why we check the weather every day—to see what kind of mood mother earth is in. We don’t have to check sunrise everyday—that has been calculated for the year. The Sun is constant; mother earth is inconstant. If the Sun were to become inconstant the solar system would break up. If men become inconstant society breaks up. Have you noticed?

It is one thing to understand that patriarchy is the natural way of life and another to live it. It is one thing to say, I AM A REAL MAN, and to live it. Being a man starts on the inside. You are a center of consciousness around which your world revolves. When you change the inside the outside will respond accordingly. When I lived in Harlem a song I heard sung in the churches was “Working on the inside, changing on the outside.” Those words contain a great spiritual truth.

You can’t get by with just saying you’re a man—you have to act like one. You have to be dependable, constant, reliable, considerate, and respectful. When you do that then you will find women will be caring, joyful and passionate with you. Mother’s milk flows freely when she is safe and secure. A woman can only feel secure with you if you conduct yourself in a manner to make her feel that way—firm, yet caring.

You don’t have to go to a foreign country to get a good woman; all that you have to do is act like a real man here. I will grant you that most American women are spoiled, but if you want to find out who spoiled them look in the mirror. When you change the image in the mirror you will start unspoiling the women.

The reason I have prepared male Enlightenment and Empowerment seminars is to wash away the feminine habits that our men have acquired and replace it with their natural masculine attributes.

In your relationship with men your word has to be your bond. Women make excuses; men give reasons and there are few reasons that hold up to the WILL to accomplish. Today’s society subscribes to the philosophy that if a fly shits on a railroad track, the train stops. That philosophy has no place in Men’s Action or among real men.

In my solicitation of members, I look for quality, not quantity. I look to build a core group of real men who will train the quantity of people who will join next year. Those men who conduct themselves as real men will want to associate with their peers. Men’s Action to Rebuild Society is a place for this association.

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