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Thursday, September 6, 2012


As the greatest battle of recorded history enters its most expansive stage, we have all been drawn in as participants, willingly or unwillingly, aware and unaware, our lives in a process of tremendous change and upheaval as the forces of gross materialism attack the foundations of spirituality and the natural way of life that we were ordained to live.

The enemy’s position was made clear yesterday September 4, 2012. Madeline Albright, former Secretary of State, stated women are capable of taking care of themselves and do not need men, the Democratic platform eliminated all references to God, and a panel of physicians revealed the results of a study showing that organic food is no more nutritious than that raised chemically.     

No God, no gender, and no nature. And by inference no family either, a view supported by a description of president Obama’s childhood as raised by his mother; his father was not mentioned. The Western grossly materialistic philosophy has no ethics, no spirituality, and no understanding of the fundamental operation of the natural world. That thinking identifies the enemy and consists of people of all ethnicities, races, and religions.

Even though the outcome of this battle has been assured, those who end up on the victorious side will have disassociated themselves from the confines of materialistic thought and conduct, started to live a more natural way of life outside of the societal mainstream, and made the propagation and preservation of the species the focal point of their activities as they travel forward on their spiritual journey. No easy task by any means as the enemy controls education, medicine, finance, the food supply, the media, and all utilities.

The nature of this battle is not to destroy the proponents of materialism—that has already been decided by a higher power—the challenge is to not get sucked under as their ship capsizes. 

Living outside of the mainstream will require the cooperation of like-minded people. The adage, “no man is an island unto himself” applies well to those who plan to survive amidst the gross materialism that engulfs every aspect of our environment. We must learn to work together with people of similar values regardless of their ethnicity, race, or religion. Sharing has always been a spiritual goal, but it will soon become a survival necessity.

We must learn to raise our own food, even if we do not have access to land. Much food can be grown in apartments by sprouting. We must learn to eat naturally and rid ourselves of the unhealthy eating habits foisted upon us by a greed driven food industry.

We need to establish home schooling. Most learning in our schools today concerns things un-necessary and matters irrelevant. Necessities such as reading, writing, counting, reasoning and expressing our thoughts clearly can be learned by the age of 18 at the latest. Anything after that is vocational in nature and can be learned at work.

(This website will be updated within the next few months and it will contain alternate food sources, home study information, holistic healing practitioners, and home economics ideas.)

Ethics must be developed for the establishment of moral standards necessary for the proper functioning of society. Only those men who realize that the purpose of human existence is to propagate and preserve the species while on its spiritual journey have the capability to develop ethics and establish moral standards.

The natural gender relationship of the universe called patriarchy must be adhered to if chaos is to be averted. Women will bring forth life and nurture the race—men will provide the environment and means for that to take place. Creation of family and attunement with nature will serve as stepping stones for spiritual advancement.

The battle rages my sons and daughters and the enemy—gross materialistic thought—has been clearly defined. Whether republican, democrat, liberal, progressive or conservative in America, or Tory and Labor in the UK, or Communist or Capitalist elsewhere, their commonality of materialistic thought has created conditions that are coming to a head as their  institutions fail and their governments move about frantically to avert disaster and cope with the growing discontent of the populace.

The political conventions of both parties served as omens of the expanding battle and the events of September 4th clearly expressed the values plaguing society, even though at the last minute the Democrat party recanted and inserted God-given in its platform. This essay is not about political parties; it is about the materialistic thought prevalent in our society.
To survive the raging battle requires knowing a power created this universe, provided the principle of gender so it could function, ordained family as the focal point of humankind, established the patriarchal structure necessary to support the family, and designed a harmoniously functioning mother nature to provide for our every need.

Live simply my sons and daughters; love God and be kind. It is written that the meek shall inherit the earth. They always do. Be patient as the battle expands and know with utmost certainty that the forces of materialism cannot prevail.



Sunday, August 19, 2012


The accommodating, responsive, and receptive nature of women precludes the ability to create structures and the values necessary to maintain them. Men provide the environment and means for women to bring forth life and nurture it, and they do this by providing the structures and ethics necessary from which security and moral behavior ensues. When the masculine influence is removed, all structures and ethics necessary for security and moral behavior and the development of the race deteriorate resulting in the degeneration of society.

The degeneracy is ushered in by the unrestrained conduct flouted by growing numbers of women. I call these women the Teehee Girls and the following comments are indicative of the lack of values that they willingly and anxiously share.

“I’m hoping that my husband finds a girlfriend because I’m getting bored with this marriage and want out (teehee).” “I cheated on my husband and perhaps I shouldn’t say this but is marital fidelity really necessary? (teehee)” “Having an affair really strengthens my marriage (teehee).” “Men aren’t necessary to raise children (teehee).” “Men are only around for a good time when we want it (teehee).”

Comments such as the above are published almost daily in articles and essays on the internet and have received such wide acceptance that they now appear in mainstream media. The article motivating me to write this essay appeared in the Sunday Edition of The New York Times on August 12, 2012, written by Katie Rophie and titled In Defense of Single Motherhood.

Katie states that she has two children from two different men, lives with neither of the fathers, and does not see anything wrong with that arrangement. Of course she doesn’t see anything wrong—men make standards—women left undisciplined, tear them down.  

She states, “If there is anything that currently oppresses the children, it is the idea of the way families are “supposed to be,” an idea pushed — in picture books and classrooms and in adults’ casual conversation — on American children at a very early age and with surprising aggressiveness.”  Katie doesn’t understand that all societal structures are based on preserving a particular grouping of people; without structure society crumbles. The universe has structure, the solar system has structure, government has structure, and family requires structure. Without structure all institutions collapse.

Regarding raising children in family environments that are “supposed to be” a certain way, the Maoris raised their children with certain values, as did the Hopi Indians, as did the Africans, as did every society in this world, because “supposed to be” is what sustains the grouping, otherwise it degenerates into chaos.

Katie Rophie goes on to say, “At 2, my son, Leo, started to call his sister’s father, Harry.” This statement clearly indicates a lack of training her children to respect parents or elders. According to the Teehee Girls, we are all just persons.

Every indigenous society throughout the world teaches respect for parents and elders except the current Western society. The measure of a person today is how much money he or she makes and nothing else.   Money aside, if there is no respect for parents or elders, what determines proper behavior in society? Who determines right and wrong? The Teehee Girls include in their writings that there shouldn’t be any such standard as right or wrong, that we should all be free to do our own thing—something they love doing. Well then how do we maintain order and civility? By the law of course. The Teehee Girls have no trouble in dealing with the law because they observe the letter of the law, which can usually be circumvented, rather than the spirit of the law, which men adhere to and is necessary for societal functioning, especially in the absence of ethics.

The result of reliance on the law in lieu of ethics for proper societal conduct has resulted in America having the highest prison population in the world, the most violent boys in the world, and ten percent of the adult female population suffering from debilitating depression. The Teehee Girls never write about those matters—they’re too busy doing their own thing.

 They are too busy announcing their adulterous affairs with celebrities, bragging about their extramarital affairs, and flaunting the conventions designed to preserve the family, tribe, and race. As Paul said in his letter to the Philippians, “They glory in their shame.”

Throughout the world the purpose of the marriage ritual and the mini rituals and societal mores leading up to it ensured the tribe that the two people that were about to be wed would benefit the tribe and add to its propagation and preservation. If the tribe had misgivings about the marriage it was not approved.

It is only Western society that has no control over who gets married or who begets children. The well-being of the family, tribe, and race has little importance. Individuality and rights take precedence over obligations, responsibilities, and considerations.

The concept that we are all equal has been subverted to imply that all conduct is acceptable. It is not. We must have standards. As Paul also stated in the same letter to the Philippians, “Let our conduct be consistent with the level that we have already reached.”

Every spiritual text throughout the world emphasizes the importance of the chastity of women and the pitfalls of whoredom. The great prophets of the Bible exhort the people to abandon whoredom. Every book of the New Testament cautions against adulterous behavior.

In modern Western society sluthood, whoredom, and adulterous behavior are not frowned upon, but receive publicity, money, financial support from the government and assurances from the President.

The financial drain on society of unwed motherhood is humongous. Ninety percent of the 2.4 million men in prison come from single parent homes, as do 95% of the members of street gangs. Unwed mothers receive financial aid, preschool care and after school care for their children, employment and educational preferences, and medical help above and beyond the scope of Medicare.  

The loyal wife and caring mother who raised children, taught them manners, provided them with love and attention, kept them free of substance abuse, inculcated a respect for elders, steered them away from relationships and into marriage, and became a helpful and wizened grandmother, does not receive any assistance from the government, or calls from the President. She is not featured on the internet, and mainstream media, instead she is the subject of derision from the Teehee Girls.   

Western society is imploding at an increasing rate and in order to survive we must live outside of this madness and create a society that focuses on the propagation and preservation of humankind while on its spiritual journey. The Teehee Girls and all they represent will ultimately pass.

However, this will not happened until a few courageous men step forward and recreate the environment and means for women to bring forth life and nurture the race.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012


In my last essay, The Sally Ride Legacy, I pointed out that society now accepts women having mastectomies as part of the price of becoming a CEO or attaining other highly financially rewarding positions. Another recent case is that of Kathleen Mason, CEO of Tuesday Morning who is suing her former company claiming she was fired because of her breast cancer. The majority of female CEO’s do get fired; however, the focus on this essay is not on female competence but on the price paid for this supposed competence, which is a mutation of their natural body functions.

This mutation now plays out on the other end of the age spectrum in children’s sports, which can be clearly seen in the current Olympic competition. Gabby Douglas at the age of 16 became the first American woman’s gymnastic gold medalist. She has a pretty face and a pleasing personality; she also has shoulders broader than her hips and no tits. Ye Shiwen the Chinese swimmer who set an amazing record and who was investigated as a possible performance enhancing drug user, explained that she worked out 2 ½ hours every morning and 2 ½ hours every afternoon; that’s five hours a day of grueling physical abuse that mutated her body. She, like Gabby is broader at the shoulders than at the hips and has no tits; I wonder if either one of them has experienced menses.

The motivation for this mutation of the species is Money!

We now have a society in which mothers can literally say to their daughters, “Mommy is going to make a few million dollars next year but she’s getting her tits chopped off next month.” Or teen-age daughters can say,“Mommy, I have no tits but I’m going to make a few million dollars next year.”

Besides being a societal sickness, this mutation for money also represents the activities of a whore society. Pedaling one’s ass for a buck is whoredom. We live in a whore society. All activity and performance is measured by the level of income generated; physical, mental, and spiritual tolls exacted in the attainment of this income are not addressed. It seems as though the greater the mutation of the body, the greater the material reward.

I am reminded of the Asiatic conqueror Tamerlane who when embarking on one of his military expeditions told his minister that there were too many beggars on the streets of Samarkand, and that he wanted this condition remedied by the time he returned. The minister instituted severe disciplinary measures to reduce the number of beggars but with minimal results; the minister then started to chop off the hands or feet of the beggars in his attempt to remove them from the streets. The result of this aggressive campaign was that beggars whose limbs had not been cut off complained that the beggars whose hands and feet were cut off—those that had been mutated—were earning more money.

So it is in modern Western society, the greater the mutation the more money it seems to produce or conversely, the greater the material accomplishment, the greater the mutation. To be precise, the greater the abuse of the feminine body, mind, and psyche, the greater the resulting mutation regardless of the financial outcome.

In most indigenous societies the goddess of fertility was worshiped in gratitude for the fertility of their women. Sometimes young virgins were sacrificed at the altar of the fertility goddess in the hope of ensuring the propagation of future generations. All indigenous societies understood the basic purpose of human existence was to propagate and preserve the species while on its journey of spiritual growth.

Western society also sacrifices its young women, not on occasion but constantly and in ever growing numbers, not to the goddess of fertility, but to the bitch goddess of whoredom, not for the purpose of propagating the species, but for the purpose of material gain and self-aggrandizement.

All young women are subject to mutation today, beginning with school sports programs, and continuing to participation in “health clubs.”However the greatest mutation consists of putting them in management positions in business and in government, situations that they are not suited for by nature, resulting in stress that creates hormonal imbalances, which in turn creates various deleterious effects on the female physiology such as dysmenorrheal, fibroids, cervical cancers, frigidity, infertility, unnatural child birth, inability to lactate, and the inability to give warm loving care to their children. In addition to the negative environment causing malfunction and dysfunction of the female body, mind, and psyche, we can add the effects of putting chemicals into a woman’s body to disrupt its natural function of producing a child. This is all madness.

Have women complained about this madness? No! Their adaptable and receptive natures have them believing the propaganda that they are benefiting from this mutation of their bodies, that they have been liberated (from what?), become independent (from whom?), and can now do their own thing (such as what?). Every woman knows that women do not make things better for other women, they rely on a source outside of themselves for their well-being, and the outside source designed to care for them is known as man. Men have now been replaced by a government controlled by ungodly financial interests, resulting in the mental, physical, and spiritual breakdown of women. The Tao states that without the Yang the Yin will disappear. We are witnessing the stages of disappearance of women. First, they are mutating, then they will no longer be able to reproduce, then they will disappear.

Every society in which men lost their authority degenerated into whoredom and self-indulgent values. Every society that degenerated into whoredom did not survive. Our present society is imploding. It is time to learn to live outside of it and create a new society based on a natural order of living. Only men can create that society.

Unfortunately, the men have been mutated as well; they have been neutered, emasculated, disenfranchised, and miseducated. Nevertheless, there are no alternatives to survival. The few men left that have insight as to what is happening to society and who have courage must step up to the plate and create the conditions conducive to the propagation and preservation of the species, which consists of providing the environment and means for women to bring forth life and nurture the race. It will require men of courage and action, each one performing in accordance with his ability and temperament. The time is at hand for action my sons and daughters, I’m not talking about the future—I’m talking about the now.

Men’s Action will be revamping its website shortly and will be offering specific information on the action to be taken to live outside of this imploding society and how to survive in an alternate environment. In the interim I ask that you promote this website and get as many people that you know to subscribe to it.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012


On July 23, 2012 we learned that Sally Ride died. Sally was a scientist and the first American woman to travel in a space capsule; she hoped her activities would serve as an inspiration to all women.

The Christian Science Monitor wrote, “Sally Ride, a physicist, proved that women could be equal partners with men in space.” Perhaps she proved that she could learn to do what men had done first. Something else that men do that Sally Ride also did is to marry a woman. The desire on the part of modern Western women to emulate men seems to have no end or bottom, regardless of the consequences to themselves.

Riding in a space capsule cannot compare with bringing life into this world and nurturing it. Certainly our lives are much more affected by those women who gave birth to us, nurtured us, motivated us to live morally, created a loving and caring environment, and prepared us for adulthood, than by those who obtained graduate degrees, flew in space shuttles, and married other women.

The purpose of this article is not to focus on the negative effects of materially oriented goals, unnatural sex practices, and a family bereft philosophy, as bad as they are, but to address the repeated omission of comment regarding the physiological breakdown of the modern Western woman, especially those who have wealth, education, success, and fame.

The circumstances that caused me to focus on this condition occurredback in 2009 and 2010 when the news media trumpeted the affair of former Presidential candidate John Edwards and the shame of his cheating on his cancer stricken wife Elizabeth. Also the recipient of much publicity but to a lesser degree was the political activities of Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett
Packard who campaigned for a U.S. Senate seat in California.

The media attention that these women received focused on the marital environment of one and the political environment of the other. These women were educated, rich, successful, and famous. They both had double mastectomies and one died of her condition. The media never questioned why these women who had a lifestyle that denied them nothing, and access to the best medical treatment available, had their breasts chopped off. They accepted these severe maladies as part of the life of the modern American woman. You will not find one obituary on Sally Ride that will question why a highly educated, financially secure, health attended to (NASA showers its astronauts with the finest health and medical care known to them) woman, died at a relatively young age of 61 due to the complications of pancreatic cancer.

These conditions now regarded as normal—and they are for theWestern woman— are not natural. I learned last year that a majority of American woman now have fibroids, a condition of benign tumors in the womb that cause puffiness, painful and erratic menstruation. Even young women 20 years of age experience an increasing incidence of menstrual problems, such as pain in the ovaries, painful and irregular menstruation. The Western woman’s basic function
–to bring life into this world and nurture it—is being impaired because of the destruction of her physical being, especially of her reproductive organs. She has been motivated to participate in an un-natural lifestyle mentally, physically, and spiritually.

The purpose of human existence is spiritual growth and the number one activity is the propagation and preservation of the species. The act of bringing life into this world is a reenactment in microcosm of the creationof the universe. As long as we fulfill the divine purpose of increasing ourspiritual awareness (including being in tune with nature) and propagating and
preserving the species good health among women and society in general, will be the norm.

It sounds simple, but there is little acceptance of this view by a society that is grossly materialistic and questions the existence of God. Atheism is a uniquely Western philosophy and its proponents have received extensive media coverage and political influence.

The atheistic gross materialistic thought causes Western man to attempt to adjust nature, as though God did not do an adequate job. The development of seedless watermelons and cucumbers, genetically engineered seeds, hormone fed livestock, and various other aberrations of nature reflect Western man’s ignorance of the universe in which he lives. How then can he create conditions conducive to the development of the health of women since he is unaware of their prime purpose, their needs in order to fulfill this purpose, and their contribution to the human race?

Dr. Phil Valentine of the University of Kemetian Sciences refers to the Western tolerance of the demise of woman’s health as “complacent pathology.” The Western world is complacent about the destruction of the female reproductive system. One of the many traits that women have that make them desirable to men is their ability to adapt; however, without supervision they
will adapt to anything and eventually destroy themselves. A glaring example is the deterioration of their reproductive systems, which is ignored by a media that instead tells women they are liberated and now live a better life than their mothers and grandmothers... Women have adapted to their poor health and believe the propaganda describing their modern lifestyle.

Sally Ride and Carly Fiorina, never brought life into thisworld, yet they are held up as examples of what women can aspire to and attain. While the majority of women are duped into believing
their lives are getting better, their health is deteriorating and their reproductive systems are degenerating as is the condition of Western society.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012


The family unit is the core of human civilization, nourishing its physical and mental needs, and providing the training grounds for its spiritual evolvement. When that core becomes weakened or destroyed humanity degenerates, mentally, physically, morally and spiritually.

The natural full-time activity of men is to sustain the family by providing the environment and the means for women to bring forth life and nurture it. This activity is not limited to the physical needs of the family, but to its mental, moral and spiritual development as well. The body must be strengthened, the mind developed, ethics instilled, and the spirit unfolded, making exercises and rituals to develop these components essential to the survival of the family.

If men devote their energies and activities to any purpose not related to the benefit of the family, it will be at the neglect of the family, and ultimately result in its detriment. When men fulfill their obligations, responsibilities, and considerations towards the family women can readily and easily nurture the race. When mother is safe and secure her milk flows easily and plentifully and her ability to transmit love becomes infinite.

Family is the core and fundamental unit of human society just as the atom is the fundamental unit of matter. The feminine electrons, rotating around the masculine nucleus, comprise the structure of the atom. Just as the atom combining with other atoms forms a molecule, the family combing with other families forms a tribe.

The atom, family, and even the solar system have the same structure; an assertive influence at the core around which the receptive entity (or entities) revolves. This natural patriarchal structure pervades the universe.

The attempt to make men and women equal in performance exhibits an ignorance of the purpose of life and a lack of understanding of the nature of gender.

Heat, light, and sound are assertive influences; cold, dark, and quiet reflect the absence of these influences. Two opposing entities cannot operate in one area of activity. If cold were an entity that opposed heat, a temperature setting could not be maintained. If darkness opposed light, a level of illumination could not be set. If quiet opposed sound, a level of sound could not be maintained. There can only be one assertive influence in any field of activity otherwise equilibrium could not be established. To disregard gender differences is un-natural, and unworkable.

Western society has lost its equilibrium, enacting un-natural laws to make men and women equal in function, necessitating the enactment of more laws in order to maintain order.

The purpose of life, is to grow spiritually while propagating and preserving the race, utilizing the unique characteristics of both genders, providing a warm and caring environment, generating a sense of belongingness, and maintaining equilibrium. Patriarchy provides the structure that enables those activities. Western society, not understanding the purpose of life, living outside of the patriarchal structure, believing in the exploitation of the earth for personal gain, making consumption its key activity, creating an aberration of natural behavior, has destroyed the natural order of things.

Family has no viable substitute.

The above could serve as an essay as it stands, and in a society that has an awareness of its purpose in life it would be understood; however, current Western society does have that awareness, consequently almost everything in it is subject to challenge, if not ridicule.

Women serving as devoted mothers, loyal wives, nurturers of the race, and comforters of the forlorn, no longer elicit admiration, but rather scorn and deprecation. In their stead we have independent women unencumbered by any requirement s of marriage, family, or responsibility to society, doing their own thing, whatever that means.

One such woman, a 30-year-old law student sat before Congress recently asking it to pay for her birth control costs because she apparently has yet to figure out her fertile period and how to control herself during it, an issue already buried by the more recent comments of one Hillary Rosen who stated on television that Amy Romney (wife of Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and mother of five) never worked a day in her life; a clear expression of the corrupted value structure instilled in a growing number of women in Western society.

These values (or lack of them) have been drilled into the minds of young women for a long time, perhaps the most newsworthy expression being the reaction to the choice of Barbara Bush to give a commencement address at Wellesley College in 1990, when more than a quarter of the student body signed a petition that she was not a good role model for career oriented women. At that time, Barbara’s husband was President of the United States, one son Governor of Texas and the other Governor of Florida. Aren’t successful husbands and children related to the influence of the homemaker? Isn’t creating a home atmosphere that produces stable, well-functioning, and dedicated offspring a major accomplishment?

Does having an education mean that a woman should no longer dedicate herself to doing her share towards propagating and preserving the species as it progresses on its spiritual journey? Does raising children belong to the lot of the uneducated woman? Is not education compatible with the rearing of children?

The conduct and activity of Thomas Edison’s mother concerning his development provides an alternative viewpoint. Early in grade school Thomas performed poorly and his schoolmaster described him as addled or slow. His mother took him out of school and read the classics to him in addition to providing some form of home schooling. He went back to school during his eighth year and left permanently in his 13th year after which he went on to become an engineering and entrepreneurial genius. He said of his mother, “My mother was the making of me. She was so true, so sure of me, and I felt I had some one to live for, some one I must not disappoint.”

If Thomas Edison were a schoolboy in today’s society he would be given Ritalin to calm him down and his mother would be motivated to enter the workforce and “be somebody.”

There is no greater accomplishment for a woman than to bring life into this world and nurture it. The race needs nurturing, and only women can do it. They can only do it in the secure and stable environment that men establish called family. All other activity in life either supports that function or is superfluous.

Family is the core of human civilization. There is no viable alternative.


Monday, March 12, 2012


Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a slut. By now everybody in America and probably most of the people in the world heard about this incident, but how many know the cause of the incident, what she actually said, what it reflects about the lack of morals in America, how the government collaborates in eliminating morals, and the support the government gets from deceitful and biased reporting?

Below is a quote from the Wall Street Journal of some of what Ms. Fluke said:

Without insurance coverage, contraception can cost a woman over $3,000 during law school. For a lot of students who, like me, are on public interest scholarships, that's practically an entire summer's salary. Forty percent of female students at Georgetown Law report struggling financially as a result of this policy.

Do you believe what you are reading? Contraception costs single women $3,000 during their atteandance at law school and they want American taxpayers to absorb this expense. They must have an exceptional amount of sex; more than can readily be imagined that would cost that amount of money to just prevent pregnancies. Granted ethics no longer exist in society but have modesty, discretion, and propriety also disappeared among women? Yes! That’s exactly what happens to women when male ethics are lacking and moral structures are removed. The decline of the classical Greek and Roman civilizations began when men lost their influence, morality disappeared, and society degenerated into increasingly lustful and debaucherous activity. That same formula has been applied to American society and the same end result is ensuing.

The government collaborates with the decline of values at any opportunity that presents itself. President Obama called Sandra Fluke directly and related these comments to his own daughters when they grow up by saying, “They should have a right to engage in issues they care about, even ones I may not agree with them on; I want them to be able to speak their mind in a civil and thoughtful way.” President Obama clearly expressed to the nation that he had no ethics, and therefore no concept of the moral structure necessary for the proper development of his own children let alone the well-being of society. He has no concept of the conduct necessary for the propagation and preservation of the species and believes in replacing moral standards with government law.

Rush Limbaugh’s comments caused a media frenzy of outrage, support for birth control, defense of women’s rights, freedom to choose, and all sorts of attacks on any activity that can be construed to mean a restriction on self-expression. However, the media did not address the effect on this nation of the absence of morals and the promotion of unrestrained sexual activity.

My first reaction to Limbaugh’s comments consisted of surprise, because the term slut has fallen into relative disuse in American society. Regardless of the dictionary definition the term, slut as once used by men referred to women not considered worthy of any close relationship. Men at one time married women who would become the mothers of their children—that requirement called for a high standard—being a slut did not meet that standard.

With the advent, acceptance, and promotion of single motherhood the standards for mothers have disappeared; consequently the term slut covers a broader array of women with less stigma associated with it, causing it to fall into relative disuse.

It’s unfortunate that now any woman can become a mother. In most of the mammal world males are not only selective about the females they choose to mate with and have care for their offspring, but they also maintain the standards of their grouping. The exception to this selectivity of mates by males occurs with increasing frequency in Western society because Western man does not consider the propagation and preservation of the species an important aspect of his spiritual journey—in fact as a group he does not consider that he is on a spiritual journey.

Indiscriminate sexual activity by women has resulted in single parenthood becoming an accepted norm that raises havoc with the well-being of the race resulting in over-worked and stressed-out mothers, insecure and lonely children, decreased academic performance, increased juvenile delinquency, a bulging prison population, economic collapse, and national angst.

When a society loses its race consciousness it then focuses on self at the neglect of the race and at the expense of the race. The term slut served to help support a standard of conduct beneficial to the race.

In Biblical times the term slut did not exist, but its equivalent “harlot”, “whore”, and “whoredom” are mentioned from the first book of the bible through Revelations. The greatest of the prophets referred to the evils of whoredom, whether referring to the individual or the nation. These prophets realized that licentiousness and debauchery are not compatible with spiritual growth, and that such behavior also leads to the degeneration of the race.

The ruling powers that support sluthood have taken steps to expunge from the Bible all references to harlotry, whoredom and whore. The New International Version of the Bible no longer contains these terms. We are witnessing a rewriting and re-interpretation of matters spiritual in order to support sluthood.

Until men recognize their obligation to propagate and preserve the race while on its spiritual journey, society will continue its degenerative decline. Some might feel that Limbaugh’s comments were a wake up call, while others might feel that the horse is already out of the barn.

In any event, the battle that is now raging between gross materialism (of which sluthood is an integral part) and spirituality, will continue to grow, and its outcome is assured.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012


This past week members of the United States Congress and the media made it clear that the care of women has become a responsibility of the state. On Thursday February 16th a committee of the U.S. Congress held a hearing regarding abortion. Those asked to testify were apparently all clergymen. Two female members of Congress, Representatives Carolyn Maloney of New York and Eleanor Homes Norton of Washington, D.C., took umbrage that no women were asked to testify and walked out of the hearing.

Rep. Maloney made the following statement: What I want to know is, where are the women? When I look at this panel, I don't see one single woman representing the tens of millions of women across the country who want and need insurance coverage for basic preventive health care services, including family planning. Where are the women?

Rep. Maloney apparently considers the care of women to be a function of themselves and the state. She is probably unaware—or at the least does not like to admit—that the care of the family, tribe, and race has always been the responsibility of men. The responsibility of males extends to the care of the pride, herd, flock, gam, and most all groupings of mammals and birds.

Spiritual texts throughout the world and from all ages motivate men to take care of women and children, of widows, and orphans (that could account for the clergy being at the hearing). All cultures of indigenous peoples show an inherent understanding that men provide the environment and means for women to bring forth life and nurture it. Western society worships materialism and has neutered the male, which has destroyed the family and now makes women dependent upon government largess and law to care for their well-being; and they have been told they are liberated.

The result of government care of women has had a devastating effect on their health. In the United States 300,000 new cases of breast cancer occur each year and the majority of women now develop fibroids. Ten million American Women—ten percent of the adult female population—suffer from debilitating depression; this malady also affects three million girls. The use of stress medication has become the norm as increasing numbers of women suffer from a variety of stress related disease; but that’s okay because they are liberated.

The removal of men from authority resulted in the elimination of ethics from which moral behavior stems. The sexual promiscuity promoted due to the lack of morals that men once established has resulted in increasing cases of chlamidia, human papilloma virus, and herpes; all very painful conditions for women. But then they are liberated.

The decline of ethics has wrought even deeper devastation on society. Forty percent of all births occur out of wedlock, 24 million children go to bed at night without a father in the home, 82% of children the age of 18 do not live in a home containing both of their natural parents. The liberated mothers that spawn these births are too busy working to nurture their children and the state has taken over their rearing. This has resulted in America now having the most violent boys in the world. The chances of boys having a relationship with the law, using drugs, joining street gangs, going to prison, being shot dead in the streets or all of the above increase with every out-of-wedlock birth. Still their mothers are liberated.

The Western ignorance of the purpose of men and women knows no bounds. The day after the media’s blanketing of its outlets with the abortion controversy the Huffington Post revealed that The New York Times Book Review used the term “chick non-fiction” in referring to the work of women non-fiction writers, as though they were different from men. Women’s Editor Margaret Wheeler Johnson wrote “So here we are again. I thought after the Great Jonathan Franzen Debacle of 2001, no man would ever again dare to suggest publicly that there is an inferior class of books that only women read.”

Get that, that a man should “dare” to suggest publicly. Well I ask that all of you who read this essay please send Ms. Johnson of the Huff Post an Email, a twitter, or whatever method of communication that you use and tell her that there is a man that says so emphatically and publicly and will continue to do so anywhere and without charge.

He will state unequivocally that a woman cannot do anything that a man can do; and that the reason society is degenerating is because male responsibility and authority have been removed. Every society that has seen the removal of male authority has disintegrated. The Taoists state that without the Yang the Yin will disappear. The whole non-Western world knows that.

Regarding women’s communication, women think in pictures and speak in nouns; men think in concepts and speak in verbs. The entire communications media deals in effects (pictures) and describes them in nouns. That accounts for why women’s health in particular and all of society in general continues to deteriorate. To change things requires getting at the cause (conceptual thinking) and taking action (verbs).

Representative Nancy Pelosi joined the fray concerning the abortion hearing by repeating the question “Where are the women” and then finishing off with “duh.” Send this article to all the “duh” women and let them know that the sickest and unhappiest women in the world are Western women because “duh” they don’t have men to care for them.

By the way, if you click the link on the Huff Post article you will find one of the articles available on that page titled, Ready to be a Single Mom? Isn’t that great? Screw up the race a little more, remember you’re liberated.


P.S. Please mail copies of this article to any media option available to you. E.G.

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