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Monday, October 10, 2011


A book titled Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui unintentionally serves as an excellent treatise on the effects of the gross materialism of Western society. Author Karen Kingston’s book makes no reference to gender but it serves as an example of the gender imbalance of the West and the physical, mental, and spiritual cluttering that occurs at every level of society from the individual to the nation.

She refers to the universal free flow of energy and how clutter or non-utilized material objects interfere with this free flow of energy. Stockpiled materials become energy congestion centers that inhibit the flow of energy and produce a malfunctioning of the environment and those within it.

The relationship of blocked energy to malfunction applies to the smallest cell of the body and the largest nebulae. The field of pranic healing also understands the principle that blocked energy causes malfunction. Any malfunctioning body part can be restored to normal function by the removal of the blockage and reenergizing it.

The indigenous people of the Americas, Africa, and the Pacific lived simple and uncluttered lives, which helped to provide them with physical, mental, and spiritual health. They could not understand Western man’s desire to accumulate material things. In an address to his people American Indian Chief Sitting Bull said that the white man’s desire to accumulate things was like a disease. It wasn’t like a disease; it is a disease and it has cluttered and infected every aspect of Western society.

Kingston indicates that among other things, clutter can cause weight gain, depression, and disharmony.

Regarding weight gain the United States has the highest percentage of diabetics per population in the world. Thirty percent of the nation suffers from obesity, and overweight people are the norm.

Depression is the number one illness of the American woman with upwards of 10% of the adult female population suffering from that ailment. Depression affects 15% of European women. The World Health Organization reports that mental illness comprises the number one health issue of England, the United States and Canada. The Western world is going insane amid its clutter of materiality.

Regarding disharmony, divorce is on the increase, marriage is on the decrease and broken relationships are the norm in the Western world. America has the highest percentage of people involved in litigation as members of society become increasingly incapable of relating with each other in a positive and considerate manner.

Depression, obesity, and disharmony if not causative are at least contributing factors to the high rates of breast cancer, fibroids, and menstrual issues that occur among Western women.

In light of these significant issues affecting the bulk of Western society throughout the world one would expect that they would be major areas for the political system and governments to address. Instead governments focus on the economy –on producing more. Fed Chairman Bernanke has lowered interest rates so that businesses will invest more and produce more. Secretary of the Treasury Geitner said that America most produce its way out of the recession. World banks have concerns about debtor nations being able to produce enough to retire their debts.

The Western psyche focuses on producing more material stuff, which ultimately becomes junk or clutter. This increase in the production of goods has caused garbage disposal to become an increasingly costly and dangerous issue. The Western world has created a self-defeating cycle of producing stuff that it must eventually dispose of.

The solutions to Western clutter issues come from the East, and while Karen Kingston does not state that in her book she nevertheless refers to karma, metaphysics, fasting, aura, and Feng Shui itself, which are all of Asian origin. A review of the five part series A Gender History of Europe on this website will illustrate why this is so.

In saying that the solutions come from the East, does not mean that they come from Eastern people. Western thought has permeated the globe and an example can be seen from the comments made by an Egyptian revolutionary who addressed the Wall Street Demonstrators and alluded to the merits of Communism. Whether followers of Marx or Smith, communism or capitalism, the Western psyche can only focus on matters material irrespective of the person’s racial, ethnic or religious orientation.

The focus on jobs, the economy, taxes, profits, inflation, investment, and retirement by the entire political spectrum of all nations indicates their addiction to matters material and the inability to understand the purpose and meaning of life. The world is drowning in the effects of the mental, physical and pyshic junk that it has produced.

The issues of Western society cannot be resolved until there is a change in thinking from its imbalanced feminine materialistic orientation into a more balanced patriarchal understanding that focuses on the propagation and preservation of the species as part of its spiritual journey. There must be a balance between material and spiritual activity.

This change will come about either through a mass spiritual insight or a mass destruction of society, as we know it. Either way the thinking of humankind will be changed and Western thought alond with its junk will be buried.


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