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Thursday, December 25, 2008


This essay will be posted on Christmas Day during what some call Christmas week, Holy week, the Holidays, or The Season of Good Cheer; whatever name we choose to call this period of time, people act more considerate, caring, jovial, and loving of one another during this period.

Why does the season of year determine when we exhibit the more positive attributes of our character? Granted that religious ritual calls upon certain observances and in the process creates an increased awareness of matters spiritual, but these spiritual matters never disappear or even wane. We tend to confuse who we are with time and location.

The time and space relativities depend upon the movement of the Sun and the Moon; without them we would have no concept of location or time. That consideration might give us a better understanding of the spirit, which always resides within us; it is never ancient or modern, it just is. Since the spirit always resides within us we always have the ability to act considerate, caring, jovial, and loving; not just on certain days.

God made everyplace, every person and every moment. Every day is a holy day, and every place is a holy place, and every man and every woman is a holy being. We are a holy people standing at a holy place at a holy time. Now. Right now. Always. The only difference between ourselves and any other person depends upon how we manifest our holiness. We do not need the reminder of a certain season in order to have the ability to manifest this holiness; we can always do it.

The world we live in would benefit immensely if we focused on the realization that we are holy at all times and places and conducted ourselves accordingly; religious ritual reminds us to do just that.

We do not have to agree with our brothers or sisters or even like them, for like has to do with personal tastes, but they are all worthy of our love. They live their lives in accordance with their limited understanding of universal truths; as we all do. They travel the often-difficult road of spiritual growth that we all travel.

People unaware of their holiness conduct the corruption that we see in business and government in places high and low, the decadent behavior increasing all around us, and the secularism attacking all matters spiritual. But they too live their lives in accordance within the limited understanding of truth and are worthy of our love. The more love we emit, consideration we show, and care we administer, the better we make our environment. The person who projects these qualities becomes the greatest benefactor, for virtue is always its own reward in all matters.

This is not to say that as our message grows we will not have enemies, on the contrary, they will increase in number. However, as long as we focus on doing our best to make this world a better place in which to live our activities will provide their own reward and help humankind as well.

As we engage in the activities, customs, and mores of this season let us be mindful of the holiness within us and do our best to manifest it not only at this time, but also throughout the year. My wishes to all for a joyous holiday season filled with good cheer and love for all.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The current collapse of the financial markets has nothing to do with my including the economy as one of the seven major issues affecting society. The deteriorating economy has been on my list for the past 15 years even though economists tell us that period of time witnessed an unprecedented continuous level of economic expansion. It has not and for many reasons, a few of which I will address here.

Natural growth in the economy comes from the desire to acquire new things. General Motors turned a profit every year of the Great Depression because the automobile was a new—though expensive—item on the market. The post World War II economic expansion resulted from the pent up demand for new products such as television, clothes washers and dryers, refrigerators, and a variety of other products for the home. Later expansions arose from the availability of electronic products such as calculators and computers. New does not come from the government, from banks, or from universities; it comes from the creative will of the masculine gender and nowhere else. In socialist societies male creativity is stifled resulting in a lack of new, which ultimately causes economic stagnation. The USSR failed because of the economic stagnation that resulted from the supplanting of individual initiative with bureaucratic control.

The United States has devolved into a similar economic situation. The automobile, radio, airplane, radar, sonar, rocketry, computer, and telephone were all invented prior to 1950. Very few people can name a post 1950 invention. Economic activity has become increasingly dependent upon financial manipulation, which ultimately results in fraud. The savings and loan crises of the eighties, the Silicon Valley collapse of the nineties, and the present home mortgage debacle all resulted from financial manipulation that created a false economic increase that ultimately collapsed. Sound economics are based on the production of NEW and only the masculine gender produces it.

The second reason for the deterioration of our economy has to do with mass production.
Increases in productivity were shared with increases in wages. This philosophy enabled people to buy manufactured items at lower and lower costs. Cell phones, calculators, computers, and television sets have become throwaway items because of the low costs that have derived from mass-production, and also because of the high cost of labor to make repairs.

A haircut cannot be mass-produced; nor can visits to the doctor’s, dentist’s, and lawyer’s offices. A shoeshine, house painting or answering of the telephone cannot be mass-produced either. Individual services are becoming increasingly restricted to the masses. Compare this to the era before mass-production. My grandfather was a European peasant, yet he was able to afford to get a shave from the barber every day and his daughters had their dresses made by a seamstress. By contrast, the corner shine stand has disappeared from the American scene; robots have replaced telephone operators, and the cost of medical and dental care has become prohibitive. We can’t afford each other any more. That’s not good economics. It’s bad for the psyche as well.

Because we can hardly afford the services of others the government has stepped in to help with various assistance programs. The calls for universal health care continue to increase, which means the government should pay for our sickness. Where will the government get the money? It will redistribute what little we have, but worse it will care for us under their standards instead of our standards.

In this land of continually increasing gross domestic product (GDP) the average person can afford less and less of the services of people. Who then profits from the trillions of dollars of economic activity? Not the business operators or their employees, for bankruptcies have been increasing even among the largest corporations.

The greed of the international financial community has siphoned off the wealth of the world and put it in the hands a few people. The degree of monetary accumulation is a measure of control. People with money do not create wealth; they relocate it and in the process enslave the masses. A lack of ethics has resulted in our economic woes as well as the other issues facing the nation and the world.

For now, know that the downward spiral of the economy will continue for the three reasons that I have mentioned. The nation does not know where new comes from and therefore produces very little new, the mass production of things does not equate to prosperity for the common man, the manipulation of the market by thoughts of greed ultimately results in economic decline.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008


The magnitude of the collapse of the American educational system has extended beyond the general awareness of even those most concerned with the well-being of children and society at large. A major reason for this lack of awareness stems from the institutionalizing of education, which we now take for granted and consider natural; however, the institutionalized care of people—an inherent part of the Western culture—is not the natural way to live or the way to educate people.

Education up until very recent times supported the propagation and preservation of the species. Children received training in how to support the existence of family and tribe. Fishing villages taught boys how to fish, and related information and activities necessary to make fishing successful. Girls received training in how to convert the products of fishing into the nurturing of the race, and also in related information and activities to help sustain the community. Farmers taught boys how to farm, and related information and activities necessary to make farming successful. Girls received training in how to convert the products of farming into the nurturing of the race, and also in related information and activities to help sustain the community. Every one in the family, tribe, and village knew what the youth were taught and how they responded to their teaching. However, with the institutionalized care of education the average person no longer knows what children are taught. Those who belong to institutions of various sorts make evaluations of the educational institutions and offer conclusions and recommendations in accordance with their own institutionalized training. This process cannot get at the root cause of educational issues. Meanwhile, parents, and members of the extended family have little awareness of, and even less control of, what their children are taught.

Education has become an abstraction with no relevancy to the life of the student. The mantra of today, “go to school, get an education, get a job, make some money, and be somebody” serves as the primary motivation for students, and a very poor one at that, at least for males. Male enrollment in universities continues to drop, male truancy in New York City schools is at an all-time high, and grade school boys receive the drug Ritalin in order to enable them to cope with an un-natural environment.

The National Association of Scholars (NAS) indicates that a test given to high school graduates 55 years ago when given to college seniors five years ago resulted in lower scores by the college seniors. The NAS itself an institution, has no idea of the fundamental cause of this decline in academic performance.

The famous educator John Taylor Gatto author of Dumbing Us Down, writes, “In the growth of human society, families came first, communities came second, and only much later came the institutions set up by the community to serve it.” He correctly states….”that the United States has become a nation of institutions.” He states further, “By redirecting the focus of our lives from families and communities to institutions and networks, we, in effect, anoint a machine king.”

People have an aversion to having a machine serve as king. They inherently resist subordinating their activities to machines and institutions, but the cubist training and environment in which they were raised and live in molds them into accepting it. Western man created institutions and to him they seem normal (but they are not natural) and he does not see the adverse effects they have on his life.

Institutions are the outgrowth of Western man delegating to the state the care of society while he goes about studying and acquiring matters material. This practice began 2,500 years ago when the Greeks formed city-states and is now nearing its apogee at which time humankind will be completely subordinated to government and institutions.

Western governments and institutions take man out of his natural physical environment and in the process alter his mental process and value structure to focus on what man has made rather than on what God has created. There is no relevancy to these studies other than to train him to do a task for which he will be paid so that he can eat. There is no sense of community and purpose. His education becomes an exercise in recitations.

Throwing money into these sterile institutions in the hopes of raising the academic performance of its members produces futile results. The Washington, DC school system serves as an example. In the early 1990’s it had the highest per pupil expenditure for education, the lowest pupil/teacher ratio in the nation, the sixth highest paid teachers in the nation, and a per capita aid for education that surpasses the national average by 250%. The results of these expenditures were that on time graduation rate ranked 49th in the nation, math proficiency for 2nd and 8th graders ranked last in the nation, and reading proficiency for 4th graders ranked last in the nation. More money spent on education had no noticeable effect on academic performance in the DC school system.

A factor that does have an effect on academic performance is having fathers at home. Children who have fathers at home have half the drop out rate of those who don’t, they have half the unwed motherhood rate, and they have increased academic performance. Positive values and a positive environment come from the family.

Many authorities and organizations recognize the importance of family. People like Dr. James Dobson and John Taylor Gatto continually espouse the importance of family. Why are they not successful in strengthening the family within their own sphere of influence?
Mr. Gatto wrote his book in 1992 and has indicated that he has received correspondence from 14 million people from all over the world. With that kind of support why hasn’t he seen progress in the strengthening of the family and the weakening of institutions? Why after decades of activity has Dr. Dobson’s organization which boasts millions of subscribers seen the influence of family fall within the Christian community as well as elsewhere?

Neither Mr. Gato nor Dr. Dobson place any value on manhood. Man does not receive one mention in Mr. Gato’s book nor does man receive mention in Dr. Dobson’s newsletters. Both of these men reflect the Western mindset, they believe they can have family without man being the head of it. It cannot happen. Every one of the institutions that Western man has crated has a head to it—a top authority. There can be no institution without a singular authority. If man does not have authority in the home there can be no family. Consequently all matters relating to the well-being of people have been taken over by institutions. That’s why Johnny can’t read and Mary can’t count.


Thursday, December 4, 2008


There are many indications of the deterioration of the well-being of American women such as high rates of breast cancer, obesity, diabetes, and migraine headaches; however, the most telling characteristic of the decline of the well-being of women is their deteriorating mental state.

The single most significant measure of the state of women in our society and in Western nations in general is their high level of mental illness. The number one debilitating illness of the American woman is depression with upwards of 10 million suffering from this ailment. Three million girls also suffer from depression. Depression has become so widespread that a major criterion in selecting colleges is the competence of their psychiatric staff, and a major criterion in evaluating college applicants is their psychological health.

Antidepressant drugs such as Prozac, Luvox, Paxil, and Zoloft have become household names. Children today probably know these names as well as they do Bayer Aspirin. Knowing the name of these drugs they then think it normal for their mothers to be depressed, and it is normal—not natural—but normal in our society.

Drugs—all drugs—produce dangerous side effects in the body further deteriorating the health of the women who use them. Studies are being made (Western thought loves studies because it knows nothing) on the causative factors of depression among women.

The following is an excerpt from one such study made by a woman who is attempting to blame society for the depression of woman:
The increase in the number of women diagnosed with depression, sometimes when symptoms are minimal, has come on the heels of an approach to treatment known as “biological psychiatry.” In this approach, rather than looking for social, cultural and economic and life stage factors that might be making a woman depressed or anxious, doctors are taught, and patients have come to believe, that the cause of symptoms is biological. This makes it seem logical that a drug is needed and appropriate.
This conclusion is partially right; however, the writer didn’t explore the social cultural and life stage factors that needed to be addressed. An analysis of American women who suffer from depression shows that a disproportionate share consists of those who are white, middle class and single, especially single women with children. This is a social, cultural, and economic grouping whose constituents make up the primary membership of feminism and “women’s liberation” thought. They have become so liberated that they are going out of their minds. They have no concept of family.
Feminists are the one’s who’ve been on psychiatrist’s couches, who belong to support groups, who are on prescription medicines, and who carry anti-depressants and painkillers in their purses.
Western women throughout the world suffer from a disproportionate amount of depression; in Europe depressed women comprise close to 15% of the female population. That’s a disaster. Yet they make up a significant part of the electorate that elects women to political power. Isn’t that amazing? The depressed ones—the nutsey byes of society—wield the political power that affects our lives and in particular laws affecting marriage and the care of our children. It is only in the Western nations that women have risen to political power without some relationship to their husbands and their fathers. It is these Western nations that have the highest rates of female depression. The core constituent group of Hillary Clinton supporters consists of depressed single females, and the media treats that as progress for women.
Those nations where women do not rise to political power have the lowest rates of depression. They also have lower rates of breast and cervical cancer, suicide, divorce, and adultery. They also have children less likely to become unwed mothers, join street gangs and end up in prison. They do not live un-natural “liberated” lives; they live in happy and secure families. The media treats those women as unenlightened, third world people. This is a true travesty of values.
The liberated independent Western woman in the aggregate is the unhappiest woman in the world and she produces children who are likewise. The reason that these women are depressed is because they have been removed from their natural environment and been deprived of their natural function—to bring life into this world and to nurture it. They can only do this if men provide the secure environment and means for this nurturing to take place.
This secure environment is known as the patriarchal structure and it produces family. Men make patriarchy. No men—No patriarchy. No patriarchy—No family. No family—No security. No security produces depressed women.
The Western woman is suffering from depression and there is no government program that will improve her lot. Surveillance cameras and security guards do not alleviate the problem. There is only one species of life that protects, cares for, and loves women. It’s called man.

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