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Monday, March 12, 2012


Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a slut. By now everybody in America and probably most of the people in the world heard about this incident, but how many know the cause of the incident, what she actually said, what it reflects about the lack of morals in America, how the government collaborates in eliminating morals, and the support the government gets from deceitful and biased reporting?

Below is a quote from the Wall Street Journal of some of what Ms. Fluke said:

Without insurance coverage, contraception can cost a woman over $3,000 during law school. For a lot of students who, like me, are on public interest scholarships, that's practically an entire summer's salary. Forty percent of female students at Georgetown Law report struggling financially as a result of this policy.

Do you believe what you are reading? Contraception costs single women $3,000 during their atteandance at law school and they want American taxpayers to absorb this expense. They must have an exceptional amount of sex; more than can readily be imagined that would cost that amount of money to just prevent pregnancies. Granted ethics no longer exist in society but have modesty, discretion, and propriety also disappeared among women? Yes! That’s exactly what happens to women when male ethics are lacking and moral structures are removed. The decline of the classical Greek and Roman civilizations began when men lost their influence, morality disappeared, and society degenerated into increasingly lustful and debaucherous activity. That same formula has been applied to American society and the same end result is ensuing.

The government collaborates with the decline of values at any opportunity that presents itself. President Obama called Sandra Fluke directly and related these comments to his own daughters when they grow up by saying, “They should have a right to engage in issues they care about, even ones I may not agree with them on; I want them to be able to speak their mind in a civil and thoughtful way.” President Obama clearly expressed to the nation that he had no ethics, and therefore no concept of the moral structure necessary for the proper development of his own children let alone the well-being of society. He has no concept of the conduct necessary for the propagation and preservation of the species and believes in replacing moral standards with government law.

Rush Limbaugh’s comments caused a media frenzy of outrage, support for birth control, defense of women’s rights, freedom to choose, and all sorts of attacks on any activity that can be construed to mean a restriction on self-expression. However, the media did not address the effect on this nation of the absence of morals and the promotion of unrestrained sexual activity.

My first reaction to Limbaugh’s comments consisted of surprise, because the term slut has fallen into relative disuse in American society. Regardless of the dictionary definition the term, slut as once used by men referred to women not considered worthy of any close relationship. Men at one time married women who would become the mothers of their children—that requirement called for a high standard—being a slut did not meet that standard.

With the advent, acceptance, and promotion of single motherhood the standards for mothers have disappeared; consequently the term slut covers a broader array of women with less stigma associated with it, causing it to fall into relative disuse.

It’s unfortunate that now any woman can become a mother. In most of the mammal world males are not only selective about the females they choose to mate with and have care for their offspring, but they also maintain the standards of their grouping. The exception to this selectivity of mates by males occurs with increasing frequency in Western society because Western man does not consider the propagation and preservation of the species an important aspect of his spiritual journey—in fact as a group he does not consider that he is on a spiritual journey.

Indiscriminate sexual activity by women has resulted in single parenthood becoming an accepted norm that raises havoc with the well-being of the race resulting in over-worked and stressed-out mothers, insecure and lonely children, decreased academic performance, increased juvenile delinquency, a bulging prison population, economic collapse, and national angst.

When a society loses its race consciousness it then focuses on self at the neglect of the race and at the expense of the race. The term slut served to help support a standard of conduct beneficial to the race.

In Biblical times the term slut did not exist, but its equivalent “harlot”, “whore”, and “whoredom” are mentioned from the first book of the bible through Revelations. The greatest of the prophets referred to the evils of whoredom, whether referring to the individual or the nation. These prophets realized that licentiousness and debauchery are not compatible with spiritual growth, and that such behavior also leads to the degeneration of the race.

The ruling powers that support sluthood have taken steps to expunge from the Bible all references to harlotry, whoredom and whore. The New International Version of the Bible no longer contains these terms. We are witnessing a rewriting and re-interpretation of matters spiritual in order to support sluthood.

Until men recognize their obligation to propagate and preserve the race while on its spiritual journey, society will continue its degenerative decline. Some might feel that Limbaugh’s comments were a wake up call, while others might feel that the horse is already out of the barn.

In any event, the battle that is now raging between gross materialism (of which sluthood is an integral part) and spirituality, will continue to grow, and its outcome is assured.


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