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Sunday, February 12, 2012


The economic conditions in Greece have caused renewed and intense rioting. Increasing numbers of people live in the streets, as they can no longer afford shelter. Many people find it difficult to obtain adequate food and clothing. Economists and financiers say that the Greeks did not have their financial house in order, which might be true, but who is to be the judge of this?

The answer is the free market; that vehicle created by international financiers that enables them to own the world and tell people how to live on it.

The Western worship of matters material has created a way of life that has enslaved it. People must now pay for the land they live on and travel on, the water they drink, and the food to eat. Soon it will be normal practice to have to pay for the opportunity to relieve oneself in a public toilet. Everything is owned—everything! Every natural need and activity requires the payment of a fee in one-way or another.

The concept of ownership has been ingrained into the psyche of the Western mind and it considers the activities related to ownership to be natural, the worst of these being qualifying for and obtaining a job.

Jobs provide the vehicle through which humanity shows obeisance to those who own the world for the privilege being allowed to toil for their sustenance.

The entire educational system is based on conditioning people to become jobholders. Universities have devolved into Vagina Vocational Institutions that prepare women, wimps, and neutered males for a life of toil and obeisance. The universities program the students to believe that having a job provides liberation for women, equality for wimps, and enlightenment for the neutered. Only a very few will grasp that they have been conditioned to live a life of economic servitude.

These Vagina Vocational Institutions indoctrinate people into an unnatural lifestyle that make them dependent upon government for every aspect of their thinking. These institutions also provide the vehicle for getting the students into sufficient debt so that in essence they will be beholden to the government for the rest of their lives. Thirdly, these institutions dumb down our youth who spend years in a university, get a degree, and end up knowing less than high school graduates did 60 years ago.

Modern technology has made it possible to produce more and more product with fewer and fewer people. Eventually a minority of people will be able to produce the majority of product. This activity will leave most people without jobs and in need of government dole. The people are already being psychologically prepared for this type of existence by the government as they promote receiving food stamps as being smart. Don’t be ashamed; be smart—go on food stamps. That will be followed by rent subsidies. We already have universal health coverage. The world is now owned by the few and they pay governments to dole out sustenance to the populace.

As this system becomes entrenched throughout the world, rioting will increase on every continent as the masses slowly begin to awaken to the unnatural lifestyle enforced upon them. Governments have already made significant preparation to control the masses as they begin to awaken. Security cameras have become ubiquitous and few people complain. The newer buses operated by the MTA in New York City enclose the drivers in Plexiglas and money is not collected on these buses. Loud speakers continually remind passengers that it is a felony to attack a transit worker. The message is clear: Beware of the government and all who work for it.

Big Brother is here now my sons and daughters, and he is intensifying his grip on the world. Even the rioting that will occur everywhere will not change things, because the thinking that created this monster has not changed. The OWS movement had no clear statement for change—their thinking was in accord with the system. Their only complaint was that they weren’t getting what they deemed to be their fair share. If the rioting in the streets of the world leads to the overthrow of governments they will be no more successful than the French Revolution, which had no clear alternative for change; consequently when it was over it had created a larger and stronger government.

The only lasting change will be brought about by a change in thinking, it requires an understanding that the natural activity of men is to provide for the propagation and preservation of the race, including its spiritual development. Men accomplish this activity by creating the environment and means for women to bring forth life and nurture it. This often requires a lot of work frequently accompanied by danger. The motivation for this activity is not money or ownership but the well-being of society. These activities are not considered to be jobs.

The time has come to take action. Our mission statement is clear. Are you working to bring about its implementation? You can do this by getting friends and like-minded people to subscribe to this website. You can invest in my books, or if you have already done so, get others to invest in them. You can meet with like-minded people and discuss these issues and how to further implement the mission statement.

Are you going to become active and prepare for change or will you sit by and become overwhelmed by the rioting?


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