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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Escape from the Madness
The last four essays described the feminine nature of Western thought. It illustrated that all knowledge came from outside of itself and that its lack of spirituality caused the natural feminine industriousness to focus on the manufacture and accumulation of matters material, which manifests as money and the goods and services that it can buy.

The feminine principle is adaptable, accommodating, responsive, and passive. Without a male to provide the proper environment to support her nurturing activities she will degenerate and cease to exist. The Taoists teach that without the Yang (the masculine principle) the Yin (the feminine principle) will disappear. This is a universal truism.

The absence, inhibition, and misdirection of the masculine influence negatively affects the behavior of animals, humans, and nations. Every species of animal life has dominant males that lead the herd flock, pride, school, troop, gam, or bevy. Without the males the groups deteriorate. The abusive and suffocating environments of laying hens, broiling chickens, and animals raised for meat could not have come about if the males of each species were available to defend them. Only by eliminating or neutering the masculine influence can the various animal species be exploited and put to work.

Among humans when a woman does not receive masculine direction and protection she too is exploited. Like the laying hens, she has been removed from her natural environment of bringing life into this world and nurturing it, and has been thrust into a restrictive environment where she is measured by her productivity; a situation that results in mental and physical suffering. She has been propagandized into believing that her condition reflects, liberation, freedom and independence; therefore, she endures the aberration of natural behavior willingly.

Aside from economic exploitation, when a woman does not receive masculine direction her natural responsive, adaptable, and accommodating nature will make her vulnerable to negative influences around her. She will adapt to and accommodate those influences and become excessively involved in them for her nature is to do things in extremis. Her language becomes coarse, her behavior immoral, and her demeanor disrespectful. This behavior takes a toll on her thinking because she instinctively desires to mate for life for the purpose of propagating and preserving the species; the licentious lifestyle that she has fallen into leaves her wanting. She does not have stability and security in her private life. Finally her body deteriorates physically from stress and the damages of living an un-natural lifestyle.

When a woman does not function effectively society suffers from a lack of nurturing; a condition prevalent in the entire Western and Westernized world and which will be addressed in a separate essay.

The same fate that befalls a woman without a competent masculine presence befalls society when it does not have a competent masculine influence. People are removed from their homes and thrust into restrictive industrial environments where they are measured by how much they can produce. They either comply with this arrangement or they don’t eat, since financial interests now own everything that God gave to this world. Like the women who have been propagandized to believe their condition reflects, liberation, freedom and independence, the workers of the Western world believe they are independent and live in a free society. They are so conditioned to the restrictive environment of Western productivity that they beg for jobs.

An absence of ethics leads to a decrease of morals resulting in debauchery and decadence. Disrespect increases between people, and selfishness prevails as financial gain and self-indulgence are promoted. Corruption reigns at all levels of government, business, and society. Loyalty between husband and wife, employer and employee, and government and its citizens decreases. Mental health deteriorates, crime increases, and the physical well being of society declines. Escape from the consequences of the lack of a competent masculine presence is not possible.

The European continent and the Western world suffer from the lack of a competent masculine influence. Every facet of societal well-being is declining. Nations face bankruptcy, mental illness has become a major health issue throughout the Western world, and divorce and adultery continue to increase while marriage decreases. The family has been destroyed and an international angst has developed. The prison population continues to increase and in the United States it has continued to set record proportions for the last 40 years. The educational system continually produces graduates with high grades and low performance scores. On the international level Western nations are in an almost continuous state of armed conflict.

In the preceding essays we saw that all knowledge came from outside of Western thought. To compensate for its lack of masculine talent within, Western society had to continually exploit not only the resources of the world but the human talent as well. What it did not and has not recognized is that this talent contained the masculine influence that was sorely needed by Western society. The cultural mores and traditions brought to the West by immigrant groups were a result of masculine understanding, leadership and direction. These traditions helped to maintain order in society and also provide the initiative for business ventures. Immigrants own a disproportionate number of shops and small businesses throughout the Western world.

Eventually all immigrant groups lose their cultures and become Westernized and their positive impact fades away. Additionally Western society has conducted a vehement anti-gender campaign through the political, legal, and educational system, thus snuffing out any traces of masculine influence in society. Since most of the world is now Westernized there are few places to go to supplement the decreased vitality of the Western world. Without the vitality and knowledge of the assertive masculine influence society deteriorates and collapses.

The condition of the Western world has fallen to a level beyond repair. It is not worthy of repair. It is built upon a weak foundation—upon a false premise. Its gross materialism lacks any sense of human purpose. Self-destruction has begun.

What then can people do? They can learn to live outside the system and associate with like-minded people who recognize the importance of family and the patriarchal structure necessary to maintain it. These people will establish societal mores for marriage, community and interpersonal relationships. They will share with each other. They will have a spiritual understanding that will be reflected in worship in a manner of their own choosing. Most of the world lived that way until the advent of Western influence.

It is with an understanding of the way of life just described that Men’s Action developed a mission statement that calls for fostering a more natural way of life for humankind. I ask that you review this statement and if you are in accord with it to then become involved with Men’s Action and share in the opportunity to live a more natural way of life.

You have two options and one choice. Either accept things as they are and go down with a sinking ship, or make preparations to live differently now and survive.

If you have made the latter choice then contact me and I will provide you with a multiplicity of activities that will enable you to share in bringing about change.


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