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Friday, May 27, 2011


Productive Ability

The feminine principle does the productive work of the universe, and Europe having a feminine psyche naturally tends to industriousness and productivity. The man-made world derives primarily from European and Western productive ability. Airplanes, railroads, automobiles, ships, high-rise buildings and the myriad of technological inventions necessary to make them possible evince Western productivity. Computers, cell phones, and all the various electronic communications products that every consumer seems to own result from high productivity factories. Just about every product that a person touches derives from Western created productive procedures regardless of the country of its origin.

However, Europe does not have the understanding that the purpose of human existence is to propagate and preserve the species while on its spiritual journey. Instead of men providing the environment and means for women to bring forth life and nurture it, the assertive masculine principle focuses on the manufacture and accumulation of things material. This focus does not give women much of an incentive to fulfill their natural inclination to nurture the race. As productivity grows the desire for material accumulation increases and becomes the motivating factor for European activity.

Production provides the means of attaining the Western goal of accumulating material assets and the power that is believed to derive there from; therefore, productivity has become the measuring stick of Western society. It has become a fetish. More that a fetish it has become a disease that has infected the Western world and all who emulate it.

The words Gross Domestic Product (GDP) describe the productive ability of nations and have become the measure of the their well-being. Every news magazine, business and financial section of a newspaper, and political commentary in all media refer to GDP. Universities teach the importance of GDP and all facets of society are motivated to do their share to increase GDP. Factors such as environmental pollution, physical and mental health, and marriage and divorce rates elicit little attention when compared to the fanatic concern with production.

Productivity has become an entity requiring worship, dedication, and supplication. For a person to indicate that he doesn’t care about increased productivity borders on blasphemy and garners looks of incredulity. U. S. Treasury Secretary Geitner stated that the nation must produce its way out of the recession. The Federal Reserve has lowered interest rates so that money will become available to business so that it can increase production. World governments have collaborated to lower interest rates so that the world economy will revive and that productivity will once again increase.

A continuous effort to reduce costs accompanies the intense pressure of increasing production. The business mantra calls for producing more and more for less and less. In the process of producing more for less, jobs are eliminated through standardization, automation, and robotization. The elimination of jobs causes the need to produce more product so that more jobs will be created. A portion of these new jobs will eventually be eliminated through efficiency thus causing the need to produce more so that people can be hired again. This procedure has produced a self-perpetuating madness.

People have been reduced to automaton production workers measured by their product output per unit of time. The disturbing of the natural gender balance always causes a dehumanization of some sort.

The same fate only to a greater extreme has befallen animals as they have been drawn into the high productivity culture. The abusive and suffocating environments of laying hens, broiling chickens, and animals raised for meat is inhumane to the extreme.

As stated earlier Western thought focuses on the manufacture and accumulation of things material, which means ownership. Western thought desires to own the material world and has become extraordinarily successful in achieving that goal. It was primarily through commerce that the Western world laid claim to an unprecedented accumulation of material.

The primary vehicle of commerce consisted of trading until the time that European exploration of the world began. Products of one area of the world were exchanged for products of another area of the world. Commerce consisted primarily of trade, and trade consisted primarily of barter. Money served as a sophisticated vehicle to improve the efficiency of bartering.

When the Europeans entered the age of oceanic exploration of the world they decided that it was more profitable to take than to trade. They took what they wanted from the Americas, the Polynesians, Africa, and the Middle East. The trading done with the Far East was mostly on an exploitive basis. The taking of the land from the indigenous peoples of the world was not the key issue in European economic thinking; it was owning it that set the stage for the enslavement of humankind.

The colonists in North America did not immediately seize the land from the Indians but they made early attempts to own it. Every grade school child in America learns that the Dutch bought Manhattan Island from the Indians for $24 worth of trinkets. The Indians couldn’t understand why the white man would pay for something that God gave to people for free. Centuries later chief Tecumseh of the Shawnee said, “No tribe has the right to sell even to each other much less to strangers. Sell a country! Why not sell the air, the great sea, as well as the earth? Didn’t the Great Spirit make them all for the use of his children?”

The world is now owned. People must pay to live and walk on the land, for its water, and for its food. There are air rights and ocean rights. Man must now pay to survive. He must pay those who own the land—the financial interests of the world. These financial interests are greater than governments—they own and direct governments.

As world financial markets rise, the cost of land also rises. People then have to work harder and longer to earn sufficient revenue to live on the land and to obtain food and water from it. Productivity and the technology used to increase it merely serve as vehicles for the gradual enslavement of the world to those who own it—international finance.

People have become frantic and suffer from angst as they realize that they must work longer and harder for less and less in an increasingly inhumane society.

The next essay will focus on a course of action for those who want to escape from the madness.


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