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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Part 1 The Creation and Gender

The following essay is the first of a five part series that addresses the history of Europe on the basis of gender.

These essays do not purport to show whether the inhabitants of one continent are better or worse than inhabitants of another, inasmuch as people on all continents belong to the one family of God. These essays will however, explain the nature of European thought and by its extension Western thought and its effect on Western culture, which now dominates the world.

Western thought exhibits an almost total lack of understanding of the workings of gender and the universal purpose of human existence. This lack of understanding or ignorance does not derive from willfulness, but rather from a natural position of not knowing; ignorance pervades all human activity. The purpose of human existence is to expand its knowledge of matters spiritual and gradually lessen its ignorance.

However, when ignorance becomes empowered it then develops into suppression followed by oppression. Western ignorance of gender has caused its society to develop in an extremely unbalanced direction, which it has willfully imposed upon all that it has come in contact with. This imposition of its ignorance has created a great evil; it is the evil that Jesus referred to when upon the cross he uttered the words “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Evil becomes oppressive, but as its power expands it begins to degenerate from within and then ultimately collapses and disappears. Western thinking covers the world and has entered a state of internal degeneration that will lead to its total collapse.

Western thought and the world society that it produced cannot be fixed. Anything built upon a false premise cannot be repaired. It will come down of its own accord, thus paving the way for something more enlightened. Western society has arrived at that point and these five essays will attempt to show why this has happened and how to survive its demise.

These essays will be posted one at a time on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Your response is welcomed.


Part One: The one creation and gender

The Bible states that God created Eve from Adam’s Rib. Most people have an awareness of this Biblical story but they give it little credence, especially if they view it from the perspective of Western materialistic thought. In today’s era of sexual equality the concept of the woman coming from the man does not garner much support, especially since it can be readily seen that all humans and mammals are born from the womb of a female. Why then does this great spiritual text make such a bold declaration within its first few pages?

First we have to consider the fundamental operation of the universe. There can only be one assertive force in any area of activity. As explained in depth in my book A Gender Handbook for Western Man, activities such as hot and cold, sound and quiet, light and dark, have three not six assertive influences. These influences are hot, sound and light. If there were two assertive influences in each of these three areas it would be impossible to set a temperature, level of sound or degree of light.

There is only one assertive motivating force in the universe, which is referred to as unseen, positive, and masculine. The universe could not function if there were two motivating forces. Eve came from Adam because there was no place else to come from. Adam represented the assertive influence of the universe from which all things come. All.

Adam said, “Bone from my bones, flesh from my flesh—this shall be called woman, for from man was this taken.” All existence comes from the same source.

Similar knowledge comes from the Koran, which states, “It was He who created you from a single being. From that being he created his mate.” The entire universe comes from the one “something.”

Upon the creation of the physical universe gender came into existence. Without gender there would be no movement. Gender provides the assertive influence that initiates activity and the receptive entity that provides the activity. As long as the physical universe exists all life within it will depend upon gender for its operation and survival. This indicates duality, the positive and the negative, the assertive and the receptive.

All life having come from the one substance indicates oneness and not duality. The duality of function forms the oneness of existence. The Sun provides the environment and the means for the earth to bring forth life and nurture it. This duality between the Sun and the earth forms the oneness of the solar system. The duality between a man and a woman forms the oneness of the family. Through spiritual growth comes the subjective realization that we are all part of the one.

As we look into the night sky we see it aglow with the light of burning suns. Planets do not float independently through the universe; they orbit about a specific sun. All planets were spun off from the gases of a sun. They came from the sun because there was no place else to come form. There is only one source of everything. The Godhead created the physical universe. The physical universe then evolved into the universe that we now see. It continually changes but always within the divine plan.

As we move on to subsequent essays let us remember that there is but one creation and gender makes it work.

The next essay will address European spirituality and religion.

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