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Wednesday, March 9, 2011



The political instability and social unrest occurring in the nations of what we term the Muslim world represents the final stages leading to the establishment of a one-world government.

I am loath to use the term Muslim world, for these nations really represent the last vestiges of the masculine influence of the Asian continent regardless of their religious or ethnic makeup.

I addressed this matter in an essay titled “Why We Will Stay in the Middle East,” which appeared in an October 2004 edition of the now defunct Muslims Weekly.

I wrote the following:

No matter who becomes our next president or which party controls congress we will not reduce our presence in Iraq or Afghanistan until we meet two major conditions. The first condition calls for the breaking down of the familial, tribal, cultural, and religious structure of that area; the major impediment to the establishment of a one world socialistic government is patriarchy and the last bastion of patriarchy exists in the Middle East. The second condition calls for the restoration of the Iraqi oil industry with the establishment of the United States as its biggest customer. We will fight to our last resource to see the attainment of these objectives.

With reference to the first condition, the two major objectives of the Fourth International Conference of Women held in Beijing in 1995 were to remove all references to gender and all references to God from society. The only factor that kept that conference from being a complete route of familial and religious values was the presence of Islamic women, who said they were pleased to be wives, mothers, and worshippers of God.

Shortly after this conference American intervention in the cultural life of Islamic nations increased. Mavis Leno, wife of late night host Jay Leno, became Chairperson of the Feminist Majority’s Campaign to Stop Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan. Publicity was given to Muslim writers such as Khalid Duran, whose writings attacked the very foundation of Islam. The United States set up a puppet government in Afghanistan that requires 20% of the governing body to be women. You can be sure a similar quota will be set up in Baghdad. Democracy is the vehicle used to take away man’s natural authority and put it in the hands of a paganistic state. Once patriarchy is destroyed, and gender differences eliminated, family will disappear, religion will become an empty ritual, and a strong socialist government will takeover (as we have here) as part of the overall plan to have a socialist one-world government.

Proponents of one-world government must be joyous to see the realization of their dreams lying close at hand.

The only countries that have not yet succumbed to Western values are now being motivated and/or pressured into adopting democracy; the last form of government (according to Plato) before the establishment of complete tyranny.

The entire Asian mainland with the exception of some of the Muslim nations has now been converted to governments of complete Western materialism. They have become communistic or capitalistic economically, but socialistic governmentally. China and North Korea practice communism; Japan, South Korea, and Singapore practice capitalism. All of them have removed male authority, which has resulted in the breakdown of family, the disappearance of ethics, and the abandonment of matters spiritual. These conditions lead to socialistic rule.

India has made a dramatic move towards Western values and now has the distinction of being the diabetic center of the world with 40 million people now suffering from a malady caused by the Western diet.

The social unrest in Iran fueled by its access to Western values on the internet has influenced this relatively young population to increase its consumption of drugs and engage in prostitution, with the resultant rapid increase of venereal disease.

Six months after the arrival of U.S. forces in Iraq prostitution was established in Baghdad. The new parliament requires that 40% of its members be women.

The handful of Middle Eastern nations not yet Westernized will all fall into the Western orbit during this decade.

This does not mean to infer that the Muslims and other religious groups in these nations are being forced into Westernization; on the contrary they are at the trough ready and anxious to feed on Western values. Morocco and Tunisia no longer have a fertility rate necessary to sustain the population. One of the major communicators of the Egyptian uprising was an unwed mother and cigarette smoking Muslima. The Minister of Justice in France is an unwed mother Muslima. In the United States Muslims in increasing numbers appear in family court, get divorced, and have their children put into after school programs and/or foster care. Muslim parents in Western nations now push their children to get an education and succeed financially rather than train and motivate them to get married and create families.

With the final removal of all vestiges of male authority all nations will establish socialistic governments that will link with each other and move closer to one-world government and tyranny.

The only course to be traveled in the absence of the masculine influence is one of materialism and all the decadence that derives there from. The Bible states “do not fall in love with the works of thine own hands,” an activity that consumes Western thought. The Koran states “do not with thine own hands cast yourselves into destruction,” a further activity of materialism.

The Western penchant for the enactment of laws results in an ineffective substitute for ethics. Only men make ethics, and more particularly those men who realize that the purpose of human activity is the propagation and preservation of the species while on its spiritual journey. Without ethics society disintegrates.

From the above one might assume a forecast of gloom and doom. On the contrary it represents a path to enlightenment. The universe operates in perfect order. Whatever is in harmony with it survives; what isn’t doesn’t. We are now witnessing the demise of what is out of harmony with the universe, which will make room for the growth of what is in harmony with it.

A growing minority of people has developed sensitivity to nature, to alternative healing, to the foods that God created, and to a more spiritual way of life. Once they come to the realization that nothing can be accomplished in the universe without the proper relationship of gender their understanding for the need of family and the patriarchal structure that sustains it will grow and their efforts will succeed. The collapse of the old materialistic and genderless order will provide ample room for the development of a new age of enlightenment.

As we approach a major shift in history—the self-demise of gross materialism and the growth of spiritual understanding—let us not be downcast over the events that are occurring. The Westernization of the remaining nations of this world necessitates a near term tyranny that will collapse and pave the way for long-term enlightenment. The spirit is always at work—keep the faith.


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