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Saturday, June 19, 2010


Many people have become aware of the malfunctioning of society but few recognize the cause. Most feel that a little tampering of the basic system will “fix” things and then society will function properly. Reliance on the basic system and its various institutions becomes normal due to having been born into them, educated by them, and taught to rely upon them to care for us in one way or another. We come to regard any malfunction of society not a result of the system and its institutions, but a result of the system or its institutions not operating properly. Our efforts focus on fixing the system, rather than changing it.

Author Alberto Moravia expressed well the resistance to changing an established system with the following words, “There is no greater suffering for man than to feel his cultural foundation giving way beneath his feet.” The fear of the prospect of an established system failing greatly inhibits our ability to alter it or rid ourselves of it. To remedy our situation we must change our perspectives. We must change the thinking that caused the malfunctioning of our society; a prospect so difficult that none but the most enlightened, disenchanted, and/or suffering will have the courage to undertake.

One example of the malfunctioning of our society is what we refer to as the “sexual revolution” of the 20th century. This revolution entails the promotion and acceptance of non-marital sexual activity and all its deleterious consequences. It ignores the primary purpose of sexual activity, which is to mate and propagate the species; instead it promotes a life of self-centered sensation devoid of the ethics necessary for moral behavior. The system that developed the sexual revolution is as we shall see, fundamentally unsound, but first let’s look at the negative consequences of the sexual revolution and the attempt of society to “fix’ the results.

Women are designed to become pregnant. To attempt to alter the natural function of the female body so that it does not become pregnant by introducing chemicals into it can only lead to injury to the body. To use condoms and diaphragms denies a woman the benefit of the absorption into her body the natural relaxant contained in the sperm. Studies have shown that women whose partners use condoms during sexual intercourse are more prone to depression than those whose partners do not use condoms.

When birth control has not worked there is always the option of abortion and the almost infinite number of negative effects on the body, mind, and psyche of women.

When the option of abortion is not exercised the next step is to become an unwed mother; a practice that produces children with high educational dropout rates, poor academic performance, high levels of teenage pregnancies, undisciplined women, weak men, and candidates for street gangs and the prison system. It also produces stressed out women who frequently can’t cope with full time employment and the demands of motherhood resulting in the loss of their children to the foster care system.

A woman’s nature is to mate for life, and the supposed independence of non-marital sex and a life alone leads to debilitating depression—the number one illness of Western women.

For other articles pertaining to the negative effects of our materialistic society see: The Need for Nurturing, Depression of Western Women, Devastation of Western Women, and Destruction of Ethics in Western society.

Western governments have on their payroll legions of psychiatrists, psychologists, physicians, social workers, truant officers, judges, parole officers, and members of other disciplines from various institutions whose whole lives are spent teaching women and society to cope with the ravages to the female body, mind, and psyche caused by the “sexual revolution” and the destruction of the family. At least 90% of the 2.4 million men in prison come from broken homes, as do 95% of our youth in street gangs.

Instead of focusing on improved methods of birth control, more extensive use of psychological counseling, an increase in after school programs, and a more compassionate criminal justice system, wouldn’t it be easier to live in a manner that does not entail the need for these services?

To live in that manner would require a change in our perspectives.

The unsound system that caused the sexual revolution was a fixation on materialism, which is an antonym for spirituality. We cannot live a happy, peaceful, and spiritual life when we focus on material acquisition and gain. The very definition of focus indicates that it cannot be in two places; we either focus on matters material or on matters spiritual. Paul’s statement that the love of money is the root of all evil indicates that a materialistic focus leads to all forms of decadence. A present and very visible form of the decadence created by materialistic thought is the sexual revolution.

The entire foundation for the sexual revolution and feminist thought is gross materialism. The concept of sexual equality is based on the equal opportunity to earn money and acquire things. The destruction of men’s clubs was to rid them of any competitive advantage in employment and business. This thinking received little argument from a society focused on making money and amassing stuff. The propagation and preservation of the species receives no focus in the entire socio-educational system, whereas efforts to avoid and eliminate pregnancies are part of the national sex-education program.

Ethics do not exist in a society focused on materialism. Without ethics there is no basis for moral behavior. Materialistic societies attempt to compensate for the lack of ethics by the enactment of laws. There can never be enough laws to compensate for the lack of understanding provided by ethics and the subsequent moral behavior. The greed of financial markets, carelessness of deep sea oil drilling, increase in the rate of adultery and divorce, and general lack of concern for one’s neighbors evidence the lack of ethics in our genderless society.

There is another way to live; it requires a change in perspective and a focus on spirituality and the realization that the purpose of humankind is to propagate and preserve the species as part of its spiritual growth. To accomplish this requires strong families and the development of ethics that support the well being of all members of society, respect for all people and all life, and an understanding of matters spiritual. This is a natural way of life and its called patriarchy.

This essay will be posted on Father’s Day 2010. Perhaps as you witness the decreased observance of this date it will help you to realize the decreasing influence of men and fathers in our society and all the negativity that it entails. Only you can reverse this trend. It requires changing your perspective and having the courage to take appropriate action.


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