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Monday, January 5, 2009


The terms morals and ethics tend to be used interchangeably, but the former depends upon the latter. Ethical standards determine moral conduct. Moral behavior is the manifestation and personalization of unseen ethics. We have here another example of the principle of gender at work. The unseen assertive masculine influence acts upon the seen receptive feminine entity. By eliminating the authority of men Western society has destroyed its ethical base, rendered its organizations impotent, and fallen into a state of increasing chaos.

Ethical men form organizations to achieve certain purposes. Ethics and discipline provided by leadership serve as the glue that holds organizations together. Rather than address what constitutes capable leadership, effective discipline, and a high level of ethics, this essay will focus on the fundamental reality that men build organizations and that ethics play an intrinsic role in their operation.

Men build organizations when they realize the need to cooperate with others in order to accomplish an objective, whatever that objective might be. They build teams, armies, associations, crews, brotherhoods, hunt parties, and families.

The fundamental objective of human association focuses on the propagation and preservation of the species, which is accomplished through the family—the first organization. All the other organizations that men developed centered on sustaining the family and then the extended family or tribe. Men create defense groups to protect the tribe, they develop hunt parties to obtain food, and they develop mating rituals to propagate the tribe.

In order to determine who can best fill certain positions in the organization men observe and judge each other’s abilities. They do this in a spirit of cooperation for they all understand that they need the most capable man in each position to best ensure their own survival and that of the tribe. It is important to know who can run the fastest, yell the loudest, lift the most and last the longest. Sports were developed as a means of evaluating the ability of men to serve the needs of the tribe. It also gave women the opportunity to assess potential mates.

Discipline develops the reliability, dependability, and constancy of the group. Rules of conduct develop in order to maintain the stability, viability and growth of the organization. Ethics provide the base for these rules; a major ethic of non-western society is to share. Ownership is minimal in non-industrial societies; people share what they have with others, and others act to assist those in need such as helping to repair another’s hut, wigwam, or house. Widows and orphans are cared for and no one is left out. Ethics developed in non-industrial societies focused on the training of the young, the care of the aged, and the safety and well-being of all.

All organizations at their inception are patriarchal. As the masculine influence is reduced in an organization its vitality declines and its ethics disappear, a condition spreading rapidly throughout Western society, and as we will see, by design.

Men create organizations that are inclusive. Women develop cliques, which are exclusive. Cliques develop among pre-kindergarteners, continue through grade school, high school, college, the work place, the community, and in any organization that contains a group of women. The formal name for clique is aristocracy. Feminine oriented Western society always creates aristocracies. Apartheid, segregation, and economic classes are manifestations of the Western feminine aristocratic nature.

Certain advantages do accrue from aristocracies, but they will not be explored here other than to say they cannot be established, but instead evolve out of an existing structure. All organizations at their inception are patriarchal.

Some will point to the National Organization of Women as being a large powerful international and independently operated women’s organization. It is nothing of the sort. Why aren’t they located in Chicago to be equally accessible to women from all over the country? Why not in California with its large liberal base? Why not sunny Florida? NOW locates its headquarters in Washington DC so that it members can maintain a tight grip on the weak-kneed wimps who run our country. How do they maintain their grip in Washington and in all the state legislatures where they have lobbyists to promote their cause? Where do they get the millions upon millions of dollars necessary to carry out their activities? Who gives them direction? What is their dogma? What have they contributed to society?

Feminists are nothing more than the dupes of an international elite bent on controlling the world. This elite provides the thought, money, and direction for feminist activities.

At the 4th International Conference on Women held in Beijing, China in 1995 the feminist objective was to eliminate gender and religion from all societal structures. The powers behind the feminists knew that if gender were eliminated, dynamic virile organizations could not be formed or maintained. The elimination of gender also weakens religion—a necessary component of ethics.

The results have been spectacularly successful for those behind the intent of that conference. There are no virile organizations remaining in America. Western Christendom is completely impotent and has been reduced to conducting empty rituals. All standards and values have declined. The adage “do not judge” has been taken out of the context of its spiritual meaning and has become a mantra that condones all behavior.

Male organizations have been eliminated under the guise of providing equal opportunity for women. Opportunity for what? To make money? Making money for its own sake is whoredom, which is a subject for another essay. The true purpose behind the elimination of men’s organizations is to destroy the source of ethics. Without ethics all society degenerates. As the degeneration continues people cry out for help. With the elimination of viable men’s groups the government looms as the only alternative source of help. We beg it for help. We beg it to protect us. We beg it to feed for us. We beg it to be our masters and for us to become its slaves. We are getting what we begged for.

As I write this article the realization of the magnitude of the destruction of society caused by its lack of understanding of the difference between those who have testes and those who have teats, overwhelms me. My brothers and sisters willingly walk into the lair of the demon unable to do otherwise.

The elimination of tyranny and the slavery it produces, can only occur when men of good will band together and act. Good will is a function of ethics, and the banding together is organization. Action comes from the WILL of organization members. No ethics—no organization. No organization—no constructive action. No constructive action—no escape from tyranny.

The only species of life designed to provide for the well-being of women and children is called man. Men provide well-being through ethical based and active organizations.

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