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Thursday, November 20, 2008


While riding on the subway this week I noticed a woman sitting next to me reading a report concerning the behavior of preschoolers. I mentioned that the main issue with preschoolers was that they didn’t have mothers at home to provide the love and nurturing that children that age require. She challenged me and in a militant manner but the subway had reached my stop and we couldn’t continue the discussion.

That event reminded me of the comments made by a Kenyan woman who I know regarding Western thought. She said wherever Western man goes he disturbs what is natural and then creates a “fix it” mentality to deal with what he has disrupted.

Her viewpoint becomes readily apparent upon addressing the condition of our youth today. At least one million of our youth belong to street gangs. Girls at the ages of 10 and 11 have sex clubs in grade school, even in parochial schools. Pregnancies now occur to 40% of teenagers. A government statistic indicates that America has the most violent boys n the world. These are but a few of the many illustrations of decadent conditions that prevail among our youth.

The cause of these conditions has been the destruction of the natural family environment necessary for the development of children. 90% of gang members come from broken homes, as do 90% of the men in prison. 24 million children go to bed at night without a father in the home. Only 12% of our 18 year-olds live with both their natural parents. For all practical considerations the family has been destroyed in America and the effects can be readily seen among our confused, lonely, and misdirected youth.

Getting back to the woman on the subway with her report on the behavior of preschoolers, the raising of children by the state is not something of recent development. In his Republic, Plato calls for the turning over of all babies to the State with the resultant abandonment of the family structure. Government control of all aspects of the life of its citizens is inherent in Western thought and is contrary to natural order. Whatever is contrary to the natural order deteriorates; our children were raised in an un-natural environment and their condition has deteriorated.

Our children require love and nurturing when they are young and guidance and discipline when they are older. The natural way for them to receive this is through their mothers and fathers. We have denied our children the warmth and security of the home. They have been forsaken. Most of you who are reading this have been forsaken. The deliberate breakdown of the family began more than two generations back and it has affected most of society.

Girls no longer understand why they were born females and boys do not understand why they were born males; neither knows their purpose in life. They no longer receive instruction in manhood and womanhood. They no longer dress and act in a manner to attract the opposite sex for the purpose of mating and producing offspring. All standards have deteriorated. Our youth just hangs out together with personal gratification being the only objective or even reward, which is temporary at best. I recall reading an article in which a woman college graduate said, “What’s a date?” She had not been on one date during her time in college—a very sad situation. People have no sense of purpose; that makes for a dull and impotent existence.

The government no longer wants you to behave like men and women but as persons, as automaton production workers and directed consumers. While you do these two functions the government takes over every aspect of your lives. The government might project the image that it cares about you, but only people can love you. Usually the people who love you best are your parents or members of your extended family, but I realize that is not always the case.

When we address the root cause of our forsaken children their condition will improve. The root cause is the absence of the patriarchal structure, which in turn resulted in the destruction of the family. Patriarchy is family. Men make patriarchy. No men. No family.

I ask you all to consider this statement. Either man rules or the government rules, there are no other options. Our forsaken youth are a result of government rule. Don’t you think its time for men to reclaim their manhood and reestablish the family as the focal point of society?

If you do, then review our mission statement and become involved in the promotion and dissemination of our message.

To the women who are reading this article, while I call upon the men to make change, I call upon you to support them and nurture them. They are risking their lives to make a better world for you and your children.

I ask that you review my recent video on this subject.


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