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Friday, November 14, 2008


America has more men in prison than any other nation; more than China and India combined and they have more than two billion residents among them. One man in six between the ages of 18 and 30 has a relationship with the law. In the African-American community one man in three in that age groups has a relationship with the law, with the trends worsening.

In 1976 the prison population numbered 250,000, a high figure by world standards. Eight years later in 1984 it had doubled to a half million, by 1992 it had doubled again to one million, and by 2000 it had doubled to two million. It now stands at 2.4 million and growing.

A society that locks up large numbers of its men in prison and has them spend what should be the formative or productive years of their life rotting away in cages, has an oppressive government. Yet, this issue never receives recognition let alone discussion from any political party or member of government at any level, nor even from the supposedly watch dog media. Because of that deliberate oversight I am addressing the issue here and on youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5_WNrmww1w. Those 2.4 million men in prison are someone’s sons, brothers or fathers. That’s a major issue.

There are all sorts of pretexts upon which to arrest males. Domestic violence, sexual harassment, and accusations of rape are but a few of them. When the new hate crimes legislation gets enacted to supplement these laws we will see a rate of incarceration that will approach the mass production of prisoners.

The government wants all male authority destroyed. It does this by a combined effort of neutering the male and incarcerating him. All laws, employment practices, educational instruction, and family matters are based on gender equality, which the law interprets as gender sameness—an illustration of the gross ignorance and materialistic thought of Western society.

However, in cases of domestic violence—where statistics indicate a true equality of violent acts—the police, who are now required to make arrests on all domestic violence calls, usually arrest the male. In cases of sexual harassment claims, the word of the female is usually taken. The foundation of law—innocent until proven guilty—is reversed in matters of gender issues and the male must prove his innocence. Gender sameness is not practiced in the legal system.

If the male does not comply with the un-natural practice of sameness he is thrust into prison, and as part of his parole or release he is required to attend support groups or counseling which in essence destroys his manhood.

The government has a purpose in promoting and enforcing gender sameness for it assists in destroying the authority of the male. For anything to function in this universe there can only be one assertive influence—one authority. Since by law gender sameness must prevail in the home that translates into a lack of authority. The government has stepped in and made of itself the authority in all matters concerning men, women, and children. In essence it has destroyed the family as the focal point of society leaving it leaderless and begging for the authority of the government.

Our ubiquitous and all pervasive government has brought us to the threshold of tyranny. It could only do this by emasculating and incarcerating our men—our fathers, brothers, and sons.

Will we stand by passively and become engulfed by tyranny, or will we rise to the challenge and join with like-minded people and re-establish among ourselves the natural patriarchal structure of the universe?


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