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Thursday, August 7, 2008


Environmentalists express dedication, hard work (frequently under very uncomfortable and dangerous conditions), knowledge of their sphere of influence, and an ability to marshal support for their objectives. The cumulative results of their activities indicate loses on all fronts; more species of plant and animal life have been eliminated, pollution at every level has increased, and atmospheric C02 content is approaching the point of no return.

The failure to gain on any environmental front represents a microcosm of Western society’s inability to resolve issues. Whatever a persons age, what was considered bad at the time of his birth has gotten worse in his lifetime. The prison population, divorce, adultery, mental illness, and substance abuse have all increased. Academic performance, the rate of marriage, and the stability of the family have all decreased. We live in a society incapable of resolving issues of any sort. Why then should we be surprised that the environment continues to deteriorate?

The thinking that produced a problem cannot be used to resolve that problem. That is the meaning of the term, “You must be reborn.” Western thought is out of balance with nature. It is feminine and materialist and has caused the desecration of mother earth as a result of its insatiable desire to consume. God has provided for our every need, not for all of our greed.

All environmental organizations call upon the federal, state, and local government to assist them with their concerns; however, as the government takes on increasing responsibility for our private lives it needs additional revenues to support these activities. Its revenues come from taxes whether in the form of corporate, payroll, or sales taxes. In order to extend its tax base the government promotes increased production and consumption. This governmental activity diametrically opposes the goals of environmentalism, which promote conservation and learning to live with less. To expect that government will resolve environmental issues is not only ludicrous, it is oxymoronic.

In their efforts to buttress their claims concerning the alarming deterioration of Mother Earth environmentalists point to the seemingly infinite array of scientific papers that address every segment of environmental deterioration. Science has little to do with preserving the environment, and in the aggregate probably contributes more to its deterioration than to its preservation due to scientific involvement in the development of high technology products for government and industry. Indigenous peoples of all continents except Europe did not need science to tell them what was good or bad for the environment—they took what they needed from the earth—they did not exploit it. They lived in a patriarchal structure that made the family the focal point of the community, and the preservation and propagation of the species (including its spiritual development) their paramount activity. They lived in harmony with the environment and the spiritual world that controlled it.

Western thought feels that is has to tame the environment. It actually believes that it can create a better apple than God or nature did. It is completely out of tune with nature and matters spiritual.

As any environmentalist has observed, the male of the species provides the environment and means for the female to bring forth life and nurture it. The Sun provides the environment and means for Mother Earth to bring forth life and nurture it. The entire universe functions on that basis. The Chinese call this relationship the Yin and Yang from which all life flows. However, in the West editorials are written explaining why we do not need men anymore. And then we wonder why society and the environment continue to deteriorate as the high priests of science and government are called upon to come to the rescue.

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