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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


The film Zeitgeist has been available on the internet for several months now as zeitgeistthemovie.com. However, on Saturday March 15th it was shown at various private locations in 70 countries and apparently hundreds of thousands of people saw it. In essence it portrays a negative picture about how our country and also Western society is run, while giving credence to various conspiracy theories. It breaks the negativity into three components: religion, government, and banking.

I pondered the merits of commenting on this film, for I am focusing on writing and speaking the message of Men’s Action and creating a following, rather than wasting my energies on writing about the wrongdoing of society. The film does however, have aspects that warrant our consideration, which I will expound upon as this article progresses.

The first part of the film addressed religion, or at least the Western concept of religion, which is Christianity. It made no mention of Buddhism, Hinduism, or various other currently practiced religions. This act I felt warrants my first comment; what Western man didn’t create does not warrant his mention. So, according to the film there is only one religion, and it is not good.

The section on religion goes on to show the founders of many other past religions were born on December 25th, had 12 disciples, were crucified, and uttered the same dogma. They fail to show the negativity of those aspects. In my book Dear Brothers and Sisters: Gender and Its Responsibility, I indicate that the words, “Whatever a man soweth, that shall he also reap,” were said by Jesus, Bipai of India, The Buddha, and Amenhotep IV of Egypt. The truth is the truth, and it is contained in most religious texts and repeated by most prophets. There was nothing in that film that affected my beliefs. It did provide interesting information of earlier religious influences such as Horas of Egypt.

Next the film went on to show that the United States and its allies provoked World Wars I and II. I have known this since my teens, and have found additional corroborating evidence as the years have passed. So what? The events can’t be undone. What is the significance today? The film gives it significance in the sense that 9/11 was part of a conspiracy as well. Suppose they’re right. What’s the significance? The film presenters asked the audience to sign a petition reopening an examination of the causes of 9/11. Do they actually believe that the government will find itself at fault and suggest punishment? How naive.

Lastly the film addressed the influence of the Federal Reserve, large banks, and people of extreme wealth, and showed that they have an undue influence on our individual lives and on the direction of our nation. What’s the surprise? The measure of success in the Western culture is the amount of material wealth a person accumulates. Those who have accumulated the most wealth have the most power—a very natural consequence in a society that fosters making money as an end in itself.

The film offered no course of action to bring about change, nor did it suggest a change. Western man made the film about Western religion, Western government, and Western banking, and true to his feminine materialistic psyche, he offered no solutions. He offered no solutions because he was blind to the causative factor of the conditions portrayed in his film. I thought about the words of Isaiah 6 as he described the end of times.

“The People’s wits are dulled, their ears deafened and their eyes blinded.”

For those who did not understand the message it is repeated in Isaiah 56

“Israel’s watchmen are blind, all of them unaware. They are dumb dogs who cannot bark”

How long will this blindness, ignorance and impotence last? The word given to Isaiah is as follows:

“Until cities fall in ruins and are deserted, houses are left without people, and the land goes to ruin and lies waste……”

We are in the midst of that condition now. This is the time to awaken and rally to the cause. It is the time to prepare and “build once more on ancestral foundations and be called the Rebuilders.”

That is the call of Men’s Action to Rebuild Society—to rebuild on the old foundations.
Unseen, masculine, and spiritual values comprise the old foundations. Let us stop dwelling on what is wrong and instead take steps to do what is right. You can do this by giving of your time, talents, and treasure to Men’s Action. You can awaken and start living outside of the system that is collapsing before your eyes.

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