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Sunday, November 25, 2007


The material world expresses the spiritual thoughts behind it; this viewpoint does not require proof but does require understanding. Another viewpoint holds that material actions control material conditions and events, and comes from European, feminine materialistic thinking, which requires belief, and has prevailed in Western society causing it to implode upon itself.

Those who realize that the material world represents the thoughts behind it attempt to increase their understanding of the created world and how to live in it with the consequence that they grow spiritually. Those who believe that material actions control the world continually run afoul of natural law, suffer the consequences, and then try to correct these consequences by material means. They try to “fix” the damage created by their ignorance.

The term “fix it society” derived from a conversation I had with a Kenyan woman living in America when we discussed the efforts of Bill Gates and Bono spending billions of dollars to improve the health of Africans. A magazine article covering their activities indicated that every 27 seconds an African dies from malaria. I opined to her that if Africans had always died at that rate from malaria, then there would have been very few Africans living on the continent when Europeans first set foot upon it.

Her response was: “I came from a family of 12 children and my mother took care of an additional 12 orphans or needy children, and none of us died from malaria. We had a way of treating malaria by making a poultice of leaves and herbs and wrapping the body in it. The person returned to normal health in a couple of days. When the Europeans came to our land they offered us chocolate and sweets, and then bread, and then told us not to eat our own food but to eat theirs instead. Eventually our diets became out of tune with our environment and we began to lose our natural immunity to conditions around us. We got sick and then they tried to heal us. They destroyed our health and then tried to fix it. The Europeans are fix it people, they destroy what is natural and then attempt to fix it.”

I felt that her analysis was apropos of all the problems of our present society. We destroy all morals and ethics and then attempt to fix the increase in crime by putting more men in prison, and then we attempt to fix it even more by making surveillance cameras ubiquitous. We foster sexual activity among our youth and then when rates of teenage motherhood soar, which we attempt to fix it by distributing condoms free to our children. We get people to eat all sorts of manufactured concoctions and then attempt to fix their indigestion by offering antacids. We remove male authority from the home, which results among other things in more women smoking and drinking with the consequence of increased cirrhosis of the liver and lung cancer, which we attempt to fix through medication and surgery. The loneliness caused by the breakdown of the family has caused a national angst, which we attempt to fix through drugs and therapy. Western society believes that all conditions can be remedied by providing more money, information, and/or police power. Yet, with each application of these three ingredients, conditions continue to degenerate.

The book of Jeremiah clearly addressed this materialistic approach. It states, “Let not the wise man boast of his wisdom, nor the valiant of his valor: let not the rich man boast of his riches.” These words beat upon the deaf ears of Western man to no avail. Further, the word of God spoken through Jeremiah states, “Two sins have my people committed: they have forsaken me, a spring of living water, and they have hewn for themselves cisterns, cracked cisterns that can hold no water.” That again explains the condition of Western society; we have forgotten the spiritual source of all things and replaced them with material things of our own creation and they do not work. We are not in tune with the world that God has created. We actually believe we can create an apple better than the ones God created. Genetic engineering attempts to improve upon God, and it continually fails and results in the destruction of the race.

Scriptures of every faith point out the dangers of the material world and conversely espouse the need for spiritual understanding; Western man does not understand this fundamental teaching. He confuses religiosity with spirituality. Religion is the materialization and personalization of matters spiritual. All religion is female, and its efficacy depends upon the environment in which spiritual truths are presented. The Europeans managed to give a material slant to every spiritual concept presented to them.
Religion is a belief system; spirituality is knowledge.

Every aspect of Western life is disintegrating because it is all based on gross materialistic thought. As I began writing this article I received an Email from Thurston Bell containing articles written by Don Harkins of the Idaho Observer in which he indicates that the suppressed in America are the majority. He articulates very well the demise of Western society and I will send you a copy of that transmission under separate cover because I believe it to be germane to this article. The enslavement referred to is a direct result of Western man’s ignorance of the universal principle of gender. He does not realize that when this physical world was created the masculine and feminine principles were also created in order for it to function properly. Adam represents the assertive masculine influence and Eve represents the receptive feminine entity. The Adam principle was necessary to establish the patriarchal structure that is inherent throughout the universe.

Western man not understanding these spiritual concepts decided that men and women could function similarly and therefore could not establish patriarchy; instead he experimented with various forms of governments none of which have ever endured. He continually developed theories not only of government but also of everything else in his life. Theories come from people who do not know; they create theories that become belief structures. Whether the theory or relativity, the theory of evolution, and economic theories such as put forward by Smith, Malthus and Marx, Western man is always trying to arrive at material solutions to unseen causes. His biggest error of ignorance was in establishing government in lieu of patriarchy. He legislated away his god-given authority and put the government in charge of his life. He’s angry about his condition and is searching for someone to blame, when all he has to do is look into the mirror to find the cause.

Instead of looking within himself he looks externally for solutions to the problems he created. Should he join up with the militias and shoot all the feminists, liberals, republicans, democrats, conservatives, Zionists, Jesuits, trilateralists, Masons, Bilderbergers, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Christians et al? Who then shall rule? We are beginning to behave like rats on a sinking ship; we turn on each other for lack of another course of action.

Each day that we are passive about these conditions the worse they become. Today a friend told me that the Governor of California passed legislation limiting the term gender in some fashion so I decided to check Google for details. Read this paragraph: "Mom and Dad" as well as "husband and wife" effectively have been banned from California schools under a bill signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who with his signature also ordered public schools to allow boys to use girls restrooms and locker rooms, and vice versa, if they choose.” This does not surprise me. Hate crime legislation is being expanded to include gender. Perhaps Men’s Action to Rebuild Society will be outlawed. Maybe I’ll get thrown in jail for espousing manhood and family. The time to act is now, but the majority of the nation can’t act because they don’t know the cause of its problems so how can they work on a cure?

The solution is an understanding of the principle of gender and the implementation of a patriarchal way of life; the only societal structure that has lasted for millennia because it is natural. This is not a theory. I have never presented you with theories. This is truth, as I understand it. The patriarchal structure not only preserves and propagates the family and tribe; it creates a spiritual awareness. All so-called primitive patriarchal societies have an awareness of matters spiritual and have worship central to their environment.

The high rates of divorce, adultery, incarceration, substance abuse, pornography, mental illness, and angst are not fixable. The low rates of marriage, morality, academic performance, feelings of well-being are not fixable. They and everything else that our modern writers indicate is wrong with society are but symptoms of gross materialism that emanates form an ignorance of the universal principle of gender and the patriarchal structure necessary to maintain society.

My brothers and sons, it is time to take action. It is time to realize who you are. It is time to stand up and say I AM A MAN, I AM A REAL MAN, and join with others who think as we do and start making change.

Let me hear from you indicating that you are ready to move forward.


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