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Wednesday, October 3, 2007



In my article Withdrawal Symptoms I wrote, “A conspiracy film that I saw recently contained the statement that the way to enslave people is to get them to want to be enslaved.” As luck would have it a current example of this viewpoint came from the Mayor of New York during his visit to London in which he admired the use of surveillance cameras all over the city. He stated, “We live in a dangerous world, and people want to have security cameras.”

Let’s focus on the significance of this statement. We have the government, which has taken over the responsibility of the male to care for the safety of women, children, and the tribe, telling the people what is good for their protection and then getting them to want it. And for doubters such as myself he states, “It’s ridiculous, people who object to the use of technology.” “The MTA just has to get us this technology. Americans are too exposed and there are some people who don’t like cameras, but the alternatives could be worse.” That’s it Mayor Bloomberg, scare the people into wanting to be enslaved.

The MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority) will indeed get us this technology and we will become grateful for another arm of government enslaving us even further.

Another aspect of this onrush to our enslavement that requires our awareness is that we have not been asked, but have been told what we want and what will be done to fulfill that want. Very few laws come about as a result of asking the voter anything. I wasn’t asked if I wanted daylight savings time extended, or if 2.6 million condoms should be distributed to our school children, or about any other law that I have to obey. Governments enact laws as they see fit and only the power of lobbyists on one side or the other can alter these laws before enactment. The removal of manly power results in his enslavement by the state. Women do not realize this truism. Their focus is on security, and since most of them no longer have a man in the house, whether a father or a husband, they welcome any security system offered by the government, the very instrument that emasculated the male and made the female clamor for security.

You don’t have much time in which to act my brothers. The complete control of your life by the government is close at hand. The yoke of slavery is descending upon you. Once it happens, the ability to break out will be extremely difficult, if not impossible. Do you intend to sit on the fence until it happens, or are you ready to stand up and do something about it now?

You know where we are.

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