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Friday, September 28, 2007


I came across an Internet article indicating that some men would give up sex before giving up their opportunity to blog. That same day I scanned a magazine article in which the CEO of a company asked the question, “Who doesn’t own a computer, Blackberry, ipod, and cell phone?” He stated that America is becoming increasingly “wired in.” That seems true to me, and if people are removed from their “wired in” position they exhibit withdrawal symptoms.

When mensnewsdaily.com altered its format resulting in less blogging activity, I detected withdrawal symptoms on the part of many of the subscribers. Some searched for and found other blogging venues; however, most still appear to be going through withdrawal symptoms. What do they miss; chitchat about things that no one does anything about? That’s gossip. The wiring in of America makes it increasingly docile and manipulated. It facilitates control of the user and inhibits his ability to make change. The average American not only willing accedes to this control but desires it and thinks he has a right to own these gadgets that will enslave him.

A conspiracy film that I saw recently contained the statement that the way to enslave people is to get them to want to be enslaved. “Wiring in” America enslaves the mind of its people; and yet they clamor to be more “wired in.”.

Don’t give in to the withdrawal symptoms, break away from the urge to blog and start taking steps to promote Men’s Action; it will free you from the enslaving influence of blogging—a cyberspace version of gossip. One of our members sent me an E-mail stating that he isn’t so busy now that he severed all his links to MND. He stated, “I’m much happier now. I guess all those negative comments depressed me.”

Gossip fatigues and depresses men; it is not compatible with the male psyche, which communicates for the purpose of passing on information that ultimately leads to action. Few venues offer men the opportunity to be assertive and make change. Most jobs stifle assertiveness. Spectator sports have become a vast arena of make-believe manhood and entertainment that affords people another opportunity to get “wired in.”

Unhook yourselves from the “wired in” conditions. Disconnect from the enslaving progress of gossip and no action. Spread the message of Men’s Action. You will feel better and you will be serving others.

Last Saturday I sat next to a young African-American woman on the subway who was reading a book. I struck up a conversation with her and eventually sold her my book. Below is a copy of an E-mail I received from her:

Hello Elder George,

If you run into me on the train again you will see me reading your book. I am enjoying it very much and learning a lot. It was a pleasure meeting you and when I am done with the book I'll let you know my opinion of it. Although you wrote it 15 years ago the issues are timeless. At this point I can see why your message has a strong influence on the black community as well as how it is relevant to any community. Keep up the great work!


There are millions of people thirsting for our message and they are grateful to those who bring it to them. When you carry the message to them you will be active instead of passive and you will be helping others.

Continue to withdraw from the “wired in” state and do not relapse. Preach and share the word with others in the flesh. Get out of the cyber world and into the real world. Talk to your brothers and sisters and create a following. They await our message. Giving it to them enables you to act freely and influence the world around you.

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