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Sunday, September 23, 2007


The extensive use of the phrase “I’m going to” serves as another indicator of the feminization of men in our society. With increasing frequency I hear men say I’m going to: attend a meeting, give you a call, by a book, write an article, write a book, change jobs, do this and do that; but nothing happens. This inability to do occurs at the local level in politics, among non-profit organizations, and religious organizations as well. As a nation we work very hard on our assigned tasks as jackasses and she-asses on the treadmill of production, but other than that we seem unable to fulfill our desires, promises, and obligations to get anything done. Instead we talk about it.

Women talked about things and men changed things, that is, until the age of women’s liberation evolved. Now everybody talks while the government does things, and even the government does less and less while it controls more and more. The masculine sounding term blogging serves as a vehicle for men to engage in gossip, but not as a vehicle to do or accomplish anything. Chitchat has supplanted action and has become widely accepted among men, as they become noun oriented instead of verb oriented. They talk about the things they have rather than about what they have done. Even the phrase “I’m going to” contains a conjugation of the “to be” verb, which is a non-action verb.

Most American men no longer have the capability to live out their manhood due to a combination of many factors. Many have had tyrant mothers (see chapter XII in my book), most received coed educations presided over by women who taught a female- oriented curricula. A feminine value structure dominated what they were exposed to on television, the movies, the written media, and the workplace. Men have become neutered; they have become incapable of action, and herein lay the problems of society.

It is with compassion that I address this issue, but not with an attitude of acceptance, but rather with the hope for change. Men’s Action to Rebuild society has a four-step program. First, is the recruitment of men, which is the stage that we are in now. Second, these men need motivation to action, but because of their emasculated state, they must first receive empowerment training, which will be done through various seminars and various types of training made available only to members after we incorporate. Third, we must rebuild the family, which will lead to the final goal, the rebuilding of society.

I realize that many men suffer inwardly at their inability to make outward changes, and would like to participate, if only they could. They need to develop courage, which is the ability to do what one is fearful of doing. The manifestation of courage serves as the first step in breaking out of the prison of inaction. Take that first step to make change, no matter how small it is, then after that more and larger steps will follow. Remember always, that you are a man, there is no greater power on the face of this earth than the masculine principle, and it resides in you.

I hope soon to be writing in Men’s Action News about the steps you have taken to increase our membership as part of your participation in step one of our program. Just do it. You will find that no one else is doing anything, which will make what you are doing look gigantic. Do you want to be an actor on the stage of life or a reactor? Do you want to act as a REAL MAN, or are you content to act like a weak-kneed milksop? The choice is yours. You can take the first step.

In closing I post below for your consideration a sign that I have hanging over my desk.






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