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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Why support and join Men’s Action to Rebuild Society? What do we have that could benefit you? What do we offer to make your investment of time, talent, and treasure worthwhile? These reasonable and natural questions warrant answers and this article will explain some of the benefits that will accrue to you by becoming a part of this organization.

Men’s Action offers hope. It offers hope for a better life.

It offers hope of escape from loneliness caused by the destruction of the family. It offers hope to rebuild the family. It offers hope to redevelop a sense of belongingness that can only come from family involvement.

Our government has created laws that suppress manhood, destroy family, confuse and corrupt womanhood, and neglect children. The result is a collective sense of loneliness that has created national anxiety. Men’s Action offers hope for a better life.

Our government has enacted laws that control every aspect of our lives, which it maintains by increased methods of surveillance of our every action. No one likes to feel watched; it infringes on our freedom of expression and our dignity as an individual. Men’s action offers escape from government control. It offers hope for a better life.

Men’s Action offers a release from the bondage of frustration, self-loathing, and impotence that has been thrust upon us by a grossly materialistic government that looks upon people as objects instead of as divine beings. This materialistic government measures the well being of the populace by gross domestic product; not ethics, mental stability or spiritual development. It looks upon people as automaton consumers instead of spiritual entities.

The mission statement of Men’s Action calls for a more natural way of life, a life that you were designed to live. It calls for a return to natural values. It offer’s hope for individual freedom and collective action. It offers hope for the relief of material striving.

Men’s Action offers hope for a safe and secure society brought about by high moral standards, not surveillance cameras. It offers hope for a society in which responsibility, obligation, and consideration substitute for “rights” that only the government can bestow and enforce.

Men’s Action strives to restore human dignity, respect for elders, and relief from the meaninglessness of material values. It aims for increased self-control of our lives and includes the development of relative self-sufficiency.

Men’s Action will re-establish patriarchy (the natural rule of men) among its members and all who want it and can handle it. Just as the Sun provides the environment and means for the Earth to nurture us, men must provide the environment and means for women to bring forth life and nurture it. The practice of women delivering children for the government to control must end. That is a European, feminine, materialistic practice that is destroying the world. Children belong to the family and tribe, not to an impersonal uncaring materialistic and hedonistic state.

Men’s Action provides hope to those men who have had their children taken from them through no wrongdoing of their own. It offers hope to men placed in prison by family courts, to men who no longer can see their children, and to men who have been bankrupted by a self-serving and corrupt judicial system.

Men’s Action believes the only way to return to a natural family oriented and spiritual way of life is to work outside of the system that has suppressed it. Men’s Action will motivate men to be in touch with their natural manhood so that they can stand up and say with conviction, I AM A MAN, I AM A REAL MAN. When men can do that then women will be able to say I AM AWOMAN, I AM A REAL WOMAN. Then we will have strong families, secure individuals, and the morals and structure that will provide the environment for spiritual growth.

Men’s Action offers hope for a better life. Read our mission statement and the articles on our website. Hear our podcasts and see our streaming videos. Men’s Action to Rebuild Society offers hope for a better life and the means to attain it.

We look forward to your response.

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