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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Tomorrow most Americans will observe the annual Thanksgiving holiday, which commemorates the meal of thanks held by the Pilgrim settlers in gratitude for their survival in the New World. Family and friends tend to come together on this day to have a traditional turkey dinner and express thankfulness for their many blessings. The expression of thankfulness or gratitude enables us to increase our spiritual development, for it reminds us of all that we have been given. As Paul said, “There is no single gift that you have not received.”

Gratitude increases our awareness. It aids in our spiritual development, which we can enhance by taking a few minutes or more each day and thanking God for all that we have. This practice increases our awareness of all that we have received, not only materially but also in the form of nurturing and help from others. The education that we received, the homes in which we received nurturing and guidance as we grew, the places we visited, the jobs we held, the people we met, and the challenges we encountered all contributed to our growth and therefore warrant our gratitude.

Feelings of gratitude help us to think positively in life, and positive thoughts produce positive actions; light washes away darkness. When we do not express gratitude we tend to focus on what we don’t have, on what is going wrong, on our shortages, poor health, broken romances, and financial hardship. The more we focus of what we don’t have the less we seem to have. The more we focus on our ailments, the sicker we tend to become.

The American health care system, which is really a sick care system, exemplifies the focus on sickness. The more it focuses on diseases, the more it finds. We have illnesses that did not exist 50 years ago, and the more we try to combat these illnesses and find “cures” the more we diseases we uncover. We give sickness a reality by focusing on it and it grows.

The same applies to our political issues, which seem to grow in complexity and magnitude. Addressing the so-called men’s movement in particular, during the last 30 years two hundred or more organizations have pumped out articles describing what is wrong; consequently conditions have only gotten worse. These articles have given a reality and power to liberalism, feminism, and all sorts of conspiracies that they did not have. By acknowledging them and publicizing them we expanded them.

It is necessary to define the problem before correction can be made, but unfortunately that is not what Western society is all about. To notice water dripping through the ceiling causing a stain in the rug, and then eventually the deterioration of the rug, and then the warping of the floor, expands the problem and does not cure it. Going up on the roof and replacing a few shingles corrects the situation. We as a society keep focusing on the negative, and it continues to grow.

The more we write and talk about feminism, liberals, the trilateralists, the Zionists, the Federal reserve, the Illuminati, the more power we give to them, whether real or imagined. This power that we give to them results from our negative thinking and lack of gratitude and understanding of what we have and who we are.

When we realize all that we have and the power within us then we have the ability to make positive change; we will shed light on the darkness and the darkness will disappear.

Let us be thankful for the universe that God has created and for the power that he has given to us men. We have the ability to understand the unseen, and the power to use it to make change. What we imagine will come to be. This is not “new age” thinking. This is knowledge of the universe. When a man prays and believes he has received it, it shall be his.

We now have an understanding of the universal principle of gender and the patriarchal structure of the universe. We have it within our power to bring order out of the chaos in which we live. We have the power to bring light where there is darkness. Let us show gratitude for what we have and take steps to fulfill our destiny.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.


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