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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


This past weekend I attended the New Life Expo; an event held at the Hotel New Yorker every spring and fall, which focuses on holistic health. Venders offer an assortment of natural vitamins, herbs, water purifiers, Asian exercise disciplines, spiritual healing, and physical healing modalities such as: reflexology, acupuncture, massage, osteopathy, and light and sound healing. The practitioners range from outright charlatans to people who have natural healing ability, spiritual gifts, and great intellectual understanding.

My interest in non-materialistic solutions to life’s issues draws me to these expositions and I always find something new to interest me. Also, as my knowledge of the operation of the universal principle of gender expands, it gives me an opportunity to witness it in action concerning the treatment of our mental, physical, and spiritual health.

A major aspect of healing derives from the nurturing one receives; therefore, one can expect to see many women participate in and attend these expos since nurturing effortlessly exudes from the feminine gender. However, the overwhelming majority of those participating and attending seem to have no inkling of understanding as to where this healing energy comes from.

An example of this occurred during a panel discussion that I attended concerning the year 2012. The panelists spoke about the alignment the axis of our solar system with the axis of our galaxy that would cause an awakening of the sleeping beauty of Mother Earth. References were made to the healing pulse of the earth and the unconditional mother love that would be released to society.

I pointed out that all of these references were of the Yin principle, the feminine, the mother aspect, but no acknowledgement was made that every drop of nurturing energy that came from the earth had its origin in the Sun, and that without the Sun there would not be any nurturing mother. I asked what part the Sun would play in this great change that was to come upon us in the year 2012. Not one could give me an answer, and unfortunately I did not think fast enough on the spot, for the reference to the sleeping beauty that they made provided the opportunity to emphasize the masculine influence.

A kiss awakened the sleeping beauty, and as one panelist explained, the word kiss came form the Welsh kythe meaning truth. The truth that would be revealed to us would awaken the sleeping beauty of Mother Earth and we would all be healed, loved, and made whole. The point that they did not mentioned is that the kiss came from a man, which is where all truth comes from. Without the spark of the masculine principle the sleeping beauty would be inert and barren, as would be the earth without the light of the Sun.

I’m strongly considering entering that expo next March and in a big way. It would give us an excellent opportunity to reach a large audience in an arena in which we have no competition.

I did come across one exhibitor who unbeknownst to themselves referred to the masculine principle when in their flier they had the Biblical quotation of Jesus saying, “These things I do because of the power of the Father within me.”

There is hope.


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