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Monday, February 25, 2008


The primaries saw Hillary Clinton retain her core supporters—women—especially white women. Obama might make a few inroads in some states, but in the aggregate they belong to Hillary. They form the core of feminism and believe they can do anything a man can do, but better. They adhere to socialist dogma. She promised to empower them. They are hers.

Why as a group do white women belong to Hillary? Why not Asian or African women? The fundamental nature of women does not change because of where they were born or the color of their skin; like flowers they will grow according to the environment in which they are raised. The values that white women received came from the white man. He raised them. He created them. He delivered them to socialism.

Some 2,500 years ago Western man having a feminine and materialistic orientation and not understanding the natural order of patriarchy, created government and gave it authority to take over the details of the care of people while he devoted himself to the pursuit of material acquisition and rearrangement.

Western man has succeeded in his quest for material gain to a level beyond his dreams. He made the world that we see. Everywhere we turn we see a rearrangement of the earth’s resources into shapes fashioned by Western man whether the tiny microchip or the massive edifices that dot the skylines all over the world. He created these products first through acquisition and then through rearrangement.

In starting on the road to acquisition, Western man traveled throughout the world and received a warm welcome and hospitality from those whom he visited. In South and Central America the Incas, Aztecs, and Mayans all welcomed him. In North America the indigenous tribes all welcomed him. In Africa and Asia he received warm welcomes wherever he landed. Even in China during the reign of the Mongols he received gracious hospitality and visited the court of the Kublai Khan.

In return for the hospitality he received worldwide Western man took the land from his hosts and made them slaves and then peasants upon it. The Maoris in Hawaii exist at the bottom of the American economic ladder. In South America the indigenous people are referred to as those “Indians” and have little influence in the operation of their governments or economies. In North America those “Indians” live on reservations. The tribal ways of the African have for the most part been destroyed and Western interests control the land. Asia is divided into two economic environments devised by Western man—communism and capitalism—both of which have destroyed the cultural and social structure of their lands in the process of opening them up for economic exploitation.

After acquiring access to the lands of the world either through military or economic conquest Western man then proceeded to rearrange the landscape to make the acquisition of material easier, whether animal, vegetable, or mineral. Western man leveled mountains, changed the course of rivers, and cut a swath through jungles. He endured extremes of heat, cold, hardship and privation. His accomplishments often came at the price of his own life. His success in rearranging the material assets of mother earth cannot be overstated. He made increased goods and services available to an ever-expanding world population.

The rearrangement of the material world affected the landscape and its inhabitants adversely. Tribal boundaries became altered or obliterated. People were removed from their ancestral homes and relocated to strange environments. Traditional farming, fishing, and hunting were disrupted and/or eliminated. Tribal and family structures were torn apart and cultural traditions were eradicated. All human activity became subservient to the rearrangement of the earth’s resources, which created an incredible degree of pollution. The air that man breathed, the water he drank, and the food he ate became polluted and not infrequently his body could no longer assimilate these poisoned natural requirements to health.

While preoccupied with the process of rearranging the earth’s material, the institutions that Western man had established to take over his God-given responsibilities grew in size, authority, and power. The governments that he created had life controlling authority over him. The grossly materialistic religions he created also had life controlling authority, as did the law that he created, then medicine, and then science. International banking became the final authority that controlled all the other authorities. The institutions that Western man created now controlled him.

Whatever issue developed in his life, he was required to go to one of these authorities that he created for its resolution. He had legislated away all his manly authority. He reduced himself to an automaton worker. He became a jackass on the treadmill of production and had about as much authority over his own life as the jackass did over its.

His own physical environment became altered just as he had altered the physical environment of the rest of the world. Networking with people replaced visiting with family and friends, and the pursuit of material gain dictated where he lived, worked, and recreated.

Getting back to Hillary and Western women, they naturally flocked to a power that purported to take care of them since their men had relinquished their authority and allowed the pollution of the minds and bodies of women in the same way that he polluted mother earth. If the only function of Western man was to make money, his women decided they could do that too, and didn’t need him—a reasonable conclusion within their limited material outlook. Besides, he had already given them the vote and they outnumbered him; in essence they controlled the government that he created.

Western man lost his helpmate. She stayed with him at her whim. She did not need him in the material socialistic environment he created. He also lost his children. Even when they resided with him they were the property of the government he created. Government decided the healthcare the children must receive, the education that they would be exposed to and the discipline that they could be subjected to. It would take its child and give it to some other person or persons to care for if its criteria were not maintained.

The government administered severe punishment to the man who did not acknowledge its sovereignty over his personal and family life. He sat in prison for “crimes’ such as false accusations of rape, sexual harassment, or physical abuse. He received sentences for kidnapping his own children, and for not paying child support to children that someone else had fathered. Justice eluded him in a system designed for the material administration of society.

Western man found himself in a dilemma that he created. He had enslaved himself just as he had enslaved those whose lands he had taken. He had no institution or person to contact to help him out of the dilemma. All of the institutions he had created contributed to his enslavement. He had nowhere to turn.

He complained about his condition and wrote about it extensively but to no avail. Firstly, he offered no solutions; he only addressed effects. Secondly, the audience that he wrote to was in a similar condition and could only commiserate but could change nothing.

He tried various escape mechanisms such as entertainment, sports (which was rapidly becoming entertainment), substance abuse, pornography, and gambling. The euphoria of these palliatives gave him but short respite from facing his dilemma. What could he do? Where could he turn?

He remembered from his religious text the words “Unless a man be reborn” which was the spiritual way of saying, “The thinking that created a problem cannot be used to solve that problem.” A man must be reborn in all things that he hopes to change. He needed new thinking—completely new. He also remembered the words, “The kingdom of God is not in one place or another; the kingdom of God is within.” That was it. He had spent his life looking out at the material world and it was now crumbling before his eyes. He needed to change his focus to that which was within, to the unseen, which is the purview of men. The seen is transitory, whereas the unseen is permanent. Also, the unseen controls the seen, which is the fundamental basis of patriarchy—those who deal with the unseen (men) provide the environment for those who deal with the seen (women).

What could he do with this new self-knowledge? How could it be applied to society? Whom would he contact for support?

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