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Thursday, February 7, 2008


The word “change” has become the political incantation for the primaries. A realization has crept into the minds of the politicians that discontent with conditions and dissatisfaction with the government’s ability to resolve these conditions predominates the thinking of the populace. Therefore, those running for office chant the incantation “change” whenever possible at debates, rallies, and press conferences.

Change from what to what however, seems to escape definition from the office seekers with the exception of Ron Paul. He would abolish the department of education and many other facets of government; end the war in Iraq, and in general end American involvement in the Middle East. How could he conceivably do these things? Does any person or organization ever willingly give up its fiefdom? Does any organization ever willingly dissolve itself? Does any organization willingly change? Ron Paul and his supporters—however well intentioned—delude themselves into thinking that the system that created this mess will resolve it. It can never happen. People asking the government to step out of their lives is like a slave asking the salve master for better working conditions; it will never happen. Another aspect requiring consideration is the expectation of men that change will be brought about from outside of themselves—a thought worst than delusional—it is self destructive and enslaving and will be addressed again later in this article.

The other extreme from Ron Paul—Hillary Clinton—on the same day that she incants “change” proposes garnishing the wages of people who will not contribute to Medicare. To hell with those who believe in holistic medicine and who have taken care of their bodies and want no part of the medical-pharmaceutical oligarchy. Hillary stands for the complete domination of the individual by the state. She also emphasizes the empowerment of women, and at whose expense? Is that change?

And what change does Mitt Romney propose after enacting mandatory health care in Massachusetts? He states that his first order of business as President would be to address the economy; I guess he believes in governmental control of everything as Hillary does. As I write this I learn that Romney has just dropped out of the race. That makes McCain the shoo in candidate, the same McCain that the never been a Republican Senator Lieberman continuously endorses. You know, that hawk on the war. Then there’s Obama that fresh and unsullied face in politics whose credentials have been approved by the lion of liberalism of the Democrat party, Senator Ted Kennedy. What change will there be? The Democrats still believe that the government should be all things to all people, and the Republicans will blow away any nation that doesn’t go along with them. That’s been the status quo for as long as most Americans have been alive.

The same thinking that produced a problem cannot be used to solve the problem. Yet the American male has the blind faith or at least undiminished hope that this corrupt system will somehow right itself. He refuses to assert his masculinity to bring about change, for the reason that he is not in touch with it. He does not realize that when this physical universe was created, the universal principle of gender was created simultaneously in order for it to work. There can be but one assertive influence in the universe and that is the masculine principle. In humans that principle manifests as masculinity.

Men can exercise that power or relinquish it; however, it cannot be passed on. To fill in the void when men relinquish their power governments step in—indeed are created to step in—to avert chaos. However, these governments will ultimately manifest impotence, for virility can only come form the male. Government cannot solve problems nor make change. The only change maker in humankind is the male, and by joining together with his fellow males he can make a unified effort that will bring about change outside of the system.

This organization was named Men’s Action for the reason that it recognized that the only power is the masculine principle. It calls for action. The Rebuild Society came form the Book of Isaiah, which calls for us to rebuild on the old foundations and informs us that those who do will be known as the rebuilders.

To those who understand the purpose and responsibility of manhood, Men’s Action to Rebuild Society provides you the vehicle through which to join with others and manifest your masculinity. There is no other place. None.

Now is the time for you to step forward with you time, talents, and treasures and assert yourself to fulfill your God given responsibility of procreating and preserving the race. It is time to realize that all women and all children are your responsibility and not the governments. It is time to stand up and be counted as a man.

Time is short my brothers; you are in the midst of the demise of Western civilization. You can either get sucked down with it or stand up and work with others to create what you understand to be right.


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