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Sunday, May 25, 2008


The sermons of Rev. Jeremiah Wright created media frenzy and they referred to his preaching as “hate speech.” Political commentators and talk show hosts blanketed the airwaves with what they referred to as the dangerous and divisive talk of this African-American preacher.

On the other hand, the remarks of Rev. Parsley calling Islam “anti-Christ” and Mohammed “the mouthpiece of a conspiracy of spiritual evil;” and the remarks of Rev. Hagee referring to the Roman Catholic Church as “the great whore of Babylon” and a “cult,” calling it an apostate church and stating that this false religious system will be totally devoured by the anti-Christ, received relatively little attention.

The comments of Reverend’s Parsley and Hagee sounded like hate speech to me. They publicly condemned other religions in inflammatory and insensitive terms. Rev. Wright on the other hand didn’t say that his religion was better than others or that other religions were wrong. He complained about the socio-economic condition of African-Americans, which for the most part I agreed with.

Rev.’s Parsley and Hagee did not receive much condemnation, for it is not unique for Western man to consider his views to be right and everybody else’s to be wrong, but rather his normal modus operandi. As chief of Men’s Action I receive comments from Catholics, Protestants, constitutionalists, libertarians and others telling me that me that everyone else is wrong and if their belief system were implemented the nation would return to normalcy. Western man not only knows best, but also knows that he is best. The behavior then of Rev.s Parsley and Hagee might be a little irritating to the Western psyche, but not worthy of national condemnation.

Rev. Wright’s comments on the other hand were inexcusable for he had the temerity to challenge the status quo of Western society. How dare he even think to do such a thing?
He forgot his place, which is subservience to the Western oligarchy. He had to be brought up short and reminded of who he is and isn’t, and the media did that. And to support its efforts the media dug through its supply of black honkies whom it could call upon to make remarks condemning Rev. Wright.

Why must every African-American man speak up against some other African-American who makes inflammatory statements? Immediately after such an occurrence the media wants a response form the “black community.” It does not call upon a response from the “white community” or “the Jewish community” when one of their members makes inflammatory statements.

The only way to be totally accepted in this nation is to fully adopt Western values and denounce one’s cultural heritage. The Obama’s have traveled part of the way. They have gone to the accepted elite schools, adopted big government philosophy, and behave in an appropriate manner. If they can fully renounce their cultural and religious values they will be accepted.

Reverend Wright understands this.

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