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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I have just posted another movie on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwcaQSuf6z0 regarding nurturing because of the excellent response to the first one on that subject. In posting this second movie I realized that in all my writings I have never devoted an essay or column to the subject of nurturing; therefore, I will use this opportunity to address that all-important and relatively ignored (by myself and society in general) function.

In order for life to survive it requires nurturing. Whatever the form of life, it requires sustenance or it will expire. Everything in our solar system requires the absorption of solar energy in order to not lose its vitality and functionality. This energy produces the air, water and food necessary to sustain life. In addition to the material requirements necessary for nurturing, the unseen quality of love also helps to sustain life. The feminine principle provides the love that accompanies nurturing.

The characteristics of the feminine gender function as attributes that enable it to nurture; however, these wonderful and necessary characteristics have become increasingly ignored as society tends to look upon our nurturing requirements as consisting essentially of food, clothing, and shelter. The courts, in determining child support in custody cases, reduce the nurturing requirements of children to adequate amounts of food, clothing, and shelter. Fathers contribute to this viewpoint by claiming that they can nurture as well as the women. They can’t—they don’t even come close—which we will see as we progress through this essay.

We have been created to grow spiritually and in order to experience this spiritual growth we need to be here, and we can’t be here if we are not nurtured. Hence, the propagation and preservation of the species is the paramount concern and function of all life, and nurturing is its primary activity.

The feminine principle is endowed with characteristics that enable it perform the function of nurturing. These characteristics are universal and can be found wherever the feminine principle is involved in the process of nurturing. Mother Earth and the females of all species possess these characteristics, some of which are: accommodation, adaptability, caring, companionship, consideration, cooperation, diplomacy, friendliness, gentility, giving, harmony, industriousness, informative, materialism, nurturing, receptivity, responsiveness, rhythm, visual thinking, and unconditional love.

I think most people will agree that Mother Earth is accommodating, adaptable, nurturing, receptive, responsive, and unconditional in her giving. So are women. These characteristics enable nurturing. These attributes provide sustenance above and beyond the materialistic concept of food, clothing, and shelter. They express love and care.

Mother’s will stay up all night working to bring down the fever of one child and then get up early in the morning to get the other children off to school and the husband off to work. Mothers remember birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and buy appropriate gifts for these occasions. They decorate the home and provide the social circle to be entertained in it. It is said that a man lives in the home that his wife creates and in the social environment that she develops.

Mothers participate in the PTA, the Cub Scouts, and the Girl Scouts, and become involved in a host of activities that these organizations generate. They spend a lot of time buying just the right food for dinner, just the right belt for her husband’s pants, or the right mittens for her child. A woman’s full-time activity revolves around nurturing.

No man can continually perform in the nurturing manner of a woman. To do so would be contrary to his physical, mental, and spiritual nature. A man is contemplative not responsive, He initiates and is not receptive. His characteristics are opposites of a woman’s.

The nature of a woman’s characteristics endow her with the ability to nurture the race, but they do not endow her with the ability to create the environment and means to conduct this nurturing. They do not endow her with the traits to create a safe, secure, and moral structure in which her nurturing can take place.

There is no such entity as a free and independent feminine anything in this universe. Every planet has a Sun to rotate around; every electron has a nucleus to rotate around, every lioness belongs to a pride and every doe belongs to a herd. The male of all species provides the environment and the means that enables the female to nurture. Ignorance of this fact has brought about the downfall of the family and made the government an ineffective substitute male. This matter will be dealt with in another essay.

For now, let us clearly understand that the feminine principle was designed to nurture. Men are not substitutes for nurturing; they are enablers of nurturing.


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