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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Feminists have taken deliberate overt action to destroy the value structure of women in order to motivate married women to leave the home and single women to avoid the institution of marriage altogether.

Removing women from the marriage environment served as the vehicle for fulfilling the ostensible purpose of giving them independence and equity in society, including entry into all organizations that men made. This goal of parity masks a more sinister objective the effects of which have produced devastation among the ranks of women and a deleterious effect on society. The time has come for the unmasking of this sinister objective and then for a return to a naturally functioning society that cares for women and children. However, we first need to determine the reason for the creation of the institution of marriage along with related institutions that have become subject to attack.

The mating ritual of most all life results in the forming of a reproductive structure that supports the propagation and preservation of the species. Among humans that structure has become known as the institution of marriage and it existed long before the enactment of any governmental laws to sanction it.

Women bring life into this world and provide its nurturing through their natural attributes such as adaptability, responsiveness, and visual thinking. They can only fulfill their function in an environment that provides them with safety and security. The highest order of activity for men consists of providing the safety, and security that enables women to bring life into this world and nurture it.

The attributes of constancy, assertiveness, and conceptual thinking enable men to provide the environment conducive to nurturing through the organizations they create and by the ethics they develop. These organizations and their ethical foundations interweave into the development of cultural mores and religious rites that in one way or another relate to the propagation and preservation of humankind.

By removing male authority from the home the institution of marriage has crumbled resulting in high divorce rates, low marriage rates, and an explosive rate in unwed motherhood, which in 1950 hovered between 1% and 2% in America and has now reached close to 40%. The same increases have taken place on the European continent with unwed motherhood near 40% in England and 50% in France. The negative effect on the children of unwed mothers has far reaching consequences such as high drop out rates in school, increased likelihood of a relationship with the law and prisons, and the prospect of their daughters becoming unwed mothers as well. The effect on women of unwed motherhood and the efforts of the government to deal with it such as promoting birth control pills, condom usage, and abortion, has been devastating.

By destroying the institution of marriage women also lost their prestigious positions of good wives and mothers. All through history women who were raised to be good wives and mothers were sought after by men and revered by society. Women dressed and acted in a manner to be attractive to men and men dressed and acted in a manner to be worthy of having such a woman as his wife. Women lived in a “win-win” situation. No man could compete with a good wife and mother.

Women no longer have that prestigious position because they are no longer considered to be women. They have become persons instead. What is a person? What does a person do? How many ethnic groups have the word person in their vocabulary? Most of the world refers to its members as men and women. The Bible states that God created men and women. What part does a person play in the propagation and preservation of the species? Persons do not desire to become attractive to other persons; their dress and behavior reflects this lack of desire. The attire of men has become slovenly and that of women runs the gamut between dressing as a street person or a porn queen.

Women do not naturally feel any joy in being a person. The motivator of a woman’s life is the ME aspect of her personality. The ME factor motivated a woman to become a good wife and mother. How does personhood satisfy the ME aspect of a woman? It doesn’t; other criteria have been developed in an attempt to satisfy the ME aspect of the female psyche.

Girls are now taught to go to school, get and education, get a job, and make some money, so that they can be somebody. A big step towards becoming that somebody requires obtaining a piece of paper that indicates completion of certain areas of rote learning. That paper will serve as a pass to do what ex-men do (relieved of their former authority they have now become jackasses on the treadmill of production). These pieces of paper that women receive entitle them to join the jackasses on the treadmill. Regardless of the name given to that piece of paper—whether degree or license—it falls under the greater heading of what I call “she-ass certificates.” These “she-ass certificates” serve as the primary criteria for hiring and admittance to the treadmill of production.

Part of the requirement of utilizing these she-ass certificates necessitates turning over to the state the responsibility of all aspects of child rearing. The state now sets the requirements for health, education, discipline, food, and dress for children. If these requirements are not met the child is taken from the custody of the she-ass certificate holder and given to other persons that the government deems qualified to raise children according to their standards.

Since men have been removed from all levels of authority and their organizations and institutions weakened the meaning and purpose of life has become obscured and ethics have disappeared as is evidenced by the removal of restrictive laws on incest in Europe. Three European Union nations -- France, Spain and Portugal -- do not prosecute consenting adults for incest, and Romania is considering following suit. It will soon become the norm in the Western world to conduct sexual relations between mother and son, father and daughter and brother and sister. Livestock raisers know that this type of inbreeding weakens the herd, but in a genderless person society apparently this fact has little significance.

The establishment of a genderless society had nothing to do with the liberation and benefit of women; on the contrary, women have lost out on all fronts. They are being used and abused and consequently suffer from mental, physical and spiritual deterioration. Feminists served as dupes of a sinister conspiracy to have government control all of society. By neutering the male all institutions designed for the propagation and preservation of the species were weakened or destroyed, which enabled the government to step in and take over the administration and control of every aspect of societal activity and in the process has reduced men and women (or persons) to the role of jackasses and she-asses on the treadmill of production.

Government can provide substitute authority but it cannot provide substitute ethics, which can only come from men; consequently we are witnessing the complete moral decline of the Western, genderless, person oriented world, which is responsible for the devastation of its women.


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