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Monday, March 23, 2009


Most people know that something fundamental is wrong with society; they don’t know what it is, how to replace it or who will replace it. This essay—the first of three—will explain what wont work. The second essay will explain what will work, and the third essay will describe who will bring about change.

Every institution created by Western thought will collapse as they are all built upon an aristocratic and materialistic foundation. All aristocracies ultimately destroy themselves and all things material eventually disintegrate.

Western society cannot be fixed—it cannot be changed—it is imploding. The fathers of the Constitution such as Madison, Jefferson, and Adams realized that it would eventually lead to tyranny and rued that they had taken part in creating it. Democracy has never worked anywhere. None of the institutions created by Western man are effective. They all lead to control. The nature of Western thought is to control. Ecumenism, universal healthcare, and no child left behind are all vehicles of control. Increasing numbers of those associated with our government now openly call for a one-world order.

The nature of our political leadership works to strengthen governmental control. We have a governing aristocracy that functions well in any political organization and it gravitates to one party or another as opportunity and necessity dictate.

New York City has a mayor who belonged to the Democrat Party but obtained his current position by running on the republican ticket. General Clark belonged to the Republican Party but ran for president on the democratic ticket. Senator Kerry, presidential candidate of the Democrat Party tried to influence republican Senator McCain to run as vice-president. Democrat Senator Lieberman ran for re-election as an independent and supported the presidential candidacy of Senator McCain. It is common knowledge that the Bush’s and Clinton’s visit each other. Our new president who campaigned on the promise of change has an administration made up of democratic and republican regulars. The same group always runs our country regardless of which political label they wear at the time. How then can we expect government to make change? The government created an out-of –sync with nature system; it will not change it.

In my lifetime from the beginning of the Great Depression to the present there has been a continuous growth of government and a breakdown of the family. There has not been a resolution to any problem and all problems have increased in magnitude. Let’s take a look at the more pronounced issues facing this nation.

We have the world’s largest prison population. The United States has 5% of the world’s population and 25% of its prisoners. We have 2.4 million of our brothers and sisters rotting away in cages, and this figure does not include those in local jails, on parole, and on probation. Our prison population has increased 15 fold since 1930, and we call our country the land of the free. If we challenge this statement about our freedom we are called un-American. Oh how we love our oppressors.

The unwed motherhood rate has during that same period of time increased from a little over 1% to 30% today. That should come as no surprise as children raised without fathers provide 90% of the prison population.

The number one debilitating illness of the American woman is depression with upwards of 10 million suffering from that disease, and the number one health issue of the United States is mental illness. Suicide causes more deaths in America than does homicide. We are a nation that is literally going out of its mind.

American boys rank as the most violent in the world. They provide a growing field of recruitment for street gangs and prospects for future incarceration.

The educational system continues to deteriorate. A test given to high school graduates in the 1950’s when given to college seniors 50 years later resulted in lower scores by the college seniors. John Taylor Gatto—a distinguished public school teacher—in his book Dumbing Us Down, felt our youth would be better served if public schools were shut down altogether.

The very core of our society has been in a state of continuous decline, especially during the past 50 years. This decline has seen the tentacles of government reach into every area of our private lives. It has grown in size and influence. It has destroyed the primary institution of humankind—family—and rushed in to institutionalize the care of every aspect of societal activity.

I have said many times in my columns that the thinking used to create a problem cannot be used to solve that problem. Last week I came across the following statement from Albert Einstein, “Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.” That’s just another way of stating the same truth. Western society will not change until it changes its thinking, and it shows no proclivity to do so. On the contrary it is digging in and hoping that its impotent institutions whether political, religious, educational, or professional will find some miracle that will somehow change everything.
It will not happen.

Perhaps it cannot happen because of the set feminine, materialistic, and aristocratic basis of European thought. In his tome The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy (and how to end it), David Icke espouses a theory that reptilian aliens have infiltrated the earth primarily through the European culture. He speaks of their concept of royalty and aristocracy and their obsession with ritual and hierarchy. That’s pretty much the description I have used these many years and I never heard of David Icke until a few months ago.

I do not speak in terms of theories but in terms of truth that has been revealed to me. Nevertheless, the conspiracy groups that Icke refers to whether tri-lateralists, Bilderbergers, Jesuits, Masons, Zionists, or a host of others, are all Europeans. They created the Federal Reserve and the global banking systems that are exercising increasing control over us.

Western thought cannot change the issues confronting us—it created these issues. It’s over. It’s done. Bye-bye Western society.

Those concerned people who know that something fundamental is amiss in our society and who try to make change through the institutions they are familiar with are becoming increasingly frustrated. Whether conservative or liberal, democrat, republican, or libertarian, religious or non-religious, their energies are being dissipated through impotent institutions that will not change. It’s time to direct those positive energies into another venue, into another paradigm of thinking.

That other paradigm is patriarchy. It focuses on the family—the only natural institution—and is in harmony with the universal vibrations.

I will be writing about that in my next essay The Society of the Future.

Until then, I ask that you take a good look at society as it continues to crumble before your very eyes. Are you going to just watch it happen or will you do something to prepare for your survival and a return to a natural way of life?


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