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Sunday, February 1, 2009


The first bill President Obama signed into law— the Ledbetter Wage Discrimination bill—focused on equal pay for women, which in essence erases any difference between men and women in the workplace. This signing supplements the legislation introduced by and passed during Vice President Biden’s time in the Senate called the Violence Against Women Act, which legally eliminated any difference between men and women in the home and made the government the sole arbiter. It also put more men in jail and had more children reared without a father. These two men will continue the government’s march towards a genderless and Godless society proposed at the International Conference on Women held in Beijing, China in 1995. The much-heralded change in this new administration will not come about; instead it will continue the usurpation of manly authority and individual judgment of its predecessors.

President Obama’s comments on 18 billion dollars worth of bonuses given on Wall Street this past year reflects the government’s intrusion into the details of business operations as well. We have a government that has extended its tentacles into the home, the workplace, and into business operations. Its present grip on healthcare and education will be tightened in the near future.

As I see the effects of Western man’s abdication of his natural authority I am reminded of the warning contained in the Mahabarata, which states, “Woe unto all when the tiara rules before the crown.” Mohammed said in one of his hadiths, “A nation that gives its affairs to women will never be successful.”

As I have said many times there are only two types of governance available, the rule of men or the rule of the State. When men become neutered the State takes over all functions of societal activity and then evolves into a tyranny.

Plato forecast these conditions in the Republic as he described the descent of democracy into tyranny. He said that as the time for tyranny approached, “There would come impeachments, and judgments, and trials of one another.” Sound familiar?

He also said, “The people have some champion who they set over them and nurse to greatness.” Sound familiar?

We stand at the threshold of tyranny. The proper description is sit. That’s the position of Western man, he sits and does nothing and hopes that his institutions will take care of things, little realizing that his dependency on institutions led to his emasculation. He seems unable to do anything about anything anymore. He’s been neutered. How sad; especially for the women who now have only the state to turn to for their well-being.

On the home page of the Men’s Action website I indicate that the World Trade Center had represented the phallic symbol of America, which was replaced by a large vagina, the new symbol for America. The New York papers had headlines for the last two years asking why there was no erection at ground zero. Vaginas do not get erections. And there is no other source to bring about action. This is the land of Viagra. As one women said to me, “We can’t get it up anymore.” How sad.

Barbara Hand Clow, astrologer and cosmic historian states. “Most cultural collapses have come from apathy and lack of energy.” The masculine principle supplies energy, it’s called virility. No men—no virility. No virility—no action. How sad.

Western man has gone through a modern neutering. Instead of being physically castrated as in the days of the eunuchs his castration now takes place by raising him in a home without a father, educating him with girls and told that there are no gender differences, sending him into a work place where he must work equally with women, be indoctrinated that marriage is passé, and be subjected to one-sided and onerous sexual harassment and sexual abuse laws. If he survives that indoctrination and still decides to get married he learns that he is not the head of the family, that the children belong to the state and that separation and child custody arrangements can be granted at the whim of the courts. How sad.

We live in a society of the neutered male, of the modern eunuch. Now that he has become completely passive he hopes that his institutions will somehow save him. If we could only go back to the original constitution, back to the tenets of this or that religion, back to conservatism or true liberalism, or some political philosophy that has never worked. He hopes that somehow these institutions will make change while he sits. How sad.

He complains a lot, he even sends letters to officials to so something about some particular wrong, but never about the underlying cause. He can’t see the underlying cause, and on the rare occasions in which he can, he is unable to do anything about it.
His women suffer from depression, and increased rates of breast and cervical cancer; his daughters no longer have any desire to become wives and mothers and engage in all sorts of debauchery which is now labeled sexual liberation and independence; he sees his sons developing into the most violent boys in the world; he sees his brothers rotting away in cages in the penal system for unjust accusations regarding sexual molestation, spousal abuse, and child support. Yet, he does nothing. He’s been neutered. He sits. It’s all over. The end of Western society is at hand. No one can save it.

Then what are the few who see the cause of this collapse to do? They can become active with Men’s Action to Rebuild Society, a spiritually based and gender oriented organization with a Mission Statement that calls for fostering a more natural way of life for humankind. It supports family and the patriarchal way of life necessary to sustain it. Men’s action has a message, and defines the purpose of human existence.

Men’s action not only provides a voice but also serves as a vehicle for change. It can provide male enlightenment and empowerment seminars. It can provide seminars for women as well. It can provide home economics programs. It can offer low cost or free services of holistic health practitioners. It can establish marriage contracts that are outside of the purview of the government. It can re-pioneer family values and the security and spiritual growth they bring.

Most of all Men’s Action offers hope. Hope for a life of meaning and purpose. A life of human dignity. A life of dedication to the family, tribe, and human race. A life of belongingness, love, care, and security. A life of men and women who know their purpose in this earthly visit and do their best to fulfill it. A life outside of the reaches of the State. And lastly, Men’s Action offers the opportunity to plant the seeds for a new era of spiritual growth after the demise of this age of materialism.

Becoming active requires stepping up to the plate and giving of one’s time, talents and treasures, as one is able to. We charge no dues and only ask that you invest in a copy of Dear Brothers and Sisters: Gender and Its Responsibility, along with a set of information booklets. If you can’t make that small investment then you are not ready to become active with Men’s Action. To those who have given and continue to give their support—and you know who you are—I consider you as precious as jewels. You have been with us from the start when there was nothing. To the women who have given generously of their support, which is an expression of your nurturing nature, I am grateful and look forward to you playing a bigger role in our outreach.

To all who have not yet taken steps to become involved with Men’s Action, now is the time. Do not become attached to anything that you do or own; you won’t be doing it or owning it much longer. The time to act is now. This moment. Order a book and set of booklets, subscribe to our website, send me an Email, and get involved. Assert your manhood and womanhood. Now. The State tyranny is readying itself for the throne.


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