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Thursday, January 22, 2009


All groupings have an authority from which all direction emanates.

This truism applies to insects, fish, flora, mammals, and humans. It also applies to what we refer to as inanimate life such as planets and suns, and atoms and molecules.

All organizations such as clubs, teams, businesses, and religions have their authoritative heads. Community, fraternal, educational, governmental, and social groupings have their top authority. This authority might be elected, appointed, inherited or just agreed upon by its members and might be called, chief, chairman, president, manger, coach, captain, priest, rabbi, imam, pastor, or leader.

Every grouping contains a directing influence that guides it to its collective destination, or at the least, helps to preserve it. This structure and activity is a manifestation of the universal principle of gender; the assertive masculine influence providing the environment and direction for the receptive feminine entity. No action can take place in the universe without the interplay of gender.

The largest celestial groupings known as galaxies consist of millions of stars and planets held together gravitationally and moving collectively in the same direction through space. A subcomponent of a galaxy is a solar system. All the planets within the system move in the same direction as the Sun and are completely under its control. In the atom the electrons—the feminine principle of electricity—rotate about the nucleus. From the smallest atom to the largest galaxy the unseen power of the masculine principle provides the direction and structure of the grouping.

Every flock of chickens has a rooster at its head and every gaggle of geese has its gander. Every herd of deer and cows has it stag or bull to lead it. The male lion heads the pride. No group can survive without a head, leader, or final authority. We all know this.

Why then has society removed the head of the family?

There are those who say that the family has become obsolete. It hasn’t become obsolete; it has been eliminated. Removing the man as its head had the same effect as removing the Sun from the solar system, it would collapse and cease to be. We have removed the man, family has collapsed and ceased be. We have produced a generation that believes in government as the provider of its well-being. It has no choice; the family has been eliminated.

The elimination of the family has been accepted on a national basis. None of the presidential candidates mentioned family in presidential primaries, neither party mentioned it in their platforms, and the inaugural address made no mention of it. The psyche of the nation no longer focuses on family.

The philosophy of Plato—which called for the turning over of children to the state—has now become a reality. Mothers actually brag at how early they have entered their children into pre school programs. We insist on schools feeding our children instead of parents preparing their lunches at home. We have eliminated home taught ethics and the resultant moral behavior and substituted it with after school indoctrination of legal and illegal. We have become a nation of automaton workers and programmed consumers—jackasses and she-asses on the treadmill of production—while the government controls every aspect of our lives. We brag about that condition as though it were an enlightened way of life.

We ask the government to provide health care, economic well-being, and educational opportunities. Government has been made into a God upon whom our very lives depend.
Accordingly, we worship this God and the priesthood that carries out its instructions.

Let me be clear—the family has been destroyed by ignorance of the universal principle of gender. No amount of legislation or government tinkering can re-establish the family as a viable grouping. Government destroyed the family; how could it possibly re-establish it? Re-establishment of the family can only occur by working outside of the government, outside of the system, and by realizing that a family must have its head and that head is man.

The function of all life is to propagate and preserve itself so that we can grow spiritually. The masculine principle provides the environment and the means for the feminine principle to bring forth life and nurture it. It does this through organization, structure, and ethics. The traits and characteristics of each gender become the attributes that enable the propagation and preservation of the species.

Family is an organization. Like all organizations it requires leadership. The male is designed for that role. There is no substitute.

If you understand that family is the only viable structure for human kind and want to do something about it, then become involved in Men’s Action. We have a message. We understand the universal principle of gender and know that society can only function properly with the natural interplay of gender called patriarchy. Patriarchy is family.

Our mission statement: To Foster a Natural Way of Life for Humankind, is patriarchy.

Men make families. The state makes slaves. You have two options and one choice. Which will it be, the rule of men or the rule of the state?


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