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Sunday, January 11, 2009


Ethics consist of unseen values developed by men that serve as a basis of conduct. Ethics originate from a desire to preserve and propagate a community or organization. Without such a desire there is no basis for the development of ethics. Instead laws must then be enacted to provide rules of conduct between people.

Primitive societies have few if any laws; they have ethics interwoven into cultural and religious practices that serve to sustain the community. Laws only become necessary in the absence of ethics.

Ethical values transcend the letter of the law; they serve as the basis for the spirit of the law. Organizations and societies can endure without laws, but they cannot long endure without ethics.

Western thought focuses on the self, the feminine ME aspect of life; it has little desire to propagate and preserve the community. It is selfish, self-centered, self-indulgent and relatively devoid of ethics; it relies heavily on the establishment of laws to preserve itself. In my information booklet 20th Century Decadence: 2,000 years of Western Materialism, I state, “From the earliest European Greeks there existed a great dependency upon the law. Draco instituted a system of law based on an aristocracy (the feminine form of government). Solon developed a system of law in which eligibility for political power was based on wealth (a feminine value). From Draco, to Solon, to Justinian, to Napoleon, the Europeans prided themselves on their legal institutions.

After a 2,000-year history based on law, when the Europeans arrived in America the Indians said of them, “white man speak with forked tongue.” Indeed he did, for the law is but a poor substitute for the masculine influence. The manly way is to let your yes be yes and your no be no. The law is for those who can’t live by that code.”

Laws can only attempt to contain evil; they cannot promote good. Societies with few ethics and many laws will incarcerate many people. America has become the most litigious nation in the world; it also has the highest incarceration rate in the world and the highest number of men in prison.

America keeps enacting more laws in the hopes of curtailing evil, instead every form of immorality continues to prosper and expand. The laws have become so numerous that for any issue that arises we are advised to get a lawyer. Men can no longer resolve disputes among themselves because they have no common purpose and therefore no ethics. Our dependency upon lawyers to determine how we shall associate with our fellow man is but one of many examples of the slavery that evolves under a nation of laws instead of ethics.

The European feminine psyche requires laws for its behavior. It even takes religious teachings and reduces them to laws because the unseen ethic in these teachings is not understandable to them. Western thought requires laws and ritual as substitutes for ethics or any quality that is unseen such as spirituality.

Jesus, seeing the myopic material interpretation of Western thought during his time, gave many parables illustrating the difference between law and understanding. The story of the Pharisee and the publican in the temple is such a parable. The Pharisee in essence did his best to live as a good Jew. Moses said to fast, and he fasted, Moses said to worship on the Sabbath, and he worshiped on the Sabbath, Moses said to give alms to the poor, and he gave alms to the poor. The Pharisee obeyed the law as best as he could. Jesus in comparing the Pharisee to the publican indicated that was not enough, that the law and ritual will not produce salvation; understanding and supplication will. Jesus’ direction to love your neighbor as yourself put the emphasis on understanding rather than law and ritual. Jesus always focused on the unseen as the basis for the activity of the seen but the Western mind could not grasp the essence of his teachings.

Western institutions are built on law and ritual and are devoid of ethics and understanding. They are losing their influence and effectiveness in all areas. Its educational institutions graduate students who know less and less. The health care institutions of the United States have produced a nation where one third of the people are overweight, and one third of the people are obese. One quarter of the nation now suffers from chronic disease; autism and Alzheimer’s disease are on the increase along with a host of relatively new ailments.

The legal system continues to incarcerate more people (2.4 million in prison at last count) as it enacts increasing numbers of laws limiting the freedom of the populace.

Religious institutions are failing on every front. Divorce is up, marriage is down, and unwed motherhood continues to increase among their congregations.

Every segment of the population suffers from the lack of ethics in society. Only 12% of 18 year-olds live in the home with both their natural parents. 24 million children go to bed at night in a home without a father in it. America now has the most violent boys in the world. That’s what happens to boys who are not exposed to ethical behavior of fathers.

Western women suffer from high rates of breast cancer caused by birth control pills and other un-natural attacks on the body; they suffer from increasing baldness in their 30’s do to the un-natural stress they are subjected to, and they suffer from debilitating depression do to the un-natural environment they live in.

Conditions in Europe are much the same but worse. France now has an unwed motherhood rate of 50%. Italy, which functions under the presence of the papacy, has the lowest fertility rate in the Western World. Upwards of 15% of European women suffer from depression. The number one health issue in England is mental illness and the French take anti-depressants at a rate two and half times that of the English. A society of laws has created these negative conditions. Laws do not make for contented mothers and happy children.

Men with a well-developed sense of ethics provide the secure environment that enables women to nurture the race. Men who realize that the number one material goal of their existence is the propagation and preservation of the species—which includes its spiritual development—will provide the means and the environment for women to bring forth life and to nurture it. These men will also keep their brothers out of prison.

We have had 2,500 years of the rule of law in Western society and the results have been devastating and are approaching the catastrophic. It is time to return to the natural rule of men. It’s called patriarchy and it supports family.


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