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Monday, January 26, 2009


My essay Elimination of the Family received an excellent response world wide, as did others that recently addressed family and the well-being of society. This response indicates an increased awareness on the part of a small but growing minority of people worldwide that something fundamental has gone wrong with society. They have begun to realize that conditions will force them to choose sides between those who believe in surrendering their lives to the government, and those who prefer to maintain responsibility for their own well-being.

With each passing day Western governments cement their control over the people by enacting onerous laws that make people completely dependent upon an omnipotent and omnipresent ruling structure.

One of the many devious methods they use to maintain their hold on the populous is to pass laws that seemingly increase justice and fairness to all, such as anti-discrimination laws against race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and gender. However, the effect of these laws eliminates an ethical basis for society to live by; it also punishes those who promote such values. A Canadian Roman Catholic Priest who was accused of committing a hate crime against homosexuals because he quoted form the Bible represents the invasive and constricting effects of government laws. I don’t think it is far-fetched that I could be accused of committing a hate crime because I espouse patriarchy and the rule of men. I could probably be accused of a hate crime because I have the temerity to preach that men and women are different.

We have reached the point where our government considers itself the establisher and administrator of all societal values. I challenge that position. However, before pursuing that challenge I want o make my personal position regarding humankind clear.

I consider every man and woman to be my brother and my sister, my son and my daughter. Every is an all-inclusive word and does not require further elaboration. However, loving every human being does not mean that every human being can fit into any role in society. Equal worth does not mean sameness. Every organization has its requirements and its standards. All drug users are my brothers and sisters, but I would not want them in key positions in my organization.

Walt Whitman expressed this dichotomy of thought in his Song of the Open Road, in which he states….”The diseased, the illiterate person are not denied; the beggar, the drunkard, the escaped youth; are all included in society.” But then later he states, ..”None may come to the trial till he or she bring courage and health, come not here if you have already spent the best of yourself, no diseased person, no rum-drinker or venereal taint is permitted here.” His words may seem to be a contradiction; he accepts all of life, but those who travel with him must be of a certain standard.

Jesus administered to the wine imbibers and all manner of social outcasts and misfits; however, his inner circle of disciples was made up of intelligent and spiritually tutored men. He had his standards.

So we as a society must have our standards. While none are denied, only those who understand and adhere to the standards will lead.

The issue that I take with the government and its proponents is that they have no standards; they offer rights, which only they can bestow. They have made unlimited self-gratification the objective of society. I believe Ethical values need to be re-established, and that the propagation and preservation of the species serves as a primary determinant of ethics.

It is on this point that you will choose your side. You either work for the propagation and preservation of the species in a structure administered by men called patriarchy, or you support laws that preserve the right to equal self-indulgence for all and is administered by the state. All political systems, which by the way came from Europe, have failed. Therefore, choosing government is choosing failure. Patriarchy on the other hand, is the natural structure of the universe and the natural structure for humankind. It has been with us since the beginning of time.

If you choose to work for the propagation and preservation of the species you will associate with those people whose values and temperament support that objective; they will be drawn to you and you to them.

This is the issue.

Men make ethics that govern moral behavior; men set standards; men determine what is good for the preservation of the race. Women bring life into this world and nurture it. That’s our partnership. The value to society depends upon people’s ability to contribute to the propagation and preservations of the species including its spiritual growth.

The time has come to make your choice; will you help to draw the battle line, or will you submit to the growing tyranny?


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