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Sunday, February 15, 2009


As I review the societal landscape I see in its every activity a passiveness and lack of purpose. Life has become meaningless. Traditional practices, customs, and mores have become nothing more than empty rituals that gradually fade into oblivion.

Elders are no longer venerated; parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other extended family members receive no special recognition and little respect, for they have been removed from any meaningful influence regarding the training and development of the young. Women no longer respect men and men no longer respect women, for their natural purpose has been suppressed.

Lacking purpose the only meaningful activity becomes self-indulgence. People who stand in the way of the attainment or expression of self-gratification become the enemy, regardless of their age or gender. When purposelessness engulfs a society its members become selfish and disrespectful; they develop a “dog eat dog” mentality, which requires an even stronger government to maintain order.

People seek escape from this un-natural existence in the form of entertainment, sports, substance abuse, gambling, and pornography. This entertainment no longer has meaning and has become a vehicle for the expression of more violent behavior and debauchery.

The purposeless society cannot endure; it will self-destruct. A purposeless society is an oxymoron. At best it is a temporary phenomenon.

Whether in the spiritual realm or material realm, purposelessness cannot endure. I will first address the concept of purposelessness in matters spiritual. Some of the new-age gurus preach of a society in which we will have made union with God and all conflict will have ceased. One sect established by such a guru holds that procreation will occur without sexual union and that desire and lust will have ceased to exist. I asked a member of such a sect what function the male would have in that society. She did not answer my question. She couldn’t. If males provide the environment and means for females to bring forth life and nurture it, what possible role could man have in a society in which God has provided everything and there is no purpose? Man would not exist in such a society. Nor would woman, for she would not have anything to do. That society is purposeless. After union with God is attained, there no longer is a purpose or a reason for living in the material world.

The difficulty with Western thought in addressing this spiritual situation is that it can only comprehend it within the limited confines of the space-time paradigm, and spirituality does not fit in there. However, whatever understanding we have of spiritual perfection, we will no longer exist in the material world once it is attained, for the purpose of human existence will have been achieved.

Before proceeding, it is well to reflect that when the physical universe was created, gender came into being. Adam represented the masculine principle, which gave direction to the world in its process of fulfilling the divine purpose of propagating and preserving the species on its journey of spiritual growth.

Just as ultimate spiritual attainment removes the need for the male, the reverse is also true. As the male is removed from society it degenerates, implodes, and then ceases to exist. Whether we have spiritual attainment or materialistic degeneration, there is no place for the male in either activity. In the former he evolved out of his position and in the latter he was removed from it.

No males—no purpose. No purpose—no society.

In the realm of human existence there are very few at the extremes—those that attain union with God or those that self destruct—but most of society tends to be somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, depending upon the virility and purpose of its males. Since males in Western society are impotent and lacking in direction and vitality, it is only natural that Western society is collapsing.

Whether or not one believes in the prophecy of the Mayans, Nostradamus, Edgar Casey, Revelations, the end times, or prophets such as Isaiah and Jeremiah, society has always been warned of the degeneration that takes place with the decline of the masculine influence. It happened, in ancient Israel, Greece, Rome, Spain, and now throughout the Western world. The words of the prophets are rarely heeded, and the lesson of history is that no one learns from it.

In order for a society to have purpose, or at least the ability to strive for goals, it must have virility. It must have the energy to fulfill its aspirations. Virility and the assertive action that it generates come form the masculine principle—from the male of the species.

No males—no virility. No virility—no action. No action—no accomplishment.

The neutering of the male in Western society has developed into a huge evil born of ignorance. It is leading to the demise of society and there is no “fixing” this demise. The health and well-being of men, women and children has never been in a worse state. Like an illness that must run its course before health is restored, the genderless thinking of Western society will wash away upon its collapse as the people face the issue of their very survival. That day is rapidly nearing.

We can stand by and do nothing, or we can start to prepare for that eventuality now. Those men and women who have supported Men’s Action from the beginning might now consider moving forward to another level of activity. While we all have the demands of our daily existence on our available time, talent, and treasures, these demands are more apparent than real. Jesus told the man who would follow him but had a funeral to attend to first, to “Let the dead bury the dead.” The meaning of that response is that most of the world is spiritually dead and let them care for one another. And another also said, Lord, I will follow thee; but let me first go bid them farewell, which are at home at my house. And Jesus said unto him, “No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.”

The time is at hand for those who are awake, to act, and for those who can see, to move. No institution will bring about change; it will be made by those who are awakening and emerging from the comatose state in which society is engulfed.

Society will soon be forced to re-establish its purpose and will require direction to attain that end. That purpose is the something for which to give up everything.


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