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Saturday, February 7, 2009


A review of career listings found in various locations on the internet and in print media reveals an increasing number of professions and occupations that have no purpose other than to compensate for the un-natural lifestyle that we lead. Careers such as urban planner, financial analyst, health services, human services, recreation worker, economist, government and public administration, agricultural and food scientist, and public safety, corrections and security, are all creations of Western society. Natural societies had no need of these careers.

Why do we need agricultural and food scientists? God made food and designed a certain way for it to grow and be harvested. God’s work cannot be improved upon. The abandoning of natural farming for modern productive efficiency destroys the natural balance of nature and requires the employ of scientists to figure out ways to produce food from an abused environment.

What do we need economists for? Productivity and the amassing of things material has become a fetish of modern society. God has given us freely all that we need. Paul said, “There is no single thing that you have not received.” What function do economists fulfill? They have generated a multitude of theories because they know nothing. Their predictions on economic growth are no better than guesswork.

Public safety, corrections, and security are only needed in a society lacking in ethics. Ethics come from the masculine principle and become imbued within society by family training. Jails did not exist in the Americas, Polynesia, or Africa before the arrival of Western man. Western nations all have huge penal and security systems to protect themselves from each other because they have destroyed the fundamental structure of humankind—the family.

Vocational activities such as occupational therapy, family counseling, childcare, elderly care, health care, investment counseling, legal services, social work, and drug and substance abuse treatments are all unique to Western society.

The un-natural activity of working at a job created the need for occupational therapy. Homemakers of old in all cultures didn’t need occupational therapy because they used all their bodily parts in the course of a days work. They lifted, carried, stirred, mended, scrubbed, ironed, peeled, laundered, and did a variety of other chores that exercised their entire bodies. Men, would plow, make fences, chop, hone, hunt, fish, and do a variety of other activities that would utilize all their muscles.

Jobs have people sit or stand in one position all day; they go through the same motions all day putting undo strain on their bodies. Their minds also become numb. They need physical therapy, mental therapy, and various supports for their bodies. Jobs are unnatural. People were not created to have jobs. They were designed to do whatever was necessary to propagate and preserve the species. In natural societies, if a child was sick and a mother had to go through the night without sleep taking care of it, that was her responsibility. If a man went on the hunt for food in dangerous terrain at the risk of losing life or limb, that was his responsibility. Men and women did what was necessary to preserve the family and tribe; they did not have jobs. Work is good; jobs are bad.

Jobs have become necessary in order to obtain money so that the essentials of life can be obtained, essentials that man once provided for himself before all the resources around him became “owned.” Jobs are demeaning, dangerous, and life threatening. Jobs are economic slavery. Yet the slaves today are begging the government for more jobs, so indoctrinated have they become to their condition of servitude.

Family counseling represents another vocation brought about by the aberration of Western society. Young college graduates certified as social workers call upon women with children and tell them how to be good mothers and maybe wives. These functions were normally learned from grandmothers and great-grandmothers, aunts, sisters, and cousins. Learning how to become a good wife and mother is not obtained from a book; it comes from observing how others do it. Family provides the environment for that education to take place. With the destruction of the family the center of learning for parenthood disappeared and family counseling was created.

Space does not permit going through each and every career and occupation developed as a direct result of the un-natural practices of Western society. However, the examples given will hopefully serve as a catalyst to explore all that we do that has no direct contribution to our well-being. Living in such a manner leads to stress, anxiety, angst, and unhappiness. It leads to spiritual as well as material poverty.

Do you want to continue living in this manner knowing that conditions will continue to worsen; or do you want to learn more about these issues and perhaps become involved with others who have similar concerns? You can receive these essays on a regular basis at no charge by clicking the subscribe button under my picture on www.mensaction.net. You can also subscribe to my videos at no cost through youtube.com. Should you become further interested and want to help share the word you can invest in my book and information booklets through paypal.com on the Men’s Action website.

Getting back to the conclusion of this essay, an increasing amount of our labor goes to support the payment of the consequences of the un-natural lifestyle that we have developed. You might want to refer to my extensive essay entitled, The Fixit Society, or, to learn more of the conditioning we receive for this un-natural lifestyle you can review Cubists. Each year we have to work harder to maintain the lifestyle we had the previous year because an increasing amount of what we earn goes to support non-productive activities and a growing government.

Government continues to expand its control into every aspect of our lives through overt and covert activities. The printing of money to stimulate the economy will result in inflation that will erode the value of social security benefits and retirement income. Ultimately we will all become wards of the state. It will decide on our health care, housing, education, recreation, and perhaps the length of our lives as well. In the process it will create more non-productive jobs necessary to for the administration of our control. You can do nothing and await the furtherance of these conditions, which are already upon us, or you can decide to get together with others and start to develop a way of life outside of the system. Men’s Action offers you a vehicle to do the latter.


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