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Sunday, March 15, 2009


Two of my readers, one from the East Coast and one from the West Coast alerted me to Henry Makow’s article The Men Who Ran Away, which appeared on rense.com as well as his website. I normally don’t comment on other people’s articles, as I have my own agenda as to what I will write about, as they have theirs. However, since my readers felt that this article was germane to my message rather than comment on it other than to say it clearly reflects upon what has happened to the males of society, I decided to write about what it triggered in my mind.

First, I will briefly narrate an event that occurred on the New York City subway about a year ago. It was in the afternoon on the elevated section of the #1 train when two teenage boys, one black and one white started giggling and screaming and running up and down the car. They had apparently seen a mouse running under the seats along the length of the car. They made such a commotion that I finally told them that they were acting like girls and to keep quiet.

That incident provides further evidence of what has happened to the males of our society. They act like females. In a genderless society the males will always tend to act like females because females can’t act like males. Males can be neutered by castration. To the best of my knowledge there has never been a testes implant to females. Male characteristics can be removed but they cannot be transplanted; therefore, in a genderless society the government will attempt to substitute for the male. Thus we have in our genderless society big government and none of the positive attributes of the male.

In our modern world men are not physically castrated but they are mentally and legally neutered. They are raised in homes without competent fathers, educated in schools that cater to female understanding, told that they are no different from girls, banned from having men’s clubs, and removed from all familial authority.

Boys and girls need training to fulfill their natural obligation to the family and tribe. They need to be trained for the responsibilities of parenthood and their obligations to the greater good. By removing male authority we have reduced men to be nothing more than workers—jackasses on the treadmill of production. The women wanting parity have become she-asses on the same treadmill. They no longer need males. They do however, want security guards, surveillance cameras, and locks, gates, and fences to provide for their protection. Somehow these devices didn’t work at L’Ecole Polytechnique in Canada, or at Virginia Tech and Columbine High School in the United States. No amount of security can protect people against a society that does not have ethics and the moral behavior that results from it. Men develop ethics and moral standards. Real men have courage to stand up and protect women and children. The function of the male is to provide the environment and means for the female to bring life into this world and nurture it. No men—no ethics, morals, or protection.

When family served as the focus of societal activity the ritual of marriage signified a commitment on the part of both people to fulfill their obligations to each other and to the greater society. In the selection of mates the female looked for the strongest most powerful male to protect her—especially during the time of pregnancy when she was most vulnerable—while she went about her nurturing activities.

Now that marriage has gone our of style and being a loyal wife and devoted mother are no longer held in high esteem we have developed into a society of workers—jackasses and she-asses—who are measured by the loads they haul. The government attempts to provide protection by onerous laws against men and a multitude of security measures to protect women from those evil men.

Apparently the system doesn’t work very well as 10% of the adult female population suffers from debilitating depression. Maybe they are beginning to realize that being a she-ass isn’t as secure and self-fulfilling as being a wife and mother.

The only hope that they have of getting out of their un-natural and debilitating lifestyle is to pray that somehow a few real men will rise up and make the changes necessary to provide a natural way of life. Real men don’t run away.

In the interim increasing numbers of women will have to settle for taking tranquilizers and anti-depressants while working under surveillance cameras as they pull their loads.


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