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Sunday, March 1, 2009


Our federal government has a noose around the neck of individual responsibility and authority of society. The actions of the present government taken before and immediately after its inauguration have tightened this noose considerably. It has taken overt and covert steps to remove any vestiges of patriarchy thus leaving the functioning of society completely dependent upon government fiat.

Prior to the inauguration this administration had already begun its contribution to the continued attack on family by choosing Senator Joe Biden as Vice President. The ostensible reason for the selection of Senator Joe Biden was because of his foreign policy experience, which other than his time as Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations committee was rather limited. He does however, have a significant credential towards governmental control of the family in his authorship of the Violence Against Women Act. This act removed familial authority from the male and put it in the hands of the government making it the arbiter of relationships between men and women living together. That action destroyed the family; it also increased the prison population and caused more children to live in a home without a father present.

President Obama’s first legislative act signed into law the Landbetter Act, which calls for equal pay for women. This act serves as intrusion by government into the running of private business. As a former business owner I can say that most business owners pay people according to what they contribute to the enterprise, they really don’t care about sex, race, ethnicity, or religion. Those few who have genuine prejudices ultimately pay the price in reduced productivity.

Women challenge how anyone can oppose violence to women. People are not opposed to violence against women; they are opposed to the Violence Against Women Act, which aside from not taking into consideration the fact that it does take two to tango, this law destroys the family, and makes children wards of the State. It is a cleverly named law that hides its sinister intent and with its specific gender designation, it along with the Landbetter Act creates a schism between men and women further destroying any remaining natural gender (patriarchal) relationships and solidifying the power of the government over both sexes.

A third step towards complete government control is the effort to enact universal health care, which has nothing to do with health just as the much-heralded Hillary Clinton Health Care Plan had nothing to do with health. Her plan had to do with sickness and how to pay for it, and that in essence is all that the present administration’s proposals deal with. I am a veteran and receive care at Veteran’s Administration hospitals, which I find to be reasonably good care. However, I am always defending myself against their attempts to have me take flu shots, medication, or invasive examinations. If universal health care becomes enacted people will either do what the government says or they won’t be treated.

Another step in the governments move towards complete control of all aspects of societal activity is its increased influence in education. The Los Angeles Times reported, “The government proposes to take on a greatly expanded role in making college affordable and in ensuring that students earn degrees or credentials. Pell Grants would be tied to inflation for the first time since their inception, providing annual raises for recipients. The grant program also would be turned into an entitlement program with guaranteed funding, like Social Security or Medicare. The government proposes to take on a greatly expanded role in making college affordable and in ensuring that students earn degrees or credentials.”

The government desires to take on this expanded role in education so that it can influence the thinking of greater numbers of people and also keep them in debt to the government. It conducts a combination mind control and financial control operation. By eliminating family and at the same time making the government the provider of all services it cultivates in people the belief that all issues must be resolved through governmental action.

The scope of the government’s efforts to destroy family and entrench its powers cannot be over-estmated The activities mentioned here have to do with the efforts of our new administration, which has been in office a little over a month. However, there are those who feel these efforts to further destroy the famiy were manifested the day after the present administratin came to power. Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, described those policies on his Web site the day after the inauguration. “Minutes after Obama took the oath of office, the transfer of power was made complete on the White House Web site. The page, once home to a host of family values, now welcomes an extreme collection of anti-life, anti-woman, and anti-family agendas. Under the caption "civil rights," Obama pledges to fight for nationwide civil unions [for homosexual partners], repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act, homosexual adoption, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, expanded "hate crimes," and over 1,100 costly same-sex benefits. He promises to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" [in the military] as well as block a federal amendment to preserve marriage. In exchange for the support of groups like Planned Parenthood, the abortion business is also due for a rich payoff from the 44th president, including his support of abortion-on-demand, more funding for "family planning" programs, embryonic stem cell experiments, and tax-funded abortion.”

Whether Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, the march of the government to greater control of our lives continues, and the present economic crises serves as a diversion that enables it through the enactment of seemingly innocuous legislation, to strengthen its hold on all aspects of our lives

The noose around our individual initiative continues to tighten. What I find particularly disturbing is the willingness of a large part of the population to have this noose around them. It gives them a sense of security. The way to enslave people is to get them to want to be enslaved and there are many who clamor for this enslavement whether by calling for universal health care, universal aid to education, for surveilance cameras, or for an infinite number of laws to protect them.

We are very close to the establishment of complete tyranny. When that happens essays such as this will not be permitted on the internet or anywhere else. The time to step forward and do something to protect yourself and those who think as you do has arrived.

It has been said that when people hurt enough they start to look for change, but I wonder if by the time they desire to make change from government control the noose will be so tight that it will be impossible to get out of it. What seems more likely is that the majority will have been so indoctrinated that they not only won’t hate their oppressors—they will love them. They will be comfortable in the noose.

Now is the time to stand up and start living the patriarchal life as best as you understand it and as best as you can. The longer you wait the tighter the noose will become.


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