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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


As I skimmed through the 2009 Personal Finance Issue of US News & World Report and reflected on the disproportionate emphasis placed on matters material by the media, all levels of government, and our societal institutions I became motivated to write this essay on the true needs of people.

Contrary to the hype we receive from the various institutions of our society, the main interest and requirement of people does not evolve around money and things. When people pray to a higher power or go to fortunetellers, astrologers, or seers of various sorts they have three to four basic concerns. These are romance, health, and finance. Career also becomes an area of concern but it usually represents an extension of finance, and the finance serves as a means of material security. People want to experience health, love, and security. They have simple desires, which the extended family usually provided for except in cases of war and/or natural disaster; even then the feeling that “we are all in this together” provided a sense of security.

In patriarchal societies, women awoke in the morning in a safe and secure environment. They knew the men provided the protection they needed and the means for them to go about their business of nurturing. The men did the hunting, fishing, and farming necessary to provide the means for women to nurture, and provided for their safety as well, whether from predatory animals or incursions from a hostile tribe.

Women function well in a secure environment. It enables them to express their nurturing love in all its forms. It relaxes them and enables them to carry out their womanly functions with confidence, warmth, and joy. Women of patriarchal societies do not suffer from depression or commit suicide, and their bodies are relatively free of disease.

Men of patriarchal societies express joy and happiness as well. What greater joy is there to a man than living in a home filled with the aura of a caring loving woman?

Children raised in these societies have a sense of belongingness, which gives them self-confidence and a sense of responsibility to the larger social order. They also learn ethics and the natural moral behavior that ensues from these ethics.

Compare this picture of tranquility, security, togetherness, and harmony to the chaotic, insecure, lonely, and dissonant environment in which Western men and women live. Everything we do is based upon monetary decisions because family has been taken away from us. This focus on matters material cannot provide the security and warmth of the family and tribe.

Our government, media, and present society in general have a preoccupation with matters material and an almost complete disregard for the basic essentials of living and quality of life. Every human need becomes quantified and reduced to a purchasable material quantity. People no longer experience joy; instead they have temporary ecstasies provided by various forms of escapism.

None of the political candidates during the primaries or presidential campaigns focused on or even mentioned family. In all the hoopla about the activities of the President since the inauguration nothing has been mentioned about family. Even with health care—which is really sick care—the emphasis is on the amount of money available to cover sick costs, not wellness.

Western society has never experienced the level of illness that now runs rampant among all its social strata. Chronic illness now affects 25% of the population, diabetes occurs at younger and younger ages, obesity among children continues to increase, respiratory illness has become the norm, 300,000 new cases of breast cancer occur each year, and the number one health issue of the English speaking world is mental illness. And we call those areas of the world that still practice patriarchy, primitive. We have lost all perspective.

This perspective needs to be addressed, for it lies at the very core of the problems of Western society. A single entity created this universe and we generally refer to this entity as God although that word comes from the Europeans or Indo-Europeans. Mystics sometimes use the term “the great absolute” when referring to the single creator. Whichever way a person refers to this entity, it exists and is the cause behind all causes.

God created a perfect universe and gave instructions through various prophets on all continents since the beginning of time on how to live in this universe and be in harmony with it. There is a way to live in it. I will capitalize Way to denote it as a particular entity. The Tao means the Way. Jesus said, “I am the truth, the light, and the Way.” When we live in the Way as best as we understand it and are capable of, we experience harmony, love, contentment and spiritual growth.

What we call primitive people lived in the Way. They had a balance between the material and spiritual world. They lived in harmony with nature, but knew all things came from the unseen spirit. They lived in harmony with each other. Patriarchy provides the structure for this harmony. It is the structure of the universe. It is an expression of the natural relationship and balance of gender. Western thought on the other hand is oblivious to the Way and therefore not in harmony with it.

Western thought only addresses the material world. It has little understanding of things unseen. It is feminine and materialistic. It is unbalanced. It does not acknowledge what it cannot see. It takes great pride in the scientific approach and use of empirical data, which one day I am confident will be regarded as an extremely unsuccessful attempt to access the truth.

Western thought has made a god of materialism. It believes it can created better food than God did, and that it can heal better than God can. Just look at the aberrations known as the American Medical Association and the American Pharmaceutical Association. It believes it creates abundance, not realizing that all abundance comes from God. It is not in harmony with anything and in disharmony with everything. Western thought has caused the pollution of the earth, and its inhabitants. All its political isms have failed.

Now as the economy continues to falter we hear continuous reports of the high priests in Washington calling upon the god of materialism to save us. The process of saving us will take away our every freedom.

It’s time for a re-evaluation, either men rule or the State rules. The rule of the State leads to tyranny. The rule of men—which is patriarchy—leads to health, love, and security.


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