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Thursday, February 19, 2009


I do ballroom dancing and enjoy dancing with inexperienced dancers as well as the experienced, as the former give me the opportunity to utilize my teaching ability. One of the mantras I recite to the learners is, “Back on the right and forward on the left.” Not infrequently I have to stop to explain which is the right and left side. Women have difficulty relating to left and right, and also to North, South, East, and West. A woman’s difficulty with direction is well known and the general attitude is “So what?” This essay will deal with the “So what.”

First, let’s look at how much of daily activity depends on an understanding of left and right. We turn to the left or to the right when we walk out the door of the buildings we reside in. We use even numbers on the left-hand pages of a book and odd numbers on the right-hand pages. Newspaper articles are designated left and right. On highways we pass in the left lane, and get off using the right lane. At the doctors office we explain of pain we have in our left ear or right knee, left foot or right eye. Athletic equipment is designed for left handed players and right handed players. There are left tackles, right guards, and left fielders. Boats and ships have left sides (port sides) and right sides (starboard sides). We look for things in the right side of a closet, and the left side of a storage bin. Refrigerators have left opening doors and right opening doors. The number of daily activities depending on right and left designations borders on infinity.

North, South, East and West as designations influence all that we do. Streets are designated as running East and West, and North and South. We speak of the northbound lane of a highway or the southbound direction of an Avenue. We designate the side of mountains by the north face or south face. Subway and elevated lines are designated northbound or westbound. We speak of the southward flow of a river or the northward migration of ducks.

Women have difficulty with these designations of direction and others that will be mentioned because they cannot be seen. Not only are they not seeable—they do not exist. They are conceptual designations of men. Uptown and downtown fall into this classification, as do latitude and longitude. They do not exist. All of the movement of people throughout the world is dependent upon the conceptual designations of direction that men have created. That’s something for both men and women to reflect upon.

Now let’s take our thinking to a deeper level. Not only is all movement predicated on the unseen, but the rate of movement is also predicated on conceptual designations. There is no such thing as a minute or hour. They are arbitrary conceptual designations of the movement of the earth on its axis. Clocks are measures of conceptual thinking. The international dateline does not exist—neither do time zones.

Let’s go still deeper, all that we manufacture is according to conceptual designations that do not exist. There is no such entity as an inch or millimeter, gallon or liter, foot, or yard. There is no such entity as a mile, a degree of movement on a circle. All direction, movement, and product of this world are predicated upon the unseen conceptual designations of men.

The dependence of all earthly activity on the conceptual thinking of men is an example of the functioning of the universal principle of gender. The masculine principle provides the environment and means for the feminine principle to bring life into this world and nurture it. The feminine principle produces everything in accordance with the unseen parameters of the masculine principle. Men deal with what is unseen in order for the seen to function.

We tend to take for granted the roads, highways, buildings, and products of society. We act as though they were always here. They weren’t. They came into being as a result of the conceptual thinking of men. The attitude of “We don’t need men anymore” is predicated on ignorance.

There is another area of male conceptual thinking that most significantly affects society.

All ethics and the morals that are derived from them come from the conceptual thinking of men. Virtue chastity, honor, loyalty, and general rectitude come from the unseen standards of men. These standards came about as a result of the purpose of propagating and preserving the species. The enemy of our society had to disenfranchise men in order to brake down its moral structure. Removing the authority of men destroyed the family and the conceptual thinking within it that provided the standards for moral behavior. The enemy promotes the mantra “there is no right and wrong,” and replaces ethical standards with laws that define legal and illegal.

Just as the conceptual thinking of men provided the environment for the activity of the physical world, the conceptual thinking of men also provides the spiritual, ethical and moral environment for the development of people.

All forms of government other than patriarchy are parasitic institutions that feed off the output of others. The huge federal economic stimulus prepared by the government is for it own survival and control. People can survive a recession and depression. They can survive famine. They have done so before. The government can’t. It has grown too large. It needs tax revenue to survive. It must pump up the economy and in the process further destroy the environment.

We have a monster on our hands in Washington and in the nations of most of the world. That monster is destroying our lives. In the end it will destroy itself. That time is coming soon. For those who still think we don’t need men any more, when the time of destruction is upon us the following words of Isaiah 4:1 will be fulfilled: “Then on that day seven women will take hold of one man and say, We will eat our own bread and wear our own clothes if only we may be called by your name.”

Just as the conceptual thinking of God created the physical universe, the conceptual thinking of man created the material world in which we live.

I trust that the “So what” of the opening paragraph has been answered.


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