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Monday, March 9, 2009


Upon the creation of the physical universe gender came into existence. An understanding of and attunement with gender—the source of all movement—results in harmony with universal vibrations whereas, ignorance and/or a disregard of gender results in disharmony, which in societal structures leads to chaos, decline, and dissolution.

Today I will address the causes of the disharmony that engulfs our society and what to do about it. Author David Icke attributes the negative conspiracy theories that Henry Makow covers so well in his essays on savethemales.ca to be a result of an alien reptilian influence manifested primarily among Europeans. Whether the actions taken by these conspirators are the result of an alien influence or the result of ignorance (which is the source of all evil) the method used to control society is the same; it calls for the breakdown of the family structure.

An event that had significant worldwide implications concerning the breakdown of the family but which the media all but ignored was the 4th International Conference on Women held in Beijing, China in 1995. This conference called for the elimination of gender in all societal activities, and for the elimination of religious influence as well. The United Nations sponsored this event and supported it with its huge financial resources and international political influence. It should be noted that Hillary Clinton and Bella Abzug were but two of the heavy hitters of the feminist movement that attended that conference.

This event sought the destruction of the family through the noble sounding goal of equality for women, which translated meant equal authority in the home. No organization has two heads because it cannot survive with two masters; a truism that applies to the family as well. The removal of male authority from the family results in its destruction and makes the government the arbiter of relationships between people. All modern marriage and divorce laws now focus on the relationship between people, not families. The almost 14 years that have elapsed since the conference in Beijing, has seen an extensive attainment of its goal.

The “liberation” of women was a cruel hoax used as one of the vehicles to destroy male authority and put the population under control by government. Women have suffered horribly since their so-called liberation, especially Western women. Whatever the conspiratorial organization, whether the Illuminati, Bilderbergers, Trilateralists, Zionists, Jesuits, or Satanists, or others, the primary method of control consists of the removal of male authority, the destruction of the family, and the elimination of all standards. Government control cannot occur without the destruction of patriarchy.

To remedy this influence of centralized government control does not require an attack on the perceived enemy. Evil is the absence of good just as sickness is the absence of health. Diabetes, cancer, autism, and arthritis do not exist as entities unto themselves. They are symptoms of poor health caused by the pollution of air, water, food, or thinking. When the causes are removed the symptoms will disappear.

When we walk in the light the darkness disappears. Part of the light is an understanding of gender, the importance of family, and the patriarchal structure that makes it possible. Family is the only institution necessary for the development of humankind. All the manmade institutions were designed as substitutes for the patriarchal structure and eventually became means of control. We now have government institutions controlling, education, health, employment, business, and societal relationships. We are almost completely controlled.

The un-natural control upon us will eventually self-destruct and all its institutions will come down with it. Only one institution will survive—the original one—the family. The propagation and preservation of the species is the focus of universal activity. All of nature revolves about the family and the extended family, which we call the tribe.

After the collapse occurs spiritually based and gender oriented men who know that their responsibility requires them to provide the environment and means for women to bring forth life and nurture the race will start the rebuilding.

The collapse of our society is near at hand and now is the time to prepare for the rebuilding. However, it must come from outside of the conventional thinking and activity of our society. Men must realize the power within themselves. They are part of the Adam power of the world, which is the only power and it is manifested in men in the form of virility. Institutions are not virile. The only power they have is the power that men give to them or that men let them have.

On our website I have a streaming video titled Vagina Vocational Centers in which I call upon men to leave college. Sometimes the men ask what will happen to them. Nothing will happen to them. They will still have their manhood; the universities won’t, and there is no institution that can survive if in someway it is not connected to men. Men have built every institution. If they were all to crumble men could rebuild them. It is the institutions that will be in trouble when men leave them—all of them.

Do not concern yourself with the institutions that men have made or corrupt organizations. Concern yourselves instead with the power within you, for it is the unseen power within that controls the material world that is seen. I realize that for most Western men this is a difficult undertaking because the approach of Western society has been to address all issues through institutions ever since the Greeks first turned over to the city-states the care of society while they pursued material interests. The forming of institutions is a feminine reaction that wants to associate with a strong external entity. This focus on institutions has caused many modern writers to address all issues on an institutional basis without even thinking about what individuals can do to make change. It has caused people to be dependent upon the certificates, degrees, and licenses that institutions bestow upon those who have given the proper recitations.

Some of the most successful people of our time did not have any institutional recognition. Bill Gates and his VP dropped out of college, as did Steve Jobs and his VP. Bronson of Virgin Air is a high school dropout. Edison was a grade school dropout as was Premier Krushchev of Russia. Most of the famous African-American bandleaders and musicians could not read music—neither could the Beatles.

The power of men does not require authentication by an institution. Men authenticate institutions. It is only necessary for men to realize the power within and utilize the universal will to translate this power into action. Patriarchy is a spiritual concept that provides the vehicle for the manifestation of this action. Spread the message of patriarchy far and wide and you will find increasing numbers who understand and are willing to step forward and live the life they were ordained to live by providing for the care of women and children.

Say to yourselves upon arising I AM A MAN, I AM A MAN, I AM A REAL MAN. Say it as you are walking down the street. Say it whenever you have doubt about what you can do to change or build a better society. There is no power on the face of the earth that can withstand the collective assertive power of the masculine principle. Not one!

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