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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


The March 2nd issue of Newsweek contained an article by Joel Kotkin entitled Death of the Dream, which focused on the decline of the technological, political, and environmental leadership of California, which I thought would be of interest to you because the fundamental reasons for this decline—while not addressed in the article—are germane to our message.

Before writing an essay critiquing Joel Kotkin’s article I decided to check his area of expertise. He is executive editor of newgeography.com, the author of six books, a fellow of urban affairs at Chapman University, and a Senior Fellow at The New America foundation. He also writes in a pleasant non-adversarial manner and strikes me as a person who would be a friendly neighbor. He is obviously a learned man in the area of Western thought and therein lies his limitation in assessing the problems of California or of America, which he addresses on the on the homepage of joelkotkin.com.

Joel Kotkin’s Newsweek article opened with the following paragraph: “For decades, California has epitomized America’s economic strengths: technological excellence, artistic creativity, agricultural fecundity and an intrepid entrepreneurial spirit. Yet lately California has projected a grimmer vision of a politically divided, economically stagnant state.”

Mr. Kotkin laments the decline of technological, political, and environmental leadership in California and attempts to explain this fall from leadership in economic, ideological, and demographic terms. He addresses all issues as though they occur in a finite materialistic arena. He seems to not understand that all materialistic events are effects of unseen actions and unless the unseen changes, the seen will continue to deteriorate.

The one unseen area of influence that he touches upon gingerly and refers to as “its own culture of self-regard” and “an evermore inward-looking form of narcissism,” he tends to treat as a mild character flaw rather than as a part of a lack of fundamental values. The California psyche does not understand the universal activity of the propagation and preservation of the species including its spiritual growth; consequently, it has little regard for the family or the patriarchal structure necessary to maintain it.

Its laws focus on civil arrangements rather than spiritual values. It promotes the sameness of sex and homosexual unions while simultaneously enacting laws that breakdown male authority in the home thus destroying the family. A manifestation of this disregard for family is reflected in the soaring rate of unwed motherhood in California. It is reflected in the pregnancy of unwed congresswoman Linda Sanchez. The flaunting of female independence by becoming unwed mothers creates a class of males that will be underachievers and potential gang members and prison inmates. California’s governor symbolizes its lack of gender understanding having played the role of a pregnant man in the movies. Those that have eyes, let them see.

While referring to the many material accomplishments of California such as its high tech companies, the film industry, and environmental leadership, Kotkin does not mention that California is the pornographic capital of the world. Thousands of women journey to that state each year to participate in pornographic movies and not for the money, for they act as interns or apprentices in order to build up a resume that certifies them as whores so they can perform in “adult” clubs around the country. I often wonder what that interpretation of “adult” has on our youth.

There has never been a society that did not implode once men lost their authority. There has never been a society that did not sink into moral decadence once the ethics created by men was removed. There has never been a society that long prospered after it abandoned as its primary focus the natural activity of the propagation and preservation of the species. There has never been a society that has survived the destruction of the family.
As mentioned earlier, Joel Kotkin is a learned man and surely knows that the above statements are true, yet he does not address the fundamental unseen issues that have led to the decline and eventual demise of California in particular and to our nation and the entire Western world in general.

Mr. Kotkin, like so many of his contemporaries, attributes changes in societal activity and performance to the institutions that Western man has established. He writes about political parties, educational systems, economic developments, religious organizations, social strata, and financial policies. His works are easy to read and follow, but they serve more as historical perspectives rather than studies of cause and effect. Unfortunately this approach is the norm of Western society. Women complain about what is wrong; men are expected to take action. Since men have been neutered in our society everybody writes and talks about its problems and no one offers solutions. The hope is that somehow institutions will fix things. If nothing works, the institution of last resort—the government—is called upon to “do something.”

We live in a society incapable of resolving its problems. No matter what the problem, it never goes away; it gets talked about and talked about as it festers and grows. The thinking used to create a problem cannot be used to resolve that problem. Western feminine materialistic thinking has created its problems; it cannot resolve them. Only a change in thinking will bring about the action necessary to bring about resolution.

The change in thinking necessary in Western society requires an understanding of the universal principle of gender and a change in focus from maximum freedom for self-indulgence and self-aggrandizement to a life dedicated to the propagation and preservation of the species. From this objective ethics will develop that will create the moral atmosphere conducive to mental, physical and spiritual growth.

California and the Western world put their faith in matters material. When the material world became unraveled, whether in the form of the bursting of the high tech and real estate bubbles or the collapse of the stock market, society began to decline. What needs to be understood is that society did not decline because of the collapse of the material entities, but that the material entities collapsed because of a lack of ethical standards and moral behavior.

Civilizations die when they lose their virility and ethics. Only men are virile. Only men develop ethics. No men—no virility. No men—no ethics. No virility and ethics—no society.

It’s time for a change in thinking, not only in California but also throughout the Western world.


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