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Sunday, March 29, 2009


In my first attempt at writing an opening paragraph for this essay I referred to the materially oriented aristocratic way of the life of the West. As I proceeded with the essay I reflected upon my readership, which consists for the most part of people of European extraction, and realized that some might be annoyed that I belabor the description of Western society as materialistic and aristocratic. I empathize with their feelings, as both of my parents were of European origin and I am not comfortable with people criticizing my way of life either; however, as I see it crumbling about me if someone were to point out why, I would become receptive to their criticism. It is with this thought in mind that I will expound upon the feminine, materialistic, and aristocratic nature of Western thought and its societal effects.

In my last essay I referred to author David Icke’s alien reptilian conspiracy theory in which he claims that reptilian aliens have infiltrated the earth primarily through the European culture. He speaks of their concept of royalty and aristocracy and refers frequently to their worship of the mother goddess. An independently made conservative film titled Indoctrinate-U contains a segment in which a liberal white professor says that whiteness is oppression and racism is an example of it. He goes on to say that to do away with oppression is to do away with whiteness. These were strong terms that I will come back to. However since my mind was focusing on the term aristocracy it motivated me to check The Republic and in it I found that the one form of government that Plato liked is the Aristocracy. Here we have the post Socratic and truly European thinking of the Greeks—which I believe began with Plato— admiring the aristocratic form of government.

Whether Elder George though his understanding of the universal principle of gender, or Davis Icke with his reptilian theory, or the political science professor in the film Indoctrinate-U, or Plato, the observation is that Europeans develop aristocracies. They do, and there is a reason for it.

Before addressing the reason for Western aristocratic thought I refer to the comments of the professor in Indoctrinate-U who refers to racism as white oppression. I consider racism to be one of many examples of the Western aristocracy. Even in an all white environment the aristocratic thinking presents itself in the form of religious, ethnic, educational or economic exclusivity. This aristocratic thinking is evident in both conservative and liberal attitudes. The very professor that complained about white suppression was himself an oppressor in the academic profession in which non-liberal thought was ostracized, persecuted, and rooted out.

The Western aristocracy is evident all over the world, although it frequently goes unrecognized, especially by Americans who have an extreme naiveté when it comes to understanding other cultures. All of South America is one huge European aristocracy. Those Hispanics that we see in our country are of Indian or black extraction and are not welcome into the aristocracy. I have seen this first hand in my travels to Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, Panama, and in my marriage to a member of the Cuban aristocracy. General Batistia the dictator of pre-Castro Cuba was never invited to the Havana Yacht Club because he was not a member of the aristocracy.

As I worked on this essay I learned through the internet that Brazilian President Lulu de Silva blamed the world financial crises on “white and blue eyed bankers” and indicated that there weren’t any black bankers in the mix. Eventually there will be, but first their thinking will have to be in accord with the governing aristocracy.

Now in finally getting to the reason for aristocratic European thinking we must first determine where this thinking originates and why. In the relationship between males and females the male represents the masculine assertive influence and the female represents the feminine receptive entity. In the human mating process the female (woman) has to make herself attractive to the male (man) so that he will select and pursue her. She focuses on the ME aspect of her personality in the hopes that the man will choose her over other women. She tries to be better than the other women in the attributes that the male considers worthy of mating. Even after she mates she tries to show that she maintains the expectations of men better than other women do.

When the primary classification of women was called housewife or homemaker, women would frequently have tea parties or café klatches in each other’s homes. These activities gave them an opportunity to evaluate how the other women took care of their home, children, and husbands. Those who did not meet the standards of the inner group were drummed out of the circle. Those who did the drumming out were members of the clique. Among females cliques begin in pre-kindergarten, continue through the school system, and in all organizations containing women throughout their entire lives. The formal name for clique is aristocracy.

Aristocracies have their benefit for they tend to level people up. The activity of tea parties and café klatches leveled up the entire social strata. The housewives made sure their homes were shinny bright, their children well behaved, and their cooking and/or serving flawless when the women came to visit. Aristocracies tend to level up all areas of activity, which is fine provided that it takes place within the environment of the tempering effect of the masculine influence. Left to their own accord women will ultimately exclude themselves completely—there is only room for one Oprah in any grouping of women. In the larger sense all aristocracies will ultimately collapse.

Now that we have seen the genderless society (which means the suppression of the masculine influence) firmly established in America and Europe and in growing areas of the world, women no longer have standards to uphold. As a consequence marriage has faltered, unwed motherhood has mushroomed, chastity has disappeared, and moral decadence has grown. People indulge themselves in various forms of behavior that in essence provides escape from the un-natural way of life imposed by a ruling materialistic aristocracy. Consequently mental illness has taken over as the number one health issue of Western countries.

All aristocracies will ultimately collapse because they lack purpose. Aristocracies represent the feminine “ME” aspect of life and become almost devoid of the masculine “I” aspect of life. The masculine principle provides direction and purpose; without it society collapses. Solomon wrote, “Where there is no vision, the people shall perish.” Of course they will perish. Vision gives purpose, and purpose provides the structure and functioning of society. Western thought has created a purposeless self-indulgent aristocratic society that is collapsing before our very eyes. The solution requires a change in thinking.

That thinking has to come out of its narrow materialistic paradigm and expand into a more gender balanced value structure with an awareness of the purpose of life, which is the propagation and preservation of the species while on the journey of spiritual growth. To attain that objective there will be an evolvement into patriarchy, the natural societal structure.

Whether we go through a cataclysmic change, a mass spiritual enlightenment, a revolution against the tyranny that is building up in our government, or individuals and small groups starting to live their lives differently, the end result will see the re-establishment of patriarchy. As Solomon also said, “There is nothing new under the Sun.” Other forms of government will rise and fall, but patriarchy will always return.

The future society will be patriarchal. We can prepare for it now or deal with it when it is thrust upon us. In either case we will have to adjust our thinking to properly live in it.

In my next essay I will describe those who will bring about change in this society and spearhead the development of patriarchy.


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