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Thursday, April 16, 2009


One of our supporters forwarded me an excerpt of an evaluation of patriarchy in India, which I have posted below. I received his Email the same day that I sent an Email to Henry Makow of savethemales.ca concerning his article Helen Gurley Brown: “How to be a Whore.”

I will address patriarchy in India further in a subsequent essay. This essay will address the significance of Henry Makow’s article as it relates to the material Emailed to me and the action that Western man has taken about this matter, or more correctly, the action he hasn’t taken.

The excerpt follows:

The focus of this paper is domestic violence among rural women in India. The question asked by this study is: How do regional, family, and personal characteristics of a woman affect her likelihood of being hit by her husband?

Contrary to predicted results, however, being in a nuclear family structure, having greater decision-making power, and labor force participation increased the risk of women beingassaulted by their husbands. These surprising findings, taken together, suggest that the relationship between patriarchy and violence is not a clear-cut one.

A deeper understanding of the conditions under which violence is used by patriarchal families to control recalcitrant women will enable feminists and researchers to more fully comprehend the ways in which patriarchy controls women’s lives.

The conclusion reached in this study indicates that women are less likely to receive physical abuse in patriarchal environments than in Western nuclear family arrangements. Keep in mind that this study focused on patriarchy in Asia, a continent that has a gender imbalance just as Europe does except that in Asia the imbalance tilts towards the masculine, whereas, in Europe it more than tilts towards the feminine. In both cases women suffer. In Europe the suffering results from neglect by the masculine presence and in Asia the suffering results from abuse by the masculine presence. Nevertheless, we have a confirmed study that Asian women are less likely to suffer from abuse in patriarchal structure than those in the Western nuclear family arrangement.

Yet the intent on the part of feminists and liberals will be to debunk this study. We have only to look at the opening paragraph of Henry Makow’s article to learn why. He writes:

In 1965, Helen Gurley Brown, the editor of Cosmopolitan, said that a housewife was "a parasite, a dependent, a scrounger, a sponger or a bum." She didn't call them whores because she teaches them to be whores. Her sister-in-arms, Betty Friedan, compared homemakers to "concentration camp inmates" because of the lack of stimulation and opportunity for advancement in concentration camps.

These two women along with contingents of other feminists and an army of liberals attacked the very foundations of human existence. These were Western women, working through the governments of Western nations. And what did Western man do about it? What did the religious right do? What did the Catholic Archbishops do? What did the Imams here and abroad do? What did real men do? What did anybody do to protect humankind from the self-inflicted scourge of Western society?

I say self-inflicted because feminism did not develop from some organism found under a rock or in the trunk of a tree. It did not come from an asteroid crashing into the earth’s atmosphere and spewing out a virus. Western man created feminism. Not only did he create it but, but he brags about his enlightenment—how he gave women equal rights in all things. Why is that considered an achievement? What is the benefit of treating dissimilars as similars? By bringing women into the organizations that men create—and which women on their own cannot create or maintain—causes the weakening of the organization and the defeating of its ultimate purpose, to provide the environment and means for women to bring forth life and nurture the race.

In the more than forty years since Helen Gurley Brown expressed her degenerative opinions the lot of the American woman has done just that—degenerated. The number one health issue of the American woman is debilitating depression. Close to 10% of the adult female population suffers from this malady. In Europe where feminism has taken stronger root 15% of its women suffer from depression. Do those figure indicate progress for women?

What were the men doing as this monstrous attack on human life progressed? We can say that we didn’t know, that we were busy earning a livelihood and raising a family. Really? From the earliest days of television “family entertainment” such as “The Honeymooners” depicted men as buffoons and women as the stable and dependable homemakers. Didn’t we all see that? Didn’t we see the end of all male educational institutions and clubs? Didn’t we see our sons taught physical education together with girls? Didn’t we see the teaching of promiscuity taught in the schools and all the media? Didn’t we see pornography and smut develop into accepted businesses? Didn’t we read articles such as Do We Need Men Anymore, which appeared in US News and World Report, or witness Oprah expressing the same sentiments to millions of viewers? Did we miss all that?

We have witnessed an overt attack on the fundamentals necessary to maintain human existence, and it has been and still is overwhelmingly successful. Right now conservatives are introducing legislation in various state legislatures calling for equal rights for men. The feminists must roll in the aisles with laughter every time they read of such activities. I find the very thought of men asking a third party to treat them equally with women, repugnant, especially when that third party is responsible for the usurpation of their manly authority.

We can no longer claim unawareness to the degenerative conditions around us. In addition to savethemales.ca there is rense.com and books by David Icke describing in detail the conditions caused by deliberate attacks on natural value systems. Videos can be seen of these conditions on nmatv.com, on youtube, and on a host of other websites. Whoever does not see these conditions does not want to see.

The time to take action is at hand, and Men’s Action to Rebuild Society offers a vehicle through which to do it. It has a mission statement, essays, videos, information materials, and most importantly a message. It calls for a patriarchal way of life to be conducted outside of the mainstream of society. It calls for an understanding of the purpose of human existence—the propagation and preservation of the species while on the path of spiritual growth. The only thing required for it to succeed is a collective will. Do you have the will to make change? If so, then subscribe to our website, and join with others in spreading the word.

The time for action has arrived.


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