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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Last week I received an Email from a woman the contents of which I thought would be of interest to all of us. I posted it under Men’s Action News, which already contains two letters received from women this year, and am also including it in this essay as the subscriber list only disseminates copies of essays.

The Email reads as follows:

Elder George,

Thank you for your thought provoking messages. I appreciate your insight.

You often say that we need to do something, but I am unsure what I should do to help rebuild society besides what I already do every day. Support my husband and raise my children. I am a stay at home mother of two little girls and am striving to feed our family real food, teach them what is right and wrong, how to work and be industrious, and the many other things. As a family we choose not to participate in the unnatural lifestyle that the US embraces. I try to speak, act, and look feminine and encourage other women to embrace their femininity. I am not “normal” either, and I don’t know how I can help change the current trends except refuse to participate and support it.

Is that the call to action that you mean? Simply refusing to participate in an unnatural lifestyle? I’m afraid that only a minority of people will actually do this, so how can we live naturally in a world of enslavement? What action do you hope to inspire in your readers when you encourage us to action?


This letter from Erin reflects not only her own concerns but also represents the thinking and insecure feeling of a multitude of full-time wives and mothers throughout the Western world. She wants her children to have healthy bodies, developed minds and moral behavior. How can she feel secure that these aspirations will see reality when the majority of the children in our society no longer live in a home with both natural parents in it? Forty percent of the children of this nation are born to unwed mothers. Of those that were born into a home containing their natural parents the likelihood is that they will be separated or divorced before the child reaches 18 years of age. All governmental institutions support these trends; none even address the natural patriarchal structure necessary for family development. Erin and all the women in her position and who share her values have become familial anomalies; that’s not a secure position from which to raise a family.

Not only do these women see the value structure of society deteriorating, but they also see the material world that it rests upon crumbling as well. In just one week the news media addressed the following: a congressional investigation of the devastation wrought upon the world economy by powerful financial interests, the destruction of the Gulf eco-environment due to massive oil contamination, the severe flooding of Nashville, the recall of products from a pharmaceutical company whose name is a household word, and the recall of a nutritional supplement that contained 1,000 times the prescribed dosage of vitamin D and which resulted in the severe illness of the formulator of the product. We are witnessing the imperfections of the material world that man created and its resultant havoc. As mothers and wives attempt to give out nurturing love the very foundations that they stand upon shake and crumble.

These insecure conditions cause Erin to question what she and others can do about it. She asks if living her life as best she can and avoiding the unnatural is enough. It’s a big step. If everyone would do that the world would begin to change. She is changing the world. However, what she is looking for is the support of others who share her values. What if something happened to her husband? She needs support in times of tribulation that will help to maintain the environment that enables her to nurture.

Erin’s letter has moved me to further focus on a change in direction for Men’s Action that I had already been considering; however, in addressing the avenue to change I strongly urge all readers to review our mission statement. Unlike most mission statements that only state objectives, the mission statement of Men’s Action contains the strategies necessary to attain its objectives. The only thing required at this time—and what Erin is really asking for—is the establishment of an organizational structure that can implement these strategies. In this regard and at this very time, I am having correspondence with some of our supporters exchanging views as to a change in direction for Men’s Action.

Perhaps the most significant message in Erin’s letter remains unsaid but clearly implied. The women who her letter represents want to do their utmost to nurture the race; they know they need the participation of men to provide the environment and means for it to take place. I ask the men who are reading this essay to re-familiarize themselves with the last five chapters of my book Dear Brothers and Sisters: Gender and Its Responsibility. In answer to the question that men have asked me so many times “What do the women say” I reprint the following from chapter XXXV: “You will have more than just support from women, they will throw flowers at your feet and place garlands on your head.” Men’s Action continues to receive increasing support from women because they see that it focuses on the fundamental unit of human existence—the family—the center from which they can nurture the race.

More and more people have begun to realize that the material world is collapsing along with the institutions that it relies upon it. They have turned to the spirit, to the unseen power for help. Many independent organizations have sprung up in which people live a more simple life and meditate, pray, and chant. This is a natural response to the failure of materialism and is part of the cyclic nature of humankind. When materialism flourishes the spirit is forgotten, and when materialism fails, the spirit is sought after.

However, even in its quest after matters spiritual Western thought puts its imprimatur upon its practice. Western thought believes spiritual energy will fulfill our every desire, giving us peace, happiness, and fulfillment. The responsibility to propagate and preserve the race including its spiritual development remains unstated. Western thought—even if immersed in the spirit—cannot readily grasp the concept that nothing happens in this universe without the interplay of gender. Nothing.

All these groups that are searching for the spirit are well meaning and in some way contribute to the betterment of the world; however, significant change will not come about until their practices become infused with the virility of the male. Men’s Action is the only spiritually based gender oriented organization that relies on understanding of truth instead of a belief structure. Beliefs change. Truth never changes.

Having given this brief metaphysical explanation I now call upon the men to step forward and help to bring men’s Action a step closer to becoming a viable organization that can serve people who want to live a more natural way of life. You can help in preparing the structure that will result in cells, clubs, congregations, or whatever, that will provide a basis of both meeting and outreach. You can indicate that you are ready to assume the responsibility of running such a unit or participating in it.

The women have shown their hand many times and will continue to do so, especially if they see the involvement of men that they can rely upon. They will nurture the organization within the full context of nurturing and will help to bring it to maturity. It’s time for the men to step forward. Let me hear from you. Today.


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