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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


A few days ago my youngest son asked me when the Republican Party became the party of war and the Democrat Party became the party of peace.

I could see the reason for his question; democrat presidents Roosevelt, Truman, and Johnson got us into Word War II, Korea, and Vietnam respectively. The democrats were known as the party of international involvement and fiscal irresponsibility. However, republican Reagan escalated the Cold War and outspent his predecessor by a wide margin; Bush Sr. got us into Iraq the first time and Bush Jr. with republican control of both houses set a record for deficit spending and the length of a “peacetime” military conflict. The party affiliation of the President does not have an effect on the conduct of international and fiscal policy, and therefore it should not have come as any surprise that President Obama last night chose to continue the same international posture and fiscal irresponsibility as his predecessors when he announced further military escalation in Afghanistan.

America has been on a wartime economy for more than 70 years and during that time the national debt as apportioned per person has grown exponentially as have the laws that undermine the freedom of the people. For all practical purposes we have become a police state domestically and an instrument for a one-world government internationally.

The feminine materialistic nature of Western thought lends its actions to an aristocratic posture based on financial power. Whether manifest destiny, colonialism, apartheid, slavery, or segregation, the impetus of Western governmental action always imposes its will upon others through material control of their environment.

The mystics say “as above so below and as within so without,” and this same aristocratic control has now manifested within Western society. An aristocracy of power created by international wealth now controls Western governments. It makes no difference which party ascends to power; the end result of their governance will not change. Whether in the United Kingdom, the European mainland, or the United States there has been a steady march towards one-world socialistic government based on repressive laws that control the people.

In the United States we have a president who after one year since his election has yet to deliver on any of his campaign promises. He can’t. He’s not his own man; he’s a little wind-up doll with marching orders programmed by a controlling financial aristocracy.

Control by an international financial aristocracy is the natural outgrowth of a society that does not know its purpose in life, that has no spiritual understanding and looks upon universal existence as an opportunity for self-aggrandizement and the accumulation of material wealth. Such a society will ultimately lead to control of the world’s resources and finances by a few. Such a society will also ultimately implode as a result of its inability to sustain itself morally.

Society will only change when its thinking changes; when it recognizes the spiritual dimension of human existence and the earthly obligation to propagate and preserve the species; when it understands the principle of gender and the patriarchal structure that provides support for family.

Society will change when men realize their obligation to provide the environment and the means for women to bring forth life and nurture it as humankind proceeds on its path of spiritual unfoldment.

President Obama and the Western world continue on its programmed voyage to a one-world financial aristocracy. You don’t have to make the trip with them. You can get off the ship now and start living your life differently. Why wait until the ship sinks and lifeboats are few and unstable? Chart a new course for yourself now.


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