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Sunday, August 9, 2009


My readers know that I steer clear of politics in my essays and that I do not believe in having women in governmental positions. You might then wonder why I again devote an Essay to Sarah Palin. The first essay appeared on September 24, 2008 under the title Why Sweat Palin, which I recommend that you review when you finish reading this essay.

All aspects of the media have exhibited a frenzy of activity since the announcement that Governor Sarah Palin would not finish her term in office. She has been the butt of jokes by television comedians, news analysts, talk-show hosts, columnists, and bloggers. This essay will address why this woman unheard of by 99% of Americans a year ago, has garnered such national attention, and its relevancy to the issues facing Western society.

I watched the ceremony held in Fairbanks, Alaska on the day that Palin stepped down and a new governor was sworn in. It looked like a small local event, as one would expect to see held for den mothers of a cub-scout troop. It appeared that no more than 35 spectators attended.

The same week that I watched Sarah Palin give her farewell speech I also watched Ambassador Hillary Clinton interviewed on Meet the press. These two events clearly illustrated the stark differences between these two women, what and whom they represent, and more importantly how they are perceived.

Hillary Clinton has advanced degrees from prestigious schools and as the former First Lady, then Senator, and now Secretary of State, has become a fixture in the elite Washington political establishment.

Sarah Palin on the other hand, went to a few small town colleges before graduating with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Idaho. She is in essence a “country girl” who did modestly well in business and politics in a rural state. As the Vice-presidential candidate she was on the losing end of the last election and she has stepped down from her governorship.

Why then does the media devote so much time and space to her? Why do they debase her at every opportunity? Can she possibly be a threat to the existing power structure? Before answering that question let’s take a look at what constitutes the power structure of the United States.

A moneyed class of eastern educated people made up of Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, and nominal Christians and Jews comprise the ruling aristocracy of the United States. Some of the powerful names in this establishment are the Rockefellers, Kennedys, and Bushes. They visit one another, are friends and have many intimacies between them. These people constitute the eastern establishment and they rule America.

In theory America is built upon a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people,” which represents the thinking of the Jeffersonian wing of the Founding Fathers of the Constitution; however, in fact we have the Hamiltonian government of “the rich well-born and able.” It is natural that the Hamiltonian practice should prevail for aristocratic structures are intrinsic to Western thought. Everywhere that Western thought has prevailed aristocracies have been established. Apartheid in Africa and segregation in America are two of the more blatant examples of the Western aristocratic nature. The Founding Fathers were aristocrats; they had contempt for Asians and Africans. They owned slaves and indentured servants.

The nature of aristocracies is that they create among themselves more aristocracies in order to become more exclusive. In America we have educational, legal, scientific, and medical aristocracies that answer to the ruling aristocracy of the eastern establishment. The nature of aristocracies is that they think they know what is best for the people outside of the aristocracies. Usually there is no one on the outside represented on the inside, and herein lies the appeal to Palin and the threat to the ruling establishment.

Sarah Palin speaks for simple folk, who believe in family, god, accountability and self-sufficiency. When have you last heard these values addressed politically? In the recent presidential campaigns neither party even mentioned family in their platforms; there wasn’t any mention of God either. Regarding accountability—we live in the era of the victim psyche—everyone is a victim of something and therefore not accountable for their actions. Regarding self-sufficiency, the ruling aristocracy does everything in its power to stifle that quality. It wants people to be on the dole so that they will become completely dependent upon the government.

Sarah Palin reflects the values of not only many Alaskans, but of those who live in the mountain states, and many of the rural areas of America. The Pennsylvania blue-collar worker who looks forward to hunting season; the shrimp boat operator on the Gulf coast; the dairy farmer in New York, and the citrus grower in Florida identify with the Palin message, as do the many middle-class wives and mothers all over America. In an article about Palin in Newsweek Roger Stone the consultant was quoted as saying of Palin, “Like Nixon, 20 percent of the country will be with her forever.” The ruling aristocracy shudders upon hearing those figures.

The concern of the establishment is not that Palin has the potential to be another Nixon or the ability to rally the troops, groom herself for the presidency, or even revitalize the Republicans. The Republicans are not worth revitalizing. As said earlier, they are part of the ruling aristocracy. They controlled the presidency, and both houses of Congress and showed that they could outspend the Democrats and foster the greed, fraud, and general corruption of Wall Street. There is no viable organization that can pose a threat to those in power. The concern of the ruling aristocracy has to do with the potential discontent among the ruled that the tens of millions of people who identify with Palin’s message can create.

The entire Western world from the westernmost part of the Aleutians east to the Caucuses is tightening its grip on the populace and the people have begun to instinctively feel the noose of government control around their necks. This is especially true in the United States where Sarah Palin unknowingly is awakening the people to the encroaching evil. There are those who are against what this administration is doing, but they will not prevail. Being against something is never enough to bring about change. We are witnessing the final stages of the demise of Western society because of its feminine, materialistic, passive, and impotent thinking. Absolute government control is close at hand, and that will be followed by its demise.

Those who survive will one way or another come to the understanding that patriarchy is the natural way of life that will sustain their survival. Men’s Action provides the seeds that will enable the living of that life. You can take advantage of this information now and start living the way you were intended to instead of waiting until you are forced to, and then under very difficult circumstances.

The clock is running out my brothers and sisters, my sons and daughters. It’s time for you to act and get involved and support Men’s Action to Rebuild Society. Don’t wait until the aristocracy has got you in its vise.


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