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Sunday, June 14, 2009


Comedian Stephen Colbert guest edited the June 16, 2009 issue of Newsweek, and except for two introductory pages and a few obvious satirical comments, the issue seriously addressed the issues facing the nation and the world. Or so it seemed, and that was the satire.

Top-notch writers and media personalities such as Jonathan Alter, Dahlia Lithwick, Sharon Begley, and Newsweek’s Asian honkie Fareed Zakaria commented respectively upon education, the domestic prison issue (a true rarity in mainstream media), health care, and the war in Iraq. I felt that all these articles supported the satire and parody that represent the core of Colbert’s comedy.

These writers of national if not international fame, addressed effects and not causes, an activity that represents great philosophical and metaphysical satire. They actually believe that effects can be changed by a reorganization of material activities.

Jonathan Alter indicates in his article that president Obama and his educational team understand that the key to fixing education is better teaching, and the key to better teaching is figuring out who can teach and who can’t. That statement comes from gross ignorance and the satire is the belief that this ignorance can correct an educational problem. When children have fathers at home school dropout rates decline, the rate of unwed motherhood is cut in half and scholastic performance increases. Not once does Jonathan Alter even hint at manhood, fatherhood, or family. Yes, the key to learning is better teaching and that is found in the home, not outside of it. It comes from observing the deductive reasoning and problem solving that parents utilize in maintaining the home. However, a given in all of the Newsweek articles is that family is unnecessary.

Next we have the article by Dahlia Lithwick titled Our Real Prison Problem. I have considered our high prison population the number one issue in America since I wrote my book and first began activities discussing gender and promoting patriarchy. The prison population in America doubled every eight years from 1976 to 2000 going from 250,000 to two million. It leveled off somewhat during the Bush administration reaching 2.4 million in 2008. Ms Lithwick’s article pointed out that the United States has 5% of the world’s population and close to 25% of its prisoners. She could have added that 90% to 95 % of the prison population comes from broken homes, and 95% percent of street gang membership comes from broken homes. Every night 24 million American children go to sleep in a home without a father in it. The prison population has climbed for 35 years; no solution is in sight because family is taken off the table of discussable items when addressing this issue. The satire and parody of articles written by persons of acclaim in news magazines in particular and the media in general are that they ignore fundamental causes and consequently can never reach solutions to issues.

Sharon Begley’s article in which she addresses the administrative delay in bringing new “cures” to the market is another case in point. Scientists do not invent or develop “cures” to anything. All medications developed by the pharmaceutical industry treat symptoms not causes, which is a major reason the industry has grown so rapidly. A major growth in the pharmaceutical industry is in the production of drugs to treat depression and attention deficit syndrome. One million school children are now administered Ritalin, and the number of people taking anti-depressants numbers in the tens of millions. Those children who come from broken and dysfunctional homes are the primary users of medicinal drugs, and single, and divorced women account for the preponderant use of anti-depressants. The breakdown of family leads to the breakdown of society, but this concept cannot be readily understood by the feminine materialistic thinking of Western thought and hence did not receive Sharon Begley’s mention.

Lastly we come to Zakaria’s article titled Victory in Iraq in which he states the following: “Most observers—especially many in the U.S. military with whom I have spoken—believe that the cardinal errors of the occupation of Iraq were to disband the Iraqi Army, de-Baathify the country and shut down all state owned enterprises. In doing this America engineered not simply regime change but the total dismantling of the state and a massive social revolution as well, all in the space of two months.” Why doesn’t Fareed Zakaria—who has absorbed Western thought down to the marrow in his bones, and can’t write an article without referring to productivity and employment—understand that those activities were not in error, that they were planned to destroy the family structure and cultural practices of the Iraqi people? This destruction has succeeded. Part of the plan for a New World Order is to destroy the patriarchal structure of the Islamic world. That plan has succeeded in Iraq, and a contingent of U.S. soldiers will remain in Iraq to be sure that they do not revert to their previous culture, just as American soldiers are still in Japan 65 years after hostilities ended to be sure that they do not revert to their previous culture. The destruction of the family remains a paramount goal of those who want to establish the New World Order and they are succeeding.

The four articles described above and the other articles contained in Newsweek predicate their pseudo intellectual reasoning on gross materialism, a lack of spirituality, and the destruction of the family. To imply to us that the government is working on a resolution to issues that have been with us for decades is satire and parody. The very belief system that they employ has produced our problems.

The unseen God produced the physical universe and the unseen conceptual thing of men produced the material world that sits upon it. Just as there can be no universe without God, there can be no society without men. By destroying the natural gender balance called patriarchy government with the help of the spiritually myopic media is taking over control of every fundamental aspect of our environment.

To counter this governmental destruction of the natural order of things requires your awareness and your action. My sons and daughters who are reading this essay you can subscribe to my future essays and join with the many who have already done so by clicking on the subscribe button under my picture. It will take you only 60 seconds to do and it will assist in promoting our message significantly. Once you are accustomed to receiving my essays you might get a friend, acquaintance, or co-worker to do likewise. That could lead to investing in my book and booklets, and eventually becoming active with Men’s Action. At the very least you will be contributing to a concentration of thought that will eventually break through the materialistic confines of Western thought and pioneer a return to a natural way of life.

Our message is gathering strength and it will not take much longer—a year at the most—before we begin to make significant inroads into our impotent society. No one can make this change alone; all of us can do it together. I thank you for your interest and look forward to your support.


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