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Monday, May 4, 2009


The essays I have written under A Message from Elder George address the negative conditions of Western society with an emphasis on their cause and resolution. I will continue to write such essays but at a reduced level, as expanding our outreach collectively and individually requires an increasing amount of attention. This website already contains an abundance of material addressing the adverse conditions under which we live, its cause, and the message of Men’s Action.

Sixty-six of my essays precede this one and can be reached by clicking the last title shown at the bottom of this page, and then the last title on the bottom of the page it brings you to, and so on until the last essay is reached. If you log on to google.com and search for “Elder George – men’s news daily,” you will locate an archive that holds about 125 of my blogs. These blogs together with my essays, home page information, and streaming videos contain approximately 30 hours of continuous viewing and reading for people interested in our message. Anyone logging on to our website for the first time can spend a month exploring it—an activity that I believe would be interesting and rewarding; however, I feel no compulsion to supplement these archives by adding variations to the subject matter they contain. The time has come to advance and address issues that we can control.

The implosion of Western society has accelerated and cannot be reversed. Our activity must focus on what we can do during this implosion to prepare for its aftermath. What kind of society will we establish? Will we continue with the gross materialistic thinking that has caused our present downfall or will we move on to a more natural and enlightened way of thinking? Will we work to fulfill the mission statement of Men’s Action “To foster a natural way of life for humankind?”

Will we recognize that the purpose of human existence is spiritual growth? Spirituality is the recognition that there is more to the human being that the physical body and more to life than the material world. The continuance of this growth requires the propagation and preservation of the species, humankind’s natural activity and highest calling. The natural interplay of gender called patriarchy establishes the family as the focal point of society and makes possible the propagation and preservation of humankind. Men and women are not the same—they are opposites. Our goal is not to compete with each other but to come together and become complete as we work to fulfill the purpose of human existence.

These values are contrary to Western thought, which has made a god of the material world and does not recognize the purpose of existence and the interplay of gender necessary to fulfill that purpose. Here lays our challenge—to live a more natural way of life in the midst of the collapse of a grossly materialistic society.

A portion of my future writing will describe the activities of the men and women who promote our message and recommended lifestyle. It will recognize the man who distributes fliers to his friends and acquaintances as a means of spreading our message. It will recognize those who send our message to local radio and television programs. It will recognize the man who invests in five books and distributes them to his friends and family. It will recognize the first $1,000 donation, which most likely will come from a woman. It will recognize those who promote our message to other websites, who send leads to me, who meet with others in their home to disseminate our message, and who on occasion give me moral support.

Besides this promotional activity we can also put forth effort on living our lives differently. We can change to more natural diets and also prepare more of our own food. We can practice home economics and teach it to others. We can share more of our time, talents, and treasures with others in the development of a more friendly and cohesive community. Most of all we must enlighten and empower men so that they can fulfill their responsibility to women and children by providing the environment and means that will enable women to nurture the race.

There is much to do, and I plan to write more about what needs to be done and those who do it. News of these activities will be published under Men’s Action News rather than under A Message From Elder George. In a few days I will publish an article there about the promotional internet activities of one of our supporters.

Our comatose society has begun to stir. As it awakens it will begin to seek change. Men’s Action will through its active supporters provide the message for that change.


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