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Friday, June 26, 2009


Fathers received attention this week as a result of President Obama’s message appearing in Parade on Father’s Day entitled “We Need Fathers to Step Up.” There was also some media attention given to the letter he wrote to his daughters two days before his inauguration. Whether they were his words or those of his writers they conveyed the impression that he is pro-family and understanding of the responsibilities of fatherhood.

His message might have had more credence if he had not chosen as his vice-president the sponsor of the Violence Against Women Act, the enforcement of which has resulted in the increased incarceration of men, removal of fathers from their children, and the further breakdown of the American family. It might have had more credence if he did not wax eloquent calling it a “wonderful day” at the signing of his first piece of legislation, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Play Act of 2009.

If you question what these two pieces of legislation have to do in addressing the issue of fatherhood, they were both designed to usurp the authority of men.

Regarding the Lilly Ledbetter Act, its focus was on equal pay for women. I am a former owner of a small manufacturing business and during the 23 years that I ran it I paid people according to the contribution made to the company. I paid them fairly, a policy that at least partially accounts for never having been approached to unionize. I made the decision as to what constituted fair pay, not some bureaucrat in Washington, the state legislature, or city administration. Since the enactment of the Lilly Ledbetter Act the judge of fair pay will come from a source outside of the business owner and will further erode the authority of men to conduct business according to their own judgment and ethics.

A fundamental of all organizational operation requires that authority be given to those with responsibility. The president has a cabinet and every member in it has the authority to run his department as he sees fit as they strive to attain the goals set by the president. There is no organizational structure that can long endure without giving those with responsibility the authority to do what is necessary to fulfill that responsibility.

Put another way, every organization has its head, whether a business structure or societal grouping. Every corporation has a president and every herd has its buck. There can only be one leader and that leader must have authority.

The government has destroyed the family structure by usurping the authority of the male; therefore, it no longer refers to the family in domestic relations but instead speaks of fatherhood and motherhood, reducing both activities to job descriptions prepared by the government. In keeping with the ever-growing emphasis on a genderless society, motherhood and fatherhood are being increasingly referred to as parenthood.

Fatherhood is not a job description; it is a function of developed manhood. The process of fatherhood begins with the development of men—real men—who understand that their primary function in life consists of providing the environment and means for women to bring forth life and nurture it.

When a real man decides to start a family he seeks a woman who has what he considers the desirable attributes to be the mother of his children. When he finds her and she in turn decides he has the attributes that will provide the environment and means that will enable her to nurture a family, they agree to mate. This mating agreement is formalized to the community in a ritual known as the rite of marriage, in which the man and woman are making a commitment to the community to bring forth life and raise it to the best of their ability. After this ritual they become known as husband and wife.

As husband and wife they begin preparing the nest in which they will raise their offspring. This nest or home will vary according to the social mores and customs of the husband and wife, and their particular economic strength. After the first child is born, they will become known as mothers and fathers. The progression of fatherhood is from man, to husband, to father. Real men make good husbands, and good husbands make devoted fathers.

This progression applies to women as well. A good woman makes a good wife makes a good mother. To think that it is possible to be a good mother without providing the child an environment containing a good father represents fallacious thinking at best. 90% to 95% of our prisoners come from homes in which there were no fathers.

Government has removed all male authority; consequently there can be no family. There will eventually be no free enterprise either. The elimination of family has left society without a cohesive bond. Government attempts to administrate the relationship between men and women, mothers and fathers, and parents has resulted in a national angst caused by a lack of belongingness. Fatherhood in that arrangement becomes a job description such as carpenter or stockbroker. It becomes devoid of any obligation towards the propagation and preservation of the species including its spiritual development. Government has no spirituality; nor does it possess any ethics. It has replaced moral and immoral with legal and illegal. It is this thinking that enables President Obama to take a pro-abortion stance while publicly proclaiming support for fathers. He does not see any tie in with abortion-on-demand and the usurpation of male authority.

Only men make families. Only men make any organization. The disempowering of males leads to the collapse of society. Women cannot be empowered vis-à-vis men any more than the earth can be empowered vis-à-vis the Sun. The Sun can be disempowered, that is, its energy can be diminished, it can lose its pull of gravity, and eventually as it becomes more like the earth the Solar system will fall apart. The earth on the other hand, cannot in any way become more like the Sun. So too in the relationship between men and women, men can be castrated, neutered, and emasculated, but the woman can never become empowered. A sex change will never occur in which the new male can be empowered with virility.

What this society calls the empowerment of women is the disempowerment of men by law and the usurpation of this power by the government reducing men and women to automaton workers and programmed consumers.

Having reduced fatherhood to a job description our children will continue to do poorly in schools, teen pregnancies will remain the norm, ADD will increase among our youth, the rate of marriage will decrease, and the rate of divorce will increase. These conditions do not bode well for women since 10% of them already suffer from debilitating depression in America, as do 15% of European women.

Until such time as men retake their authority and re-establish themselves as head of the family government will continue to extend its tentacles into every facet of society reducing it to a huge ward of the government.

Fatherhood is not a job description. Don’t accept it as such.

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