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Monday, November 16, 2009


The mission statement of Men’s Action calls for fostering a more natural way of life for humankind. This statement consists of four objectives, and probably the least known is Objective IV, which reads, “Foster respect for the environment and a lifestyle that results in health and well-being.” The strategies for attaining this objective follow: Promote a toxic free environment, Support organic farming, Promote vegetarianism, and Promote holistic health. Some—if not most—readers will question what this objective has to do with gender, patriarchy, family, or societal issues. This objective and the strategies necessary to attain it have a fundamental relationship to and form an intrinsic part of the lifestyle necessary to sustain the race while on its journey of spiritual growth.

The first strategy calls for promoting a toxic free environment. Toxic describes every facet of the Western world. The pollution of the air, water, food, and thinking has created toxic conditions in every form of life on the planet. Pesticide and herbicide residue can be found in the glands of all mammals and especially man. Respiratory ailments have risen appreciably as have chronic diseases, all of which are symptoms of toxemia caused by pollution of one sort or another. The pollution of the environment at ever-increasing rates and in a variety of ways has cause an increased incidence of old diseases and the development of new diseases.

Men now develop prostate issues in their 30’s, and heart conditions in their 40’s; diseases once identified with old age. Alzheimer’s disease has begun to affect people as young as 60 years of age. Female disorders such as breast and cervical cancer, thyroid malfunction, yeast infections, and depression now approach epidemic proportions. Hearing disorders among young adults have increased exponentially as a result of the noise pollution caused by the use of various electronic sound transmitters. Increasing numbers of children have diabetes. All of these ailments are manifestations of toxicity caused by mass pollution of the environment. Promoting a toxic free environment will serve as a step to a more healthful society.

The second strategy calls for supporting organic farming, which to some degree represents an extension of the first strategy. Organic farms do not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides that pollute the land and rivers. They also grow food with a high nutritional content and energy levels relatively free of unnatural impurities. One reason for the advanced age of people now in their 70’s to 90’s stems from the fact that all the food eaten in their formative years was organic and pollution free. Those who have diabetes in their teens, respiratory ailments in their 20’s, prostate issues in their 30’s, and heart conditions in their 40’s will not see advanced age. We are rapidly developing into a society in which parents outlive their children. Organically grown foods would cut down on the toxicity in people’s bodies and contribute to a more healthful life.

The third strategy calls for promoting vegetarianism. Close to 10 million Americans adhere to a vegetarian diet. No longer considered a fad, vegetarianism has a growing following in America and in some European countries. Many reasons account for this trend including improved health, higher nutritional yield per acre of farming, less pollution, and compassion for animals. There is another advantage to not eating animal products. Most meat and poultry comes from animals raised in extremely confining and unsanitary conditions that cause nervousness, anxiety, and suffering. Humans ingest the negative vibrations that dwell within these animals when they eat their flesh.

It is not necessary to be a vegetarian to function in a positive manner but it is a goal towards which we are evolving. As a person rids himself of various toxins such as caffeine, smoking, and alcohol he feels better and acts better. He has no desire to return to his former habits and their debilitating effects. So it is with the removal of every negative sheath of behavior as we advance through life. There is nothing to argue about. When you are ready for the next step take it, until then live in accordance with your values, but be open to change.

The last strategy calls for the promotion of holistic health, a term that has various connotations and interpretations in our society. Some prefer the term alternative healing. Whatever the term or definition, humankind has taken care of itself and survived in good health long before the arrival of Western thought and the AMA. It did so with methods of healing that used the energy of the universe along with various poultices and herbal ministrations. Western medicine’s materialistic orientation can only deal with effects. It does not realize that behind every effect there is a cause and if that cause is removed the effect will disappear as well. The major cause of our illnesses comes from not adhering to the first three strategies of Objective IV of our mission statement. The fourth strategy deals with the malfunction that occurs in the human body from time to time.

Please note that the four strategies are not “new age” concepts, but practices prophets and spiritual leaders have promoted since antiquity. In the book of Genesis we are told that the fruit of the bush that bears seed, and the fruit of the tree that bears seed were made for man to eat. That’s vegetarianism. Jesus healed the sick and taught his disciples to do likewise. That’s holistic healing. Jeremiah made clear that God provided all that we need and Paul informed us that there is no single thing that we have not received. We cannot improve upon what God has made. That’s a basis for a toxic free environment and organic farming.

God created a perfect universe. Our challenge is not to improve upon what God has created but to learn how to live within that creation. Doing so is living naturally. That’s the mission statement of Men’s Action: foster a natural way of life for humankind.

I have written frequently that the purpose of the masculine gender is to provide the environment and means for the feminine gender to bring forth life and nurture it. Objective IV serves as one of the steps in attaining that goal.

In order to change society we must first change the way we think as individuals. The way we live expresses our thoughts and motivates others to change. We must be examples of our beliefs as best we can, and by doing so we will be on our way to changing this materialistic society into one that is in harmony with the universe.


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